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UK Newswire Archive

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Israeli Extremists STILL Pushing for War With Iran

14-06-2008 03:44

This reminds me of a bratty child, who doesn't get what it wants, and just keeps demanding it over and over and over ...

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Gaza: Mogadishu or Dubai?

14-06-2008 03:36

History will not judge the world's silence kindly.

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Bush's Deadly "Diplomacy"

14-06-2008 03:35

The point, of course, is that there is no crisis in need to 'diplomacy', sanctions, or war. This entire phony episode has been fabricated in order to feign another justification for a war that was planned years before Bush was installed to the White House.

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London migration related events

14-06-2008 02:38

In the month of June (Refugee Week and more political events) and July (G8...)

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Video -- Protest on 42 Days Detention

14-06-2008 02:06

Parliament Square protests on 10th and 11th June against the extension of the detention limit for terrorist suspects.

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Police helicopters, Noise Pollution and the middle Classes.

14-06-2008 00:59

The occurence of police helicopter hovering over Liverpool City centre for hours on end seems to have dropped to zero since the beginning on the year- hmmm, why could that be.

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The Balloon Goes Up: Are We At A Peak Oil Tipping Point?

13-06-2008 23:58

The peak oil balloon, it may appear, is finally going up. Not only have we seen obvious signs like the highest oil price rise in history on June 6 (coincidentally the anniversary of D-Day which began the liberation of Europe in the Second World War), but Gordon Brown, accidental Prime Minister of a former oil exporting (1980-2005) country, may also be one of the unlikely envoys of truth.

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42 Days: Creeping Internment

13-06-2008 23:08

The British state's attempt to push through detention without charge for 42 days is a precursor to a plan to impose indefinite internment, targeted disproportionately against Muslims and ethnic minorities.

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Fitwatch at Anti Bush Demo

13-06-2008 22:56

Last week, the Carnival Against the Arms Trade saw large numbers of people effectively tackling FIT.

In Brighton, we had them on the run. Now let's see if we can do it in London.

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dodgin shiny mercs on dale st

13-06-2008 22:42

13 bikes, 1 man on wheels & a million angry drivers....

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Issues with a London Animal Rights "Activist" and a dead dog.

13-06-2008 22:02

Some of us know about this....a so-called AR activists homed a Cairn Terrier who had been rescued. This pisshead was unable to cope with the rescued dog's behaviour or looking after him and instead of ringing another activist to rehome him or rehoming him sensibly herself...claimed that the dog had "growled at her" and called the POLICE!. 7 {so I'm told} coppers turned up and took the dog away. The dog was declared "dangerous" and killed. The woman is a disgrace!

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URGENT: SARC Portsmouth Hunt Animal Abuser

13-06-2008 19:25

Whilst travelling through the Portchester area on the outskirts of Portsmouth today (near Fareham) SARC volunteers saw something which shocked them beyond belief. A dog was walking along, tethered by it's owner, and apart from having a few bad cuts to the animals body, the volunteers were shocked to see someone had quite clearly cut the word 'dog' into the flesh around the animals back leg.

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photos of coal train eviction

13-06-2008 19:18

photos of eviction

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ALF target farming union offices over badger cull

13-06-2008 18:27

The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) have sabotaged farming union offices in protest against the Welsh assembly's decision to cull badgers, who are accused of spreading bovine TB, despite dairy cattle raised on intense farms being the culprits.

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13-06-2008 18:24

Majority of the ordinary ethnic Malay-Muslim group in Malaysia are brainwashed since young to support "Malay/Islamic Supremacy" (disguised under "Indigenous/Bumiputera Rights") and now "Malay Unity" ideology, through blind and misguided loyalty of patriotism, by the leaders of the ruling Malay-Islamic party UMNO and the Malay elite class deceitfully using Islam, the Monarchy (there are nine Malay Kings) and past history of British Imperialism. Genuine tolerance towards diversity and multiculturalism is degenerating.

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World Petroleum Congress: Non Grato

13-06-2008 18:13

Summer is coming and, besides the nice sunny days and good weather, this year threatens us with the occupation of the capital city of the Spanish State by a gloomy lobby.

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Nine arson attacks and one communique in Greece

13-06-2008 17:45

Media picture
The targets in Athens: A vehicle and the sign of HYUNDAI car agency at Neo Psychiok, Interspor (athletics branch) at Halandri, Goody's (fast-food, greek multinational corporation) at Keratsini, vast damages at Pireaus bank in Kifissia, while one and a half hour later another Hyundai vehicle was totally wrecked in front of another dealership at Patissia. In Thessaloniki, between 4:40 and 5:10 in the morning, arsonists hit: a Vodafone shop at Toumba, a Goody's at Agias Sofias (city center), another Goody's at Eptalofos, and Piraeus bank on Antigonidon street (city center).

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Incendiary device outside neonazi organizer's house and claim

13-06-2008 17:40

Thessaloniki, 13/6/2008: This is a translation of a claim sent to and also published at

(Translator's note: Chryssi Avgi aka "Golden Dawn" is a neonazi organization funded by and linked to the state's secret agencies)

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Ska benefit gig in London for Diaz Victims. THIS SATURDAY!!!! June 14th

13-06-2008 16:01

Yes this Saturday JUne 14th. There will be a benefit gig at the Grosvenor public house on Sidney road in Stockwell. The cash raised will help people travelling to Genoa to assist those seeking justice against the Police who half killed them in 2001.

8pm-late The Grosvenor, 17 Sidney road. Stockwell underground.

BOGUS GASMAN (8 piece Ska band from sarf landan)
THE KUT (all girl newcross rock on crutches!)
+ DJ Captain Scarlet playing ska and other stuff throughout the evening

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