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UK Newswire Archive

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Islam, women and gender

19-03-2004 13:12

The Tasneem Project criticises both Muslim apologists and fundamentalists on the issue of gender.

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Sheffield social Forum on the horizon

19-03-2004 12:59

Towards a Social Forum
10am-5pm : Saturday 27th March at Institute for the Blind, Mappin St.
A day of film, music, a bit of food... and workshops

check: for more details

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BNP candidates - information for action.

19-03-2004 11:34

steve blake
BNP scum aim to stand in euro elections in Scotland this June. Here are some handy pics of a couple of them. Cut out and keep for easy reference when out scum-spotting.

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Menwith hill blockade timeline report

19-03-2004 11:15

Time line of events at menwith hill blockade 19th March.

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Boycott M&S! Boycott Israeli Apartheid!

19-03-2004 10:49

More police repression leads to better demonstration.

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Stop BNP scum in Glasgow

19-03-2004 10:32

BNP scum look to stir up trouble in Pollokshields following murder of local youth

- Don't let them. Black and white unite and fight - Nazi scum off our streets!

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March today (19th) against the arms trade in brighton

19-03-2004 09:44

There will be a march followed by a vigil today (meet at the OLd Steine 2pm), to highlight the role the local arms industry will have in helping to make the British cruise missile system.

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Menwith Hill - report on first actions

19-03-2004 07:53

Ekes rang in with a report at 7:30am.

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Live Webcam of San Francisco Peace March March20 11am pst

19-03-2004 06:19

brightpathvideo will once again stream a live web cam
of the Saturday Peace March in San Francisco on it's home page.

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19-03-2004 01:13

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion recorded from a shortwave radio. 2 files- broadcast quality (13.2MB) and quick download (3.3MB). With times and freqs for listening at home. Free to rebroadcast. Netherlands, Russia, and Cuba.

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Colin Blakemore - vivisector - speaking at Dana Centre

19-03-2004 00:39

Colin Blakemore is most famous for a set of experiments where he sowed up the eyes of kittens. Protest at his appearence tonight (Fri March 19th)

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N. African and Chechen rebels threaten France with terrorism

18-03-2004 23:15

The letter raises the possibility that France could be the site of the next March 11- style bombing. Moreover, it raises the troubling prospect for Paris that the interests of North African and Chechen militants might be converging in France -- possibly under some kind of al Qaeda banner.

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Fighting Temporary Work Week.

18-03-2004 21:31

Fighting Temporary Work Week.

This year, as every year, that parasitic front organisation for the promotion of temporary work over permanent worthwhile labour, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), is planning to name one lucky worker as “One in a million”. This is as a part of their self-style National Temporary Worker’s Week.

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"Ethnic Tensions" in Kosovo...

18-03-2004 20:54

The same forces which have contributed to tearing Yugoslavia apart now think they have all the answers to its problems. I have a few words for them...

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BBC forced to eat humble pie and admit to bias against Israel

18-03-2004 20:43

A campaigning couple have won their battle to have several complaints of anti-Israel bias upheld by the BBC – the first such successful complaint in more than a year.

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Urgent Call for International Solidarity

18-03-2004 20:33

defending against riot cops attacks oct 26, 2003
KCTU statement to support migrant workers struggle in S. Korea

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Independent Art School Seminar

18-03-2004 18:59

The Independent Art School
Thursday 25 March 2004
2pm to 5pm
[shift] Unit 60-63, Merrion Superstore, Leeds.

As part of [shift] the Independent Art School is organising a seminar that will bring together new critical and cultural perspectives on how people relate to the city, and how artists interact with and express this.
Increasingly artists are using the fabric of the city as their medium. It is becoming an irresistible playground in which to make subtle changes and overt statements that explore the aesthetic and political peculiarities of everyday life.
The artists in [shift] are making works that dissect consumer uses of space, which honour personal histories, and which create surprise interruptions in the daily patterns of the Merrion Superstore and Leeds City Centre.
But what is the history of artists intervening in the city? What are the circumstances that lead to these interventions? Are these works reactions against the increasing control structures we live in? Purely aesthetic attractions to familiar landscapes? Or part of a deeper human mark-making urge to possess ones surroundings?
The Independent Art School is inviting Leeds based researchers in Geography, Sociology and Urban Studies to present their own insights into how people function and use the urban environment, how art can affect the city's ambience, and how the individual and collective can reclaim their locality.
[shift] artists will be present to discuss their work in relation to these issues.
The seminar is free and open to all members of the public.
Seminar participants:
Sue Ball will discuss the role of the artist as collaborator in Master Planning and Urban Design. Sue Ball/MAAP is a consultancy in Public Arts Development and Strategy. Sue was artistic director of Pavilion, Leeds, 1996-2000 when she initiated projects, which focussed on artist/architectural collaborations in the public realm. Her current projects include the design and build of four micro-architecture 'towers' in Lincolnshire along the river Witham with Gent based architect Robbrechtendaem and a public art strategy for the Wigan Pier Quarter with consortium RKL.
Camilla Brueton will discuss her work on Urban Mapping and her work for [shift], multi story commemorating the 40th anniversary year of the Merrion Superstore car park- (Leeds first multi storey car park). Camilla is an artist based in London.
Paul Chatterton will give a presentation on three strands of his activity:
- Research on Young people and City Nightlife
- His involvement in campaigns about social issues within the city (Leeds ARC)
- Squatting and fringe cultures within the city (A-Spire).
Paul is a lecturer in Geography at the University of Leeds and a member A-Spire ( and Leeds ARC (
Gayle Chong Kwan will discuss her research for Sensus which explores how food and associated memories can transport Superstore visitors to other places and times; and a mapping of food memories of the city itself. Gayle studied Politics, Modern History and Communications before doing a Fine Art degree at Central St Martins College of Art.
Lucy Gibson will introduce [shift] and the concepts behind developing this project. Lucy is an artist and initiator/project manager of [shift].
Liz Stirling will give a presentation from her interdisciplinary PhD research on space and ideology. Liz is an artist and lecturer based in Leeds.

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18-03-2004 18:14

Thu March, 18, 2004


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Latest Whistle Blower leaflet

18-03-2004 17:54

The latest Whistle Blower leaflet, which has been posted in and around Liverpool's kensington New Deal for Communities area.
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