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UK Newswire Archive

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International Call for Action against Agrexco

27-12-2008 11:52

The Boycott Israeli Goods Campaign ( is issuing an international call to action against Carmel-Agrexco next February. Carmel-Agrexco is the Israeli national exporter of fruit and vegetables and imports large quantities of goods from illegal Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian land.

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Disposable clothes

27-12-2008 11:40

Clothes are now so cheap that they have become a disposable item.

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120 people killed in Israeli shelling of Gaza City

27-12-2008 11:02

Gaza - Ma'an - Black smoke billowed over Gaza City on Saturday afternoon following an Israeli airstrike on targets throughout the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian medical officials believe at least 120 Palestinians were killed in the attacks, with an additional 200 wounded.

Israel's air force fired around 30 missiles at Palestinian targets in the Gaza Strip on Saturday at noon.

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Twinning group needed for vulnerable village in the West Bank

27-12-2008 10:57

The Brighton Tubas Friendship and Solidarity Group are looking to find a committed group of people seeking a village to twin with in Palestine. The 5000 people of Al Mazra’a al Qibliyah –located not far from Bir Zeit in the West Bank- are experiencing increasing violence from the surrounding settlement Talmon B and are therefore in need of a strong campaigning support network.

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Strategic Importance of HLS in the broader anticapitalist fight

27-12-2008 10:39

Row of police guarding HLS
The campaign to shut down HLS has become a "meeting engagement"-a battle neither side can afford to lose. Here is what the pro-vivisection "Foundation for Biomedical Research" (or FBR) had to say in their 2006 "illegal incidents report" about the importance of the campaign to close Huntingdon "Life" Sciences (HLS)

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Culture Secretary wants to censor the web.

27-12-2008 10:27

Culture secretary Andy Burnham wants to force ISPs to censor websites that the government deems 'inappropriate', and hopes to gain American agreement on the idea.

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Dennis Blair: Corporatist Candidate for Director of National Intelligence

27-12-2008 09:32

A profile of ex-EDO Corp director Dennis C Blair linked to military industrial corruption and genocide in East Timor who is slated as Obama's Director of national Inteligence

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eMacambini: Holding onto Paradise

27-12-2008 09:14

In eMacambini, South Africa, ten thousand Zulu families face eviction to make way for a Dubai funded Zulu themepark....

Their struggle against the themepark, supported by the militant shack dweller's movement Abahlali baseMjondolo, has been met with severe police violence. Peter Machen reports on why people are determined to resist forced removal.

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Whalers harassed by Sea Shepherd in Australian Antarctic waters

27-12-2008 02:31

Photo: Institute of Cetacean Research, Tokyo. Sea Shepherd harasses Kaiko Maru
The Japanese whaling ship Haiko Maru emerged from dense fog in front of the the Sea Shepherd MV Steve Irwin, crewed by anti-whaling activists about 0730 GMT December 26th, 2008. During manourvers by both ships a collision occurred causing minor damage to both ships, and no injuries, in Antarctic waters within the Australian Economic Exclusion Zone and Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, north of the Mawson Peninsula.

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Gun and Quarantine Fears over Camden "Super Virus Lab" - Army letters

27-12-2008 01:16

There are plans to build a "Super Virus Lab" in Camden. This has been opposed by locals, councillors, MPs, MI5 etc on safety grounds. In the event of virus leak, as happened at government facility Pirbright there is the very real chance that the soldiers at Regents Park Barracks would have to either evacuate or quarntine the area. Please write to them and ask them to oppose planning permission.

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Secret EDO Corp Warlock Anti-IED technology report leaked by Wikileaks

26-12-2008 23:45

One of the biggest earners for EDO Corp (now owned by ITT) has been its range of Warlock anti-IED counter measure systems.

A secret US Army report reveals flaws in the system is now available on wikileaks

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A letter from the political prisoner Herman Wallace - 36 years in solitary.

26-12-2008 23:01

A letter from Herman Wallace of the Angola 3 about being held in the dungeon at Louisana State Prison. Herman is a black panther who has spent the last 36 years in solitary confinment for his revolutionary beliefs.

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Santa Claus, a Colonial Tradition - Tune in Sunday

26-12-2008 18:09

Uhuru Movement leader Omali Yeshitela discusses Sinter Klaas (Santa Claus) and Zwarte Piet (Black Pete) and the continuing colonial celebration of African oppression on

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This Week in Palestine - Week 49

26-12-2008 17:58

This Week in Palestine:- a service of the International Middle East Media Center, December 20th through to December 27th, 2008.

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Antifascist graffiti

26-12-2008 17:45

In December 2008, a graffiti commemorating seven murdered antifascists was sprayed in Bochum, Germany, by the local antifascist groups Azzoncao and AJB.
This multilingual article documents the tagging-process (photos) and the groups’ statement.

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Palestine Today 20081226

26-12-2008 16:17

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for Friday December 26 2008

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'4000 soldiers had to die' new statements from US warmongers

26-12-2008 14:20

In two deeply cynical statements, two conservative US politicians admit delight at the killing and maiming of even their own soldiers in Iraq, as well as certainty the the US would have gone to war with or without 'knowledge' of weapons of mass.

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Home not safe for Indian women any more - Naresh Kadyan

26-12-2008 13:15

We have to think...
The Protection Of Women From Domestic Violence Act, 2005 -
With over 75,930 women becoming victims of torture and cruelty by their husbands and in-laws, homes too have become unsafe for women in India

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Benefit Party LONDON 10th Jan

26-12-2008 12:39

Hunt sab benefit party
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