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UK Newswire Archive

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Interview with New Director of Brazilian Free Software

06-05-2008 20:31

The Worker's Party in Brazil has strongly encouraged a national conversion to open source, free software. With two years to go in Lula's presidential administration, a new director of free software implementation has been appointed to continue this important work.

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corruption and internal violence in the MTD Solano of argentina

06-05-2008 18:43

a pity, how this once promising movement fell into corruption and "family business"...
A wake call for all authonomists.

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May Day 2008 : What is the Task Facing Facing Workers in Britain?

06-05-2008 18:13

What is holding back the workers movement in Britain and what do the workers need to do to break out of this situation.

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Speak-out against Labour's racism!!! Sat 10 May 2008, 12pm, Manchester

06-05-2008 17:59

On Saturday 10 May 2008, from 12pm, there will be an Open-mic session in Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester city centre in which everyone can speak-out without censorship against the racist policies and degrading and inhuman treatment of asylum seekers refugees and immigrants by this racist Labour government!

All groups and individuals are welcome

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Notts Stop the BNP objection to BNP licence application

06-05-2008 17:48

The BNP are planning on holding this year's Red White and Blue festival on land owned by party member Alan Warner in Denby, Derbyshire as they did last year. They have sought a premises licence from Amber Valley Borough Council for the sale of alcohol and the playing of music. The public consultation on this licence ended today.

Several concerned organisations, including Nottinghamshire Stop the BNP, lodged objections to this application, making a point of keeping to the limited terms imposed by licensing legislation. These objections, however, have been rejected, ostensibly because the organisations are not located within the affected area. Even where groups have been able to point to members living within the Amber Valley area, there objections have been rejected on the same basis. Notts Stop the BNP are currently investigating the possibility of appealing the council's decision. In the meantime, the objection they made is being placed in the public domain so that people can make their own judgements about the case it makes.

Regardless of the outcome of any appeals, the licence application will have to be considered by the council. Although the date of this meeting is currently unknown, the Stop the Red White and Blue campaign are already mobilising for a picket and encouraging those opposed to the BNP to join us.

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Whitechapel Food Not Bombs - One year on

06-05-2008 16:22

Food Not Bombs in Altab Ali park
Through thick and thin, rain and sunshine, Whitechapel Food Not Bombs has been serving free vegan meals in the streets of London every (almost) Saturday for over a year.

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Last Chance to Shut the Door on GM Human Beings,ACT NOW!

06-05-2008 15:31

In just a few weeks British MPs will decide whether to allow scientists to start research on the ultimate step in genetic engineering: the creation of GM ‘designer’ human beings. In the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill, now going through Parliament, the Government wants to allow the creation of GM human embryos, as the first step towards developing "safe" technology for creating GM babies. The creation of GM babies is not just a hypothetical scenario: leading British scientists, such as Robert Winston and Ian Wilmut, have already patented techniques for doing this, including patenting human semen and embryos.

If you care about the impact of GM on food and the environment it makes no sense to be quiet about this.

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"Redwatch" - Do we care? Do we f**k!

06-05-2008 15:15

Kevin Watmough - Fascist 'hard man'? We don't think so!
Taken from the first issue of 'No Pasaran!' the newsletter of Antifa England. More on the Antifa website.

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Palestine Today 050608

06-05-2008 15:10


Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Tuesday May 6th 2008.

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Benefit night for Guatemala Peace Brigades International

06-05-2008 11:51

Are You Dancing? DISCO on Saturday 31st May at The Yard Theatre, Old Birley Street, Hulme. Free Popcorn! Great Music, beautifully decorated venue, reasonably priced drinks and all proceeds to go to Peace Brigades International - Guatemala (
Starts @ 8.30pm and costs £3 (concession) or £4 to get in.

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SOCPA - hospital interview with brian haw

06-05-2008 11:44

audio interview with brian haw late last night at accident&emergency st thomas hospital after he was attacked in parliament square yesterday by police and held for more than six hours for an alleged public order offence.

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IWW flyer-posterNottm2008

06-05-2008 11:42

NOTTINGHAM INDUSTRIAL WORKERS OF WORLD INVITATION 2 opening meet Navigation Inn,Wilford St,21stApril,7.30pm, opposite evening post, nr the irish centre

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Mapuche Woman coming to London

06-05-2008 10:58

Against the increasing proliferation of dams in Patagonia but trying to build up new autonomous farms and communities.

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NO PASARAN! The Newsletter of Antifa England

06-05-2008 08:55

'No Pasaran!' is the new newsletter of Antifa England.

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Anti-GM protest shuts down BASF UK headquarters

06-05-2008 08:06

BASF UK HQ currently completely blockaded by protesters.

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Quiggins Owner Backs BNP!

05-05-2008 18:17

Nazi punks fuck off!
In a move that will stun many in Merseyside's 'alternative' sub-culture, Quiggins co-owner Pete Tierney has publicly declared his support for the far right British National Party, giving his longstanding slogan of 'save our culture' a sinister new connotation.

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The ADAPT Community: 25years of activism and counting ...

05-05-2008 17:50

Seel Link:-

ADAPT Takes Over HHS Demands better compliance to civil rights.

Mike Leavitt Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services today agreed to meet with ADAPT in the next 40 days to discuss demands to end the continuing unnecessary institutionalization of Americans because of weak and antiquated Medicaid policy.

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SOCPA - brian haw arrested in parliament square

05-05-2008 17:05

brian was arrested early this afternoon

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People in Bristol campaign for human rights

05-05-2008 15:44

The flag of China
Some people in Bristol, which is in the south west of the United Kingdom have today campaigned for greater human rights in two separate ways in the separate ways.

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