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UK Newswire Archive

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September 2007 - More than 1,000,000 Iraqis murdered

14-09-2007 19:23

In the week in which General Patraeus reports back to US Congress on the impact the recent ‘surge’ is having in Iraq, a new poll reveals that more than 1,000,000 Iraqi citizens have been murdered since the invasion took place in 2003.

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This Week In Palestine – Week 37 2007

14-09-2007 17:01

This Week In Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for September 8th through September14th, 2007.

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Threats against alternative media

14-09-2007 16:18

The “Ké Huelga Radio” is an free radio project, broadcasting in Mexico City at
102.9 FM which began in 1999, during the early weeks of the student strike of the
National Autonomous University of Mexico

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Cradley Heath's Women Chainmakers Strike: We all still have nothing to lose

14-09-2007 15:28

Yesterday, Fellow Workers of the West Midlands Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World (I.W.W.) erected a series of twenty placards along Cradley Heath's High Street commemorating Cradley's proud history of working class resistance. Nearly a century ago the Women Chainmakers of Cradley Heath in the Black Country agitated and went on strike to gain better pay and working conditions. With the advent of a new Tescos superstore being built the placards also questioned the interests of big business versus those of the community.

Below is the text of a leaflet which is being distributed at the Women Chainmaker's Festival on Saturday, which amongst other things asks what lessons have we learnt in the 21st Century and whether things really have changed for the better.

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British troops in Iraq deployed to Iranian border

14-09-2007 15:15

Britain’s Independent reported Wednesday that UK troops stationed in Iraq have been deployed to the Iranian border.

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Council Staff told to work on foot and mouth

14-09-2007 15:10

Council staff from One Stop Shops are being diverted to Liverpool Direct to handle the DEFRA foot and mouth calls.

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Reminder: 29 Hours To Go In Liverpool!

14-09-2007 13:31

With only one day to go 'till the doors of Liverpool's new social centre finally open, expectations are high and a fair degree of excitement can be felt on the streets of our fair city.

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High street retailers shamed on sweatshops

14-09-2007 13:29

War on Want's new report with Labour Behind the Label, Let’s Clean Up Fashion 2007, highlights the appalling conditions and stark injustices within the high street fashion industry. UK high street retailers do not pay developing country garment workers a living wage, whilst reaping vast profits and paying spokesmodels and CEOs millions of pounds.

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Prison-death demonstration: HMP Send, Surrey - 20 September 2007

14-09-2007 13:16

A prison-death demonstration will be held outside HMP Send, Surrey
on Thursday 20 September 2007, at 1.30 pm, for the duration of the afternoon
to protest against the death of a young mother (Lisa Doe, aged 25)
who died in the care of the jail on 11 September 2007
Reporters and photographers are welcome to attend

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DSEI pix from Tuesday.

14-09-2007 12:42

Inside the secret nerve centre.
The saga of the Space Hijackers and those tanks.

In Pictures.

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Jon Snow: "Iran, Iran, Iran"

14-09-2007 11:30

The eyes of the world are pointed at Ahmadinejad; it is Iran in the dock, not the country that has invaded the two countries to the left and right of Iran. All of Jon Snow's questions were straight from White House press releases.

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Government told to ‘address concern’ about military training in National Parks

14-09-2007 10:24

The Council for National Parks has welcomed the Defence Committee’s report, published today, into the work of Defence Estates, which calls on the Ministry of Defence to set out how it will address concerns about the potential for rationalisation of the defence training estate to lead to intensified use of National Parks for military training.

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Activists sink another whaling ship

14-09-2007 09:42

A victory for larger brained mammals
Activists have scuttled a Norwegian whaling ship in harbour in memory of the recently extinct Yangtze river dolphin . The group call themselves Agenda 21 after a failed pledge from the Rio Earth Summit for a sustainable 21st century. Norway has slaughtered 592 Minke whales in the past year.

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Escape from Doncatraz documentary screening

14-09-2007 09:32

It’s the issue everyone is talking about…
The issue that just won’t go away…
Finally tackled in a brand-new documentary by Jay Baker of SilenceBreaker Films…

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Seeking Dr Gapper formerly of the N.S.W. Government Medical Office

14-09-2007 09:30

Serious human rights abuses have been reported in the past at the N.S.W. government medical office. In 2002 Dr Helia Gapper vanished from New South Wales and has not been seen since.

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Dsei security not fit for purpose

14-09-2007 09:30

As the Dsei arms fair comes to a close, questions will surely be being asked as to why their very expensive security operation allowed a bunch of protesters to get within yards of the Excel centre's east entrance and loading bays.

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probing China's new wealth, corporations, management, outsourcing, finance

14-09-2007 04:59

explore what is really inside Chinese multinationals, technology, entrepreneurship, outsourcing, market, consumer and politics. Get insights from this informative interview.

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What Is Podemos In Bolivia?

14-09-2007 04:17

The United States is not going to invade Bolivia like it did with Iraq. PODEMOS and Jorge Quiroga make this option unnecesary. They will do the job of selling off the country

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Welcome Pegah Emambakhsh in Venice!

14-09-2007 00:31

"The City of Venice participate actively to the international mobilization for Pegah"

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Disrupting the DSEi Dinner at the Dorchester Hotel

13-09-2007 23:22

The arms dealers went ahead with their celebration of death but they indeed noticed the presence of a couple of hundred concerned citizens.
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