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UK Newswire Archive

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Benefit cheats subvert

13-01-2007 11:29

Campaigners in Bristol have altered a ‘benefit cheats’ billboard so the original message targeting people working illegally while on benefit, now highlights the governments decision to halt an inquiry into a corrupt arms deal with Saudi Arabia.

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13-01-2007 09:26

There is a new website aimed specifically at helping people leak documents to the public domain. Rather than being a competitor to IM it may be a useful and specialised companion.

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American Congress: Failed Institution

13-01-2007 03:44

Democrats have failed the American people (and civilised world) by allowing the lunatic U.S. President to re-introduce nuclear warfare in an already unstable world. Two extremely disturbing indications from Bush’s ‘new strategy’ spell madness in the clearest possible terms but the Democrats have made it clear, they will adopt the role of spectator, satisfying themselves with an ‘I told you so’ attitude AFTER the calamitous event. The non-interventionist attitude of the Democrats confirms INCOMPETENCE as a malaise that extends throughout the entire body of government in the USA. Any government that would plunge the world into a future holocaust earns for itself the status of nuclear target – where does it end? The only two nations likely to utilise nuclear weapons today are Israel and the United States, as has clearly been indicated by Bush and his echo, Condoleezza Rice, in their recent address:

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Will Bush Start a War With Iran?

13-01-2007 02:01

A number of articles are posted predicting a US war with Iran. And a Google search on this subject showed 104 million articles. Searching "US Nuclear War With Iran" showed 24.7 million articles. Therefore, a lot of very thoughtful people are deeply concerned, and writing about, this subject. And there are many indications that this nightmare will begin soon, just as there were before the illegal US bombing, invasion and occupation of Iraq began in 2003.

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Solidarity from London to Anti-Gitmo NVDA in D.C.

12-01-2007 22:18

Members of London & Oxford Catholic Worker communities and friends gathered outside the U.S. embassy in London as 90 resisters were arrested in an occupation of the U.S. Federal Court House in Washington DC.

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Venezuela: Chavez announces radical measures against capitalism

12-01-2007 22:11

Hugo Chavez after his amazing victory
President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela during the swearing in ceremony of his new cabinet gave a fiery speech in which he announced a series of radical measures. If carried out they would be a serious blow against the power of the oligarchy and imperialism in Venezuela. The proposals he made reflect the sharp turn to the left in the country as a whole. They reflect the real mood of the masses and their desire for radical change and an end to capitalism in the country.

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“I am a Trotskyist!” - says Chavez

12-01-2007 22:09

On Wednesday, January 10th Chavez was sworn in as president of Venezuela for a new term of office, and he delivered a speech in which he announced the members of the cabinet and repeated the main lines of his government, which had already been outlined in a major speech on Monday 8th.
After the massive victory in the presidential elections in December (in which Chavez received 7.3 million votes, 63%), Chavez had insisted that this was not a vote for himself, but rather a vote for the socialist project that he had been defending. The announcements made in the last few days in Venezuela send a clear and strong signal of the direction he intends to go in.

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Start on Tunstall Northern Bypass

12-01-2007 21:20

Birse Civils Limited have started to set up a compound in Scotia Valley, Tunstall, Stoke on Trent

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Bush Speech: Full Steam Ahead on Iran Attack

12-01-2007 20:49

Bush said the U.S. intends to take action against Iranian proxies in Iraq, and vowed to find and destroy the networks supplying these groups with weapons and training.” In addition, and ominously if not predictably, Bush “also promised that the U.S. would work ‘with others’ in order to block Iran from developing nuclear arms and dominating the region.”

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Save Radley Lakes Occupation

12-01-2007 20:35

Radley Lakes
Activists are occupying and intend to defend a squatted lakeside property in order to prevent the infilling of Radley Lakes with toxic ash from the burning of coal at the nearby npower owned Didcot power station.

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Bombing of Somalia

12-01-2007 16:53

The USA has been bombing Somalia for days following an invasion by their Ethiopian allies. Hundreds of innocents have been killed.

The Islamic Courts that ruled most of the country have been defeated and Somalia has already been brought back to the chaos that the country had suffered for 16 years until the Islamic Courts brought peace to the capital.

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eyewitness: attacks in Cochabamba

12-01-2007 15:56

protestors burn tyres to deter reactionary mob
I witnessed the most brutal attack on peaceful protestors yesterday in El Prado, Cochabamba's main drag. The counter-marchers, the white, rich boys and girls armed with iron bars, pistols, bars with barbed wire at the ends, and knives broke through a police barricade and attacked the opposition. A 40 year old man was shot dead with 2 bullets in the chest. Over 90 people casualties and many seriously injured in hospital.

I am calling on everyone who reads this to spread the word and contact radio stations, newspapers, Amnesty International and other human rights organistions you may have a contact with to send out an Urgent Action.

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Town centres – a tale of two councils

12-01-2007 15:01

Farnborough town centre – empty streets, boarded-up shops
Two councils, one which worked in collusion with a developer to destroy a town centre for a superstore, the other that said no to Tesco, now has a thriving town centre with several small retailers, bucking the national trend of closures.

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David Cameron backing for UAF

12-01-2007 15:00

David Cameron is listed among a group of prominent politicians and personalities claimed by Unite against Fascism as supporters as they demonstrate today outside the English National Ballet calling for the sacking of principal dancer Simone Clarke.

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Crucial petition on People living with Autism/NeuroDiversity basic human rights

12-01-2007 13:01

Can I ask all my friends and allies within Indymedia and other networks, to follow Larry Arnold, myself and others within the 'NeuroDiversity' movement to sign this petition... Larry has educated me in why 'you' should follow him, others and myself in signing this petition...... Larry said..... see below....

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Why the US Is Not Leaving Iraq: The booming business of war profiteers

12-01-2007 11:38

Neither the Iraq Study Group nor other establishment critics of the Iraq war are calling for the withdrawal of US troops from that country. To the extent that the Study Group or the new Congress purport to inject some "realism" into the Iraq policy, such projected modifications do not seem to amount to more than changing the drivers of the US war machine without changing its destination, or objectives: control of Iraq’s political and economic policies.

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Bush Escalates Iraq War with 20,000 More Troops; Threatens Iran, Syria

12-01-2007 10:50

Threatens Iran, Syria with Military Action
Bush Escalates Iraq War with 20,000 More Troops; Threatens Iran, Syria with Military Action

President Bush announced plans Wednesday night to escalate the war in Iraq and send over 20,000 more troops. He said he took responsibility for past mistakes but that more troops are needed to pacify Baghdad and other parts of the country. The President also threatened military action against Iran and Syria. We play excerpts of his address.

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Greece: Attack with rocket against the us embassy

12-01-2007 10:12

american embassy in Athens under attack
In this period that occupation army is sent around the world, and "civilized" countries watch the massacre of populations from their TV's ...

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Podchef Neal Foley, Gastrocast

12-01-2007 08:58

Gastrocast is a podcast about cooking, food, and the politics of what we eat.

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Australian prime minister welcomes US “surge” in Iraq

12-01-2007 06:48

Pro-war stance
The prime minister is able to get away with this only because of the pro-war stance of the Australian media and the opposition Labor Party. Every newspaper, ranging from the Murdoch press to the “liberal” Sydney Morning Herald and Age, today published editorials supporting Bush’s plan, albeit with certain tactical concerns.
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