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UK Newswire Archive

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Birmingham Tenants & Homeless Action Group - What we are doing

27-08-2012 16:15

Birmingham faces a protracted housing crisis. A failing construction industry, recession, the depletion of the council housing stock, austerity and cuts to housing benefits are blighting lives across the city. City planners estimate Birmingham is currently short of 11,000[1] affordable homes but this is set to rise to 70,000 short by 2026[2]. We have taken over this abandoned council owned house which we wish to become the first of a new stock of homes in Birmingham. We plan on making this property liveable and handing it on to a homeless victim of the governments and councils uncaring incompetence. We will then defend this property and its resident; we will take the council to court if they apply for an eviction. In court we will demand that the council take over operation of the house, add it to their council housing stock and allow its resident to stay. If this fails we will peacefully resist any bailiffs should they be sent to evict the resident. The scale of the crisis The housing crisis hitting Birmingham is twofold.

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Tenants & Homeless seize abandoned council house

27-08-2012 10:49

In the early hours of Monday morning, activists appalled at the crackdown on homeless beggars and the council’s lack of action to create badly needed new homes seized one of Birmingham’s 11,000[4] empty properties. The group calling themselves Birmingham Tenants and Homeless Action Group issued a statement on their website[1] condemning the City Council for failing to take action to help the growing homeless population of Birmingham, which has risen by 25%[2] since 2009.

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AZ Knock Out: Day 1, Monday - Facebook Fight Back

27-08-2012 08:10

ASTRAZENECA KNOCK OUT 27th-31st AUGUST: Day 1, Monday - Facebook Fight Back

For day 1 we're excited to try a new style of targeting using Facebook. Every 3 minutes another animal is tortured to death inside HLS, how many die while you're logged into FB each day? Use your time on there to help them!

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Bullying by RSL chums of Baroness Pola Manzila Uddin - East End of London

27-08-2012 06:44

"While in Notting Hill, Peter Rachman’s old SLUM OPPRESSION patch they “celebrate” a Carnival today [Bank Holiday Monday 27 August 2012], in the East End of London, innocent and socially conscious people are being bullied by employees or recent employees of “social landlord” outfits who do not want the community to defend itself against bad landlords, shoddy housing and serious failings by the local Tower Hamlets Council..."

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Bradford Stop the Killing in Burma Demo in Photos

26-08-2012 20:55

The protest in Centenary Square outside City Hall, Bradford on Monday 13th August 2012 against the Killing of Rohingya people in Burma attracted a large crowd of mostly young people from Bradford and its surrounding areas. This short notice demo with its large crowd is a testament to the way George Galloway reaches out to people. Credit also goes to the young people who worked behind the scene in organising and spreading the word on Twitter, Facebook, by text, e-mail and word of mouth. The big media outlets maybe silent but the voice of the ordinary people cannot be stopped.

The  Rohingya community in Bradford and elsewhere know we have not forgotten them.  It was heartening to see the Rohingyas who found sanctuary in Bradford and to hear their stories. The Rohingya girl who grew up in a camp in Bangladesh described the mistreatments, especially of women at the camp. How can anyone who has a mother, sister, wife or daughter ignore their plea?

As Salma Yaqoob said, use your mobile to tell people about the plight of the Rohingya people. This is just the beginning, the momentum is gathering, God willing, the world will know about Burma’s killing of Rohingyas. Aung San Suu Kyi will have to break her silence too.

Here is what you can do:
  • Write to your MP (use this page to find your MP) and the Foreign Minister William Hague.
  • Write to the Bangladesh High Commission in London (e-mail:
  • Donate money to charities working with Rohingyas e.g. Islamic Relief, HRF.
  • Lobby the media e.g. ask why the BBC is silent, do it online here.
  • Most important of all, tell others about it, via Twitter, Facebook, Text, E-mail etc.
Campaigns and News Reports: The speakers and the video of their speech is as as below:

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Protest Brand Israel’s Batsheva in Bradford & UK

26-08-2012 18:55

Boycott Israel Network is a member of Don’t Dance with Israeli Apartheid campaign, which is organising demonstrations against Israeli State-funded Batsheva at the Edinburgh International Festival and across the UK in November.  Batsheva is part of the Brand Israel effort to shift attention away from Israel’s crimes: ethnic cleansing and mass violence against the Palestinian people.

What you can do:  

  • Wherever you are, please send off the letter supporting the call from Don’t Dance with Israeli Apartheid to cancel the invitation to Batsheva.  It only takes a few seconds.
  • Join the protests at the Playhouse Theatre, Leith Walk, Edinburgh on Thursday 30th August from 6.00pm and two following nights.
  • Support the daily activity during the Edinburgh Festival in support of Palestinian freedom.  If you or your friends are visiting Edinburgh in August get in touch or volunteer.
  • Link up now with protest organisers across the UK to plan demonstrations at every Batshevaperformance during their 8-city UK tour in ‘November’, including the two opening slots in Edinburgh’s Festival Theatre (Oct 30 & 31), email
  • Make a donation to help produce Don’t Dance with Israeli Apartheid banners, leaflets and posters. To make a donation, please use the following bank account details:
    Account name: Scottish PSC Delegation
    Bank Sort Code: 80-02-83
    Account number: 06001229
    IBAN: GB93 BOFS 8002 8306 0012 29
    BIC: BOFSGB21346
    Branch: Edinburgh Newington
    Address: 51 South Clerk Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9PP
    Please make cheques payable to Scottish PSC Delegation and include a note indicating your donation toward the ‘Don’t Dance with Israeli Apartheid’ campaign.SPSC
    c/o Peace & Justice Centre
    Princes Street
    EH2 4BJ

Batsheva UK tour in October/November.
Edinburgh, Festival Theatre       Tue 30 Oct & Wed 31 Oct
The Lowry, Salford Quays          Fri 2 Nov &  Sat 3 Nov
Bradford, Alhambra Theatre      Tue 6 Nov  & Wed 7 Nov
Brighton Dome, Concert Hall     Fri 9 Nov & Sat 10 Nov
Birmingham Hippodrome          Tue 13 Nov & Wed 14 Nov
Leicester, Curve Theatre           Fri 16 Nov
London, Sadler’s Wells              Mon 19 Nov, Tue 20 Nov & Wed 21 Nov
Plymouth, Theatre Royal           Fri 23 Nov  & Sat 24 Nov

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London Anthropology Talks every Tuesday evening

26-08-2012 18:05

Researchers into the origins of human language, mythic narrative and ritual have recently made exciting new discoveries. It is now known that symbolic culture began emerging in Africa some 100,000 years ago, in a social revolution whose echoes can still be heard in mythic narratives and ritual traditions from around the world.

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Who rigged Britain’s hung parliament? ‘The Institute’ rigged it.

26-08-2012 17:10

Quote from ‘The Institute for Government’ Annual Accounts, 2011:

'Just think of the role that The Institute for Government ....played for preparing the ground for a hung parliament and enabling the creation of a coalition government...’

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Communications Blockade - ATOS Thursday 30th August

26-08-2012 16:51

Block Atos's communications by email and fax to cost them money. It's the only thing they care about. Contact the Head Office, the CEO and the office nearest to you. Free faxes can be sent from this website:

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Equivalent of 75,000 homes worth of empty office space in Bristol

26-08-2012 14:45

After calling Savilles I was astounded to find there was around one-and-a-quarter million square feet of empty office space in Bristol. I set out to discover how many homes that floor space was equivalent to.

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Call to boycott Sainsbury's in Oxford

26-08-2012 13:25

I just went to the local branch of B&Q at Temple Cowley to get a couple of things and have discovered that it is closing down, due to close on the 1st September. This is because the owner of the land the store sits on apparently wished to double the rent. A new Sainsbury's supermarket is to be located on the site, and the City Council have not used their powers to intervene. Is another Sainbury's supermarket really what we need?

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Kent Anarchist Group

26-08-2012 09:04

New Kent Anarchist Group Formed

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USA Karl Rove’s Secret Kingdom

26-08-2012 01:02

USA Interview with Craig Unger on Stolen Votes, Political Attacks, Billionaire Ties

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ATOS Kills: Mass 'Die-in' in Cardiff against Benefit Cuts

25-08-2012 18:03

The campaign group, Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) will be holding a mass 'die-in' at the Aneurin Bevan Statue, Queen Street, Cardiff, at 5.00 pm on Wednesday, 29th August, as part of nationwide protests against ATOS, the French IT company that carries out Work Capability Assessments for the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP).

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US Agency Has Decided To Let Animals Burn Alive In Idaho Fires

25-08-2012 16:26

Deer Seek Refuge From Forest Fire
The lumber industry dominated US Fish and Wildlife Service has decided to let Idaho fires burn out for several weeks rather than fighting the fire

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Zaoatista orisoner suffering political persecution

25-08-2012 15:58

This article from Mexico's La Jornada newspaper summarises a report released by a Human Rights centre cataloguing political persecution.


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From Bristol With Love #25

25-08-2012 08:35

From Bristol with Love is a showcase for local music, local news and new forms of local thinking.

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Free Soup for the Revolution - FnB gig

24-08-2012 19:53

Free Soup for the Revolution
Food not Bombs benefit gig @ Ort Cafe, Basall Heath Saturday, 1 September, 19:00 until 23:00 Entry: Suggested donation £2.00

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Worldwide Declaration in support of the Zapatistas

24-08-2012 15:48


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Oven Ready Humans

24-08-2012 14:55

Earlier today, activists from Derby Animal Rights engaged with Saturday shoppers outside the Guildhall meat and fish market in the centre of Derby, discussing the controversial issue of animal agriculture. In addition to an information stall, two activists were naked, wrapped in meat packaging and labelled up as "oven ready humans", drawing attention to the often overlooked reality that trays of sanitized and unrecognisable flesh in a shop chiller were once living, feeling individuals. There was a blood spattered butcher wielding a cleaver to highlight the inherent violence of the industry and a hard hitting narrative delivered over a megaphone.

Earlier today, activists from Derby Animal Rights engaged with Saturday shoppers outside the Guildhall meat and fish market in the centre of Derby, discussing the controversial issue of animal agriculture. In addition to an information stall, two activists were naked, wrapped in meat packaging and labelled up as "oven ready humans", drawing attention to the often overlooked reality that trays of sanitized and unrecognisable flesh in a shop chiller were once living, feeling individuals. There was a blood spattered butcher wielding a cleaver to highlight the inherent violence of the industry and a hard hitting narrative delivered over a megaphone.
The veggie campaigners distributed leaflets from various animal rights organisations such as Animal Aid ( and Viva (, whose undercover investigations have revealed widespread malpractice and brutality in the farming industry.

In the UK alone, 850 million animals and hundreds of millions of fish are killed every year to put meat on tables - that's more than three million animals a day. Before they are slaughtered, hundreds of millions lead desolate, disease-ridden lives on factory farms.
Rainforests are cleared for grazing; methane from livestock causes global warming; soil is eroded by cattle; slurry poisons waterways; and the seas are laid to waste by overfishing. The global appetite for meat and the industrial techniques of the meat industry are destroying the Earth.
Further, while 750 million people go to bed hungry every night, one-third of the world's grain is fed to farmed animals... A typical Western meat-based diet can only feed 2.5 billion people: a plant-based diet will feed every one of us.
Also worth noting is that Vegetarians live longer and suffer less from diseases such as hypertension, obesity, coronary artery disease, certain kinds of cancer and diabetes...

It was Sir Paul McCartney who first observed "If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian" (see for more from this British music legend). On the evidence of today's Derby Animal Rights initiative, it seems he was right. The response from the public was generally very positive, several pledging to permanently give up meat after seeing pictures from behind the scenes of its production.

There were also petitions against the selling of kangaroo meat by Lidl, and of course against the widely hated plans to build the biggest factory farm the UK has yet seen, in Foston, just up the road.

memurlar net

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