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UK Newswire Archive

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28 Years and Counting!

18-10-2012 12:39

Veggies of Notts celebrates its 28th year today! Of being in Co-operative business for animal & earth liberation.

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Stokes Croft Painted with swastikas

18-10-2012 12:02

Anyone walking down Stokes Croft this morning would have been met with the horrific sight of Nazi graffiti and racist ranting’s!

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Snake-Oil Remedies For Capitalism

18-10-2012 10:57

Remedies for curing the current ills of the capitalist system are coming thick and fast. So-called 'experts' appear on talk shows and news events with all the self-confident panache of 'snake-oil' salesmen. This short article looks at one such remedy and provides links to a longer article looking at another 5.

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Parliamentary Committee Accepts Evidence from Campaigners

18-10-2012 10:06

A Select committee of the House of commons has accepted a submission from the Loose Anti Opencast Network as written evidence in its Housing Planning and Growth Inquiry. The press release below summarises the evidence submitted. The press release also includes a link to where the evidence can be read.

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L'pool Census Refuser prosecutions. Sarah Ledsom – case dropped

18-10-2012 09:21

Last week, after a hearing during which Sarah handed over to the Judge and Prosecution a list of arguments for her case to be dropped the CPS wrote to inform her that the case would indeed be discontinued. None of these arguments included Sarah's health, although she did complain about disability discrimination - including the extra court hearings she'd had to attend because legal aid had been refused and which had caused her additional pain. The grounds cited by the CPS for dropping the case - “your significant ill health” - are significantly unconvincing and a more plausible explanation is that the CPS realised that to continue with the case would expose issues to do with the census they would rather keep out of the public domain, and that some of their more questionable behaviour might be revealed in open court. Read on...

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Tomorrow: International Day Of Action In Support Of Prisoner John Bowden

18-10-2012 09:01

Please at least make a few calls/send a few cards.

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Anti-McDonalds protests mark day of action

17-10-2012 18:55

The International Day of Action Against McDonalds (16th Oct) was marked by protests against the multinational fast food corporation by protests in Derby and Nottingham. During Saturday lunchtime activists in Derby picketed a city centre branch in protest at its unethical business practices. This was followed by a “mammoth” leaflet distribution on Monday in Nottingham city centre. Activists distributed the very same flyer that led to the infamous McLibel case in the 1980s.

Newswire: IDAAMD Nottingham | IDAAMD Derby

Previous articles: McDonalds & KFC planning application | McDemo | Vegan Food Giveaway Outside McDonald’s

The protestors said that “McDonald’s symbolises everything that is wrong with the corporate mentality: like all multinationals it is only interested in making profits from whoever and whatever it can.”

“In a capitalist world, rich companies can seem stronger than governments but fundamentally anti-social enterprises like McDonald’s walk a tight rope of marketing, and the propagation of shameful truths can be a potent kryptonite.”

As a result of the famous McLibel trial, it was agreed in a court of law that McDonald’s:

  • exploits children with its advertising – luring them with the promise of a toy,
  • falsely advertises its food as nutritious, but in reality most of it is processed junk food high in fat, sugar and salt,
  • risks the health of its long-term regular customers, as a diet of this type is linked with a greater risk of heart disease, obesity, cancer and diabetes,
  • is culpably responsible for cruelty to animals reared for its products,
  • is strongly antipathetic to unions and pay its workers low wages.

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Secret Geoengineering in the Pacific

17-10-2012 18:00

Jim Thomas of ETC Group on rogue geoengineering off Canada's West Coast by Russ George, former CEO of Planktos. 15 min news from Radio Ecoshock

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Indigenous Women Against Tar Sands

17-10-2012 17:54

She Speaks: Indigenous Women Speak Out Against Tar Sands. Three speakers: Eriel Deranger, Freda Huson, Ta’Kaiya Blaney. Plus Suzanne Dhaliwal co-founder of UK Tar Sands Network.

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L'pool: Support Census Refuser Andy Manifold - court verdict Fri 19 Oct. Join Us.

17-10-2012 16:01

Outside the court on 8 October
The costly and pointless shambles of census prosecutions continue to unfold in Liverpool where one verdict is due on Friday while the CPS has suddenly and for distinctly unconvincing reasons discontinued another case that had yet to reach trial. In a third case, where the defendant lost on appeal, the fine is now being collected weekly from the defendant's benefits against his will. There's a lot of information here, so I'll put it into separate posts. First, Andy Manifold, back in court on Friday. Report about Sarah's case here:

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Nothing but doom and gloom - Scotland's coal producers going under

17-10-2012 11:27

- Scottish Coal announce yet more redundancies as the smaller of their two shareholders de-lists from the stock market
- ATH Resources gets restructured and looks for a buy-out

Its been a bad couple of weeks for the coal industry in Scotland - both of its big opencast producers, also the two biggest producers in the UK, are in severe financial difficulty. Once again though, its blue-collar workers who will bear the brunt of these companies troubles. ATH look set to make 300 redundancies, and Scottish Coal up to 200 again - that's more than 40% of Scotland's opencast workforce.

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IDAAMD Nottingham

17-10-2012 00:55

Today activists from Nottingham Animal Rights undertook a mammoth leaflet distribution exercise outside the McDonald's outlet on what is known to be one of the busiest high streets in the UK.

Today activists from Nottingham Animal Rights undertook a mammoth leaflet distribution exercise outside the McDonald's outlet on what is known to be one of the busiest high streets in the UK.

The leaflet distributed none other than the historic flyer that began the story of McLibel, a historic attempt by a huge multinational to intimidate two ordinary people out of their freedom of expression and its subsequent monumental backfiring.

In a capitalist world, rich companies can seem stronger than governments but fundamentally anti-social enterprises like McDonald's walk a tight rope of marketing, and the propagation of shameful truths can be a potent kryptonite.

October the 16th is officially the International Day of Action Against McDonald's, originally launched by London Greenpeace back in 1985 and now attracting support from across the spectrum of positive movements, from animal rights to worker's rights, from anti climate change to anti-capitalism.

Watch this space for news on other IDAAMD actions.

For more information on IDAAMD, see:
et. al.



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Stay Safe: Stay Anonymous!

16-10-2012 23:04

Our sister organisation, the Network for Police Monitoring, is launching their ‘Don’t End up on a Database’ campaign this month. In response to this, FITwatch will be producing a series of simple, easy-to-understand guides designed to help you defend your anonymity and stay off police databases this October 20th . We believe these steps should form an integral part of any protestors’ activities on the day, regardless of tactical or ideological preferences. We cannot mount a serious challenge to power until we are able to move and associate freely, without state intrusion.

Some of this may be new to you, some of it may be old. But we encourage all our readership to watch out for these blog posts in the run-up to the demonstration:

1) Refusing information
2) Masking up
3) Affinity groups
4) Fashion Tips for Dissidents
5) Block & Disrupt!

Please use social media to share and retweet this essential information.

Facebook profile: Fit Watch
Facebook fanpage: Fitwatch
Fitwatch on Twitter: @fitwatcher
NetPol on Twitter: @policemonitor
Hashtags: #staysafe #fightingFIT #oct20

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ZAD under eviction attack

16-10-2012 22:07

The ZAD (Zone Autonome a Defendre) is a lareg area featuring landsquats, sites, squatted houses and treehouses near Nantes in France. The people are resisting an airport but the forces of darkness are trying to evict them today .. first details below ....

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Greece, Patras: Anarchist solidarity demonstration

16-10-2012 11:34

Slogans heard:
“Solidarity is the peoples’ weapon; war on the bosses’ war”
“The passion for freedom is stronger than all prisons!”

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"Worldwide Echo in support of the Zapatistas" On The Day Of Indigenous Resistance

16-10-2012 05:39


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First mass action in badger cull zones

15-10-2012 23:49

Hunt Saboteurs Association Press Release October 14th 2012

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Anarchist Zine about NI

15-10-2012 23:38

Troubled; An Anarchist Primer on the Occupation of the North of Ireland
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