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UK Newswire Archive

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28-10-2010 10:38

On wednesday 65 people closed a large vodafone store on Oxford Street, London. In a wave of publicity surrounding the action, people all around the country and talking about visiting their local vodafone store in disgust at being allowed to not pay £4.8bn in tax, while vital public services are being smashed. Here is the call out. In london we will meet in our hundreds to shut as many stores as possible. If you live outside of London, why not make this a nation-wide day of action against the cuts!

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Hyrbyair Marri is Hijacking the Baloch struggle?

28-10-2010 08:47

BRP response
Killer of Justice Marri, is hijacking Baloch struggle. Hyrbyair Marri who killed Justice Marri and lost his battle for asylum in UK.

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Don't let the maggot off the hook

28-10-2010 00:58

People are now asking - What will happen to what’s left of the BNP once Griffin has finally been excreted from it?

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EDL demo in amsterdam restricted after AFA campaing

27-10-2010 23:03

update: the edl demo is banned by the mayor to the midle of nowhere in the western docklands after an good media campagne and grassroots organising by amsterdam afa.
its waiting now to see if they will accept but the mayor made it very clear that any EDL (or AFA for that matter) that demonstrators outside their designated area will be arrested (and in case of the edl "kicked back on the boat they came from", the mayors words)
AFA still puts out an alert too opose EDL actvity over the whole weekend (there is talk that the EDL will seek an court rulling too get their central demo location back) but is faced with an emergency "restraining" order. An UAF like protest is allowed in the center of town at the old synagoge at the feet of the remembrance statue for the 1941 general strikers.
Ajax tifosi and migrant youth have vowed to give the EDl canal swimming lessons if they show up in town mob-handed.

overal, already an succes, below an translation of our latest pressrelease

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Whose cops are more racist, America’s or the Brits'?

27-10-2010 22:51

In any global battle of the racists, the U.S. and Britain are always top contenders. A new study has some putting odds on merrily racist Old England (and Wales) for the honor of white supremacist society in-chief. “The figures would seem to indicate that Blacks in England and Wales are targeted by police with even more ferocity than their counterparts in New York City.” But the Big Apple takes a back seat to no one, when it comes to bigoted police behavior on the streets.

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Do you have friends in the Forces?

27-10-2010 21:58

Following orders just wont wash - soldiers: Legal Right to object to war

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Bookfair 2010: Int. with John Pilger

27-10-2010 21:22

An interview with the legendary John Pilger at this years Anarchist Bookfair, covering topics on his new film, "The War You Don't See" and discussing news media on the internet and what effect the financial crisis will have on current imperialist wars and military adventures.

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Bristol Anti-cuts Alliance Open Meeting

27-10-2010 21:22

BRISTOL ANTI-CUTS ALLIANCE have organised another open meeting
Queen Ann Road. Barton Hill. Bristol. Bristol. BS5 9TX.

> Agenda
> 1. Review of Alliance activities so far, particularly Saturday's rally
> 2. Future activities.
> 3. AOB

It would be good for as many people as possible to come along to this meeting and share their thoughts and ideas. A lot has happened since the last meeting and there is a lot more to do. Please try to be on time as there will be a lot to discuss.

Keep an eye out for local meetings, demos, groups, actions and discussions.

Unity is Strength

See Ya There!

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‘Deadly coal tour’

27-10-2010 21:04

‘Deadly coal tour’- Highlighting coal impacts in Indonesia and building international solidarity.'

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Bookfair 2010: Interview with John Pilger

27-10-2010 20:22

An interview with the legendary John Pilger at this years Anarchist Bookfair, covering topics on his new film, "The War You Don't See" and discussing news media on the internet and what effect the financial crisis will have on current imperialist wars and military adventures.

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Punk Gig

27-10-2010 19:22

Eastfield, Garden Gang and others.
The Plough
Friday 5 November 2010

BRISTOL The Plough
223 Easton Road, Easton BS5 0EG

Eastfield, Garden Gang and others.

8pm. £4.

All the way from Birmingham and Denmark respectively...

Eastfield - Urban Rail Punk

Garden Gang - Wave 'n' Punk & Glam-Rock-Stomp im orchestral-schimmernden Pop-Gewand.

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Demonstration against the dutch squatting ban: Nov. 7th, The Hague, Holland

27-10-2010 17:55

On November the 7th 2010 a demonstration against the law on squatting will be held in The Hague. This law, enacted on the first of October 2010, effectively makes all the squatters in the Netherlands a criminal.

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Iran’s "green wave" opposition and its ties to global geopolitics

27-10-2010 16:54

Politics makes for strange bedfellows. Within the framework of the events leading to the Green Wave was a face-off within the Iranian elite between one side which wanted to preserve current policies and another that was formed by an alliance between Iranian business interests and civil liberties organizations. In the second camp of Iranian capital and civil liberties, the former group hid behind the latter group. This alliance between Iranian capital and groups demanding greater civil liberties may come as a surprise to some, but it is neither a historical nor political anomaly. Many movements and revolutions have been configured through such alliances.

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Veggies at W.Mids. Vegan Festival

27-10-2010 16:51

Veggies will be attending West Midlands Vegan Festival!!

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Awesome Cosmic Charity Jumble Sale... Mina Park

27-10-2010 16:22

Hello Folks..

My esteemed associate and myself and leaving the country and downsizing considerably...

As result we are hosting THE MOST AMAZING JUMBLE SALE OF ALL TIME.., this Saturday 30th of October... at Mina Park ... near the Miners and the Farm... opposite Biblos.... on Mina Road :P
This is not your usual jumble, we will have a wide range,
Vintage Clothes and Furniture,
DJ-ing Equipment,
Musical Instruments,
Vinal, Books,
Art Supplies, Art work, both original and not...
Bric and Brac,
shiny things,
Kids Stuff,
Model Fairies
... and maybe even Cake... and a whole lot more to boot..


So everybody wins We get some good Karma and some awesome stuff gets a new home

If there is anything on that list that particually grabs your attention please give me a call 07975844882

SATURDAY 30TH... ... begins at 11 am

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Palestine Today 10 27 2010

27-10-2010 16:05

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for Wednesday, October 27, 2010.

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UG#522 - Spiritual and Social Separation

27-10-2010 15:07

This week a range of voices continue our series on separation. We start with Michael Lerner speaking on his 2006 book, "The Left Hand of God: Taking Back Our Country from the Religious Right", about the spiritual disconnection of modern US society, and how this has been both exacerbated and the exploited by an alliance of corporate interests and the 'religious right'. Next a short section of an interview with Bill McKibben. In our second hour, after revisiting the words of Charles Eisenstein, we hear from Richard Louv, about what he terms 'Nature Deficit Disorder'.

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Disrupt the arms trade - anti-BAE action, 3rd Nov.

27-10-2010 14:23

On the 3rd November (next Wednesday), the lovely lads from BAE will be enticing Oxford grad students into a career of death-dealing!

The benefit? £24,000 - £28,000, bonus (discretionary), welcome payment, pension scheme, 25 days holiday
The cost? Working for a company that sells killing machines indiscriminately, corruptly and illegally!

Fight war, not wars!

Full article

Bristol Council's preference for cars over people

27-10-2010 14:22

An example of how they couldn't care less for the blind and partially sited.
Despite all of it’s policy statements, advisors and alleged political correctness,
Bristol City council shows us it’s true colours .

Whilst out for a cycle for once I hade a camera with me so I took these photos. This place has been bugging me for a long while and here’s one reason why:

Imagine you are either blind or partially sighted. Getting around a busy city, perhaps on your way to the train station is bound to pose one or to challenges. Therefore you might think the community conscious local authority which is paid to enable citizens, in this concrete maze we call home, get around the place with the minimum of harassment.

Unfortunately this is not the case.
One minor item that may have been of use in the preservation of life and limb – like a pavement has been ignored with large immobile tin boxes taking precedence,
others have been known to labels these selfish items (in cities anyway) as automobiles.

But on a more serious - NO ANGRY - point. The council takes great heed to claim it supports minorities, regardless of class, age, gender or race and rightly so but apparently NOT to disability.

Pavements are not only important but could also be argued as essential to the blind so on a relatively new build where are they?
And what has taken there place? Green space maybe? No, a fucking car docking point.

Then of course there’s small children, parents with push chairs and other vulnerable pedestrians that may benefit.
The only good point of this lay out is that if some commuter, late for his/her train, parks too close up to an apartment front door it can’t be used.

So I’m thinking what a selfish place this is…
Hence the last few pictures of some real quality wall painting.
Cheers for reading this, I just hope you are a council planner.

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