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UK Newswire Archive

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Home to Stay: Public Meeting, Thurs 13th June

06-06-2013 10:55

As Private Tenants, we want to feel secure in our homes, and not be forced out without good reason.

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The Real Lessons from the Woolwich Killing

06-06-2013 10:55

Regrettably, the reaction to the brutal murder of drummer Lee Rigby would seem to imply that Britain has learned little in over a decade of worrying about terrorism. Despite draconian laws, we are told that Britain has not been tough enough on ‘violent extremism’.

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2 Brits arrested in Istanbul, Antifa murderd in Paris

06-06-2013 10:42

2 Brits among 11 foreigners arrested in Istanbul protests
Anti fa 'Clement Merik' murdered by gang of Nazis at Gare Saint-Lazare in Paris late last night (

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Anti-Capitalist sectarianism. (Part - 1)

06-06-2013 09:32

Given the persistence of political and religious sectarianism and its rapid proliferation into extreme forms throughout the world it is worth considering in considerable detail the characteristics of this reactionary tendency. In this the first of three articles the opinions of Marx and Engels in the 19th century on this vexed question are considered.

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UG#644 - Living Here And Now (Having A Personal Philosophy, Walden 3)

06-06-2013 09:10

A carpe diem show this week which asks "Do you have a personal philosophy?" If you are one of the many people who have not given the matter much thought, Professor William Irvine cautions against accepting the 'default philosophy' of hedonistic consumerism. Now is the time to decide what you stand for and to refuse to stand for anything less!

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EDL Muswell Hill Arson Conspiracy Proven Wrong

06-06-2013 08:50

Screen-grab from Casuals United blog
EDL Muswell Hill Arson Conspiracy Proven Wrong

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How Many Police in the BNP?

06-06-2013 08:01

Wayne Baldwin + South Wales Police Officer 3896
South Wales (Heddlu) Police officer (collar number) 3896 has his photo taken with ex-EDL activist and Nazi Wayne Baldwin...

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Will Humans Go Extinct Soon?

06-06-2013 06:10

Investigating claims of near-term extinction for humans. Clips from Guy McPherson, John D. Cox, Dr. David Archer. Interview w. John Michael Greer. Analysis of predictions by Malcolm Light of the Arctic Methane Emergency Group (AMEG). Radio Ecoshock 130605

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Journal Of The AMA Reports 70,000 Person Study: Vegetarians & Vegans Live Longer

05-06-2013 23:46

A Loma Linda University study of 70,000 people
over 6 years reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association released in June 2013 has found vegans and vegetarians live longer, as have a number of other studies.

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Let us reduce the world of authority to ashes

05-06-2013 22:55

On the 22nd of May 2013 three houses in Brussels, Belgium were raided by the police. Eleven anarchists were arrested. The anarchist library Acrata was searched as well by the cops. None of the arrested cooperated during the interrogation of the police.

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Anti-Bedroom Tax tenants to protest at Housing 2013 conference

05-06-2013 20:28

Protest Lord Freud
Bedroom tax tenants, supporters, trade unionists and other campaigners from across the country will flock to Manchester at the end of June - to demonstrate and lobby at the biggest corporate event in the social housing calendar.

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EDL's response to the community center fire in Muswell Hill

05-06-2013 19:20

Come as no great surprise.

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shortage of anthropologists

05-06-2013 18:55

shortage of anthropologists hampers policy making

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Dissident Island Radio - 17 May 2013 - Episode 119

05-06-2013 18:08

Check out the latest show from Dissident Island

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Top Italian Judge. Bilderberg : The Strategists of Tension

05-06-2013 15:31

Who says so ? none other than the Honorary President of the Supreme Court of Italy and former Senior Investigative Judge Ferdinando Imposimato, .
In a his recently Published Book Judge Ferdinando accuses Bilderberg of being behind 25 years of Terrorist attacks known jointly as "The Strategy of Tension" which plagued Italy in the 1970'-80's. "I found a document that left me appalled, when it comes to bloody terrorist also speaks of the Bilderberg Group !!

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Demonstration against UK Coal at High court

05-06-2013 15:25

Social Justice and Environmental Campaigners demonstrated at the High Court of Justice, London.

Today desperate Coal Company - UK Coal sought to over-rule the community, Durham Council and the Secretary of State’s Inspectors to be allowed to mine over half a million tonnes of coal from rural County Durham.

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65 Years of Ethnic Cleansing: Apartheid Israel Rebuked

05-06-2013 15:04

Protesting the celebration of Israel's 65th Birthday, London, 02.06.13
A documentary filmed on the day of Israel’s 65th Birthday Celebration in London, exposes an alternative narrative to Israel’s Propaganda Extravaganza. The short film titled ‘65 Years of Ethnic Cleansing: Apartheid Israel Rebuked’ captures the viewpoints of the public and those participating in a counter demonstration - watch the film here -

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Solidarity demonstration with Dutch hunger strikers

05-06-2013 14:31

Dutch embassy men seem nice-until you know what's really happening!

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#J11 Carnival Against Capitalism mass action

05-06-2013 10:21

The #J11 Carnival Against Capitalism mass action will start at 12 noon on Tuesday June 11th, the meet-up points will be:

North, Oxford Circus click here for directions -
South, Piccadilly Circus - click here for directions -

the action will finish with a ‘street party’ at 5:30pm, the location will be announced on the day.

This action will only be as effective as the people participating in them. We have not negotiated with the police and we will not be controlled. If we look after each other, stay mobile, don’t get caught in kettles and are ready to make quick decisions about what to do next we can make the most of the day

see you on the streets
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