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UK Newswire Archive

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BRING 'EM HOME billboard appeal

21-10-2009 23:25

Seen in the military enclaves of Chatham / Gillingham in Medway, Kent - the annual poppy appeal was given new and urgent meaning thanks to a little cut and paste.

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Edinburgh Council Worker Dispute Continues

21-10-2009 23:02

Edinburgh Street cleaners have hit out at Council leaders’ claims that they are “set to give up their protest” in the long-running dispute over wages and conditions.
“It’s absolute nonsense. There’s no truth in it at all,“ a Council street cleaner said. “Everybody I spoke to today at work was of the same opinion.”

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Reports From The Brighton Tubas Group - Hamadi and Tariq

21-10-2009 22:56

Six members of Brighton Tubas Friendship and Solidarity Group are now in the West Bank. They have been visiting communities in the Jordan Valley and Bil'in, and have a lot of plans for the next few weeks. Read their blog at to keep up to date with what is happening.

The Brighton Tubas Region Friendship and Solidarity Group is a network aiming at fostering links between community organisations in Tubas, occupied Palestine and Brighton. The Tubas Region, which includes the Northern Jordan Valley, is an area Israel wants to ethnically cleanse and annex. Israel is doing this by making life impossible for the people of the valley.

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Support the Decommissioners Rally at the Foreign Office - Thursday 22nd

21-10-2009 22:31

main rally 4 - 6pm

picket 12-2pm (both outside the Foreign Office (Whitehall)

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The Triple Crunch: Risks & Opportunities – Ann Pettifor

21-10-2009 22:28

Attached is a recording of and the slides from a talk by Ann Pettifor, the second of 3 'Plan 2050 Environment Lectures', organised by Sheffield Cathedral and the Sheffield Campaign against Climate Change, which was held on Wednesday 21th October 2009.

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No to the BNP! No to the Racist Labour Government!

21-10-2009 22:00

The BBC has invited Nick Griffin of the British National Party on to its flagship debating show, Question Time where he will share the platform with the Labour Party representative Jack Straw and others.

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UPDATE: Terrorism Act injunction against Blacklisted worker thrown out of Court!

21-10-2009 21:24

Terrorism Act injunction application against Blacklisted Trade Unionist thrown out in the High Court

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Germany: Solidarity action against E.on

21-10-2009 21:17

In the town of Goettingen, Germany, activists decorated the local E.OFF building in solidarity with the activists in Ratcliffe.

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Shell recruitment event disrupted in Oxford

21-10-2009 20:45

Shell's annual graduate recruitment event aimed at schmoozing Oxford University students was disrupted by local activists tonight who heckled, switched off displays and audio equipment, gave an alternative speech and chatted to the students.

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Palestine Today 102109

21-10-2009 20:25


Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Wednesday October 21st, 2009.

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Mainshill Drilling Vehicles Sabotaged

21-10-2009 20:02

An anonymous communique was received after two machines used for drilling and testing for coal on site were sabotaged in the early hours of Tuesday morning... The communique reads:

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Netanyahu refuses to set up Israeli investigation

21-10-2009 19:50

Israeli bullet hole,look at this picture if you can
As required by Goldstone report.

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National Postal Strike is on - support the Posties!

21-10-2009 18:33

Despite last minute talks through ACAS and a Communication Workers' Union peace offer last tuesday (13th) October, CWU are going ahead with a National Strike tomorrow (thursday 22nd) and friday (23rd). Union leaders blamed the fact that Mandy, Crozier, Higson are singing from the same hymn sheet (even if they're songwriting talents are far removed from those of Holland, Dozier, Holland). Mandy is the devil incarnate, imho, while Crozier & Higson are on massive salaries and bonuses - Crozier's pakage last year = 180 times that of the average postie. For what? Doing down the postal service in a run up to privatisation and attacking union strength is what...

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Demonstration against renewable energy subsidies for Agrofuels

21-10-2009 16:10

Demonstration took place outside Department of Energy and Climate Change on Monday 12th October.

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Mexican Day of the Dead Commemoration of massacre of Zapatista supporters

21-10-2009 15:56

A number of state sponsored paramilitaries responsible for the killing of Zapatista supporters have recently been given early release or will soon be released. The people in power who gave the orders for the massacre have never been brought to justice. There will be a vigil protesting at the lack of justice outside the Mexican Embassy on Monday 2nd November, the
Mexican Day of the Dead.

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Vegan Festival & After Party this Saturday

21-10-2009 14:29

Are you ready for Saturday??!!!

The biggest annual vegan festival in the UK (outside of London & Bristol) returns to Wolverhampton and looks set to knock the spots off last year`s event!!

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The Steady Stream of Lies about Venezuela or The Killers and Liars Prepare

21-10-2009 14:05

"The fourth big lie is saved up to the end, and follows on that grand tradition of the great human rights abusers accusing others to deflect attention from themselves. Chavez is said to be “cultivating” regimes that are characterised by “rigged elections, media censorship, the criminalisation of dissent and leaders for life”. Not a touch of irony, as the death squads in Colombia murder trade unionists and civil leaders unchecked, as the Obama Administration pussyfoots around the coup regime in Honduras (which deposed a Chavez ally), as election fraud and bloody war rages in Afghanistan and as the US launches missile attacks on Pakistan.

It can be tedious to document such lies. They are so common and, no sooner is one lot done than the next day’s lies appear – if not in The Economist then in the Washington Post, The Australian or The Times. These monopolies count on the vulnerable, who do not have alternate sources of information, who do not read history and are able to be swayed by crude and often racist agitation.

In the bigger picture, this is a delegitimising process, organised by the private media monopolies which, in their hatred for the sort of popular democracy led by Chavez (as also in the past by Allende), are preparing the ground for coups, wars of intervention and conquest. It has been done before and – while these monopolies remain unchecked – it will be done again."

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NATO WC Communique #1 One Month to Go!

21-10-2009 12:55

nato are coming to town.
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