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UK Newswire Archive

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We Are Iranian Journalists!

18-02-2013 19:37

Iranian Journalists Arrested Recently
Recently many Iranian journalists, documentary film makers and bloggers arrested in Iran, a group of independent Iranian journalists issued a statement stressing; If being a journalist in Iran is a crime, we are all accomplices to that crime.

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No Evictions for Bedroom Tax

18-02-2013 18:55

By Mike Dailly [Mike Dailly is the Principal Solicitor of Glasgow’s Govan Law Centre and is a member of the Financial Services Authority’s Financial Services Consumer Panel. He writes in [...]

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Campaigners condemn life sentences given to activists who “sparked the Arab Spri

18-02-2013 14:13

Sentences on Gdeim Izik defendents a travesty of justice

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Why BBC journalists are on strike today

18-02-2013 13:58

BBC NUJ members have a proud record of defending their colleagues against compulsory redundancies. They have held to their policy through thick and thin and against all the odds. Their struggle is an example to this government that it cannot expect working people to accept cuts which effect working people lives, careers and the quality of the services they provide without making their voice and actions felt. The strike today must make the BBC think their through their decisions again - stop recruiting while others are being shown the door. Today makes me proud to be a NUJ member all over again. Unity is our strength.
John Fray retired DGS and Broadcsting Organiser 1990 - 2000

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POA a State Sanctioned Oppressor and Bully of Working Class People

18-02-2013 12:32

The following is an article by ex-prisoner, prison campaigner and journalist Charles Hanson:

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Direct Action used by blockaders in New South Wales, Australia

18-02-2013 12:05

New South Wales, Eastern Australia
Blockades and actions across Australia are enjoying high levels of community support. When Metgasco tried to established an unconventional gas site at Glenugie in New South Wales local residents were quick to react and started a blockade. Metgasco’s drilling contractor AJ Lucas (who own a 42% stake in UK frackers Cuadrilla) struggled to get the drill rig and ancillary equipment on to site. The blockade continued with a succession of groups joining the protest and an impressive catalog of direct action techniques employed.

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UG#617 - Money, Power and Sociopathy (Competition, Randroids, Economists)

18-02-2013 11:14

We start the final chapter of David Graeber's Debt, The First 5000 Years this week by going beyond the 'bad apples' line at the deeper, systemic truths which underlie the rottenness of finance capital and indeed of the idolization of competition. Gary Weiss speaks on his book, Ayn Rand Nation and entrepreneur and journalist Margaret Heffernan speaks on Money, Power and Competition.

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Petition to stop ‘bedroom tax’ evictions

18-02-2013 06:55

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to amend Section 16 of the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 to prevent social landlords from using rent arrears caused by under occupation housing benefit deductions in eviction actions, and instead requiring such under occupation arrears to be pursued as an ordinary debt.

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1.4.13, April Fool.

18-02-2013 00:07

In the absense of an organised response to the social war imposed on us by the global ruling class, does anyone else feel like playing the fool.

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Brighton Kemptown prospective MP shows support for Moulsecoomb Community Pub

17-02-2013 23:25

Taylor v's Kirby for Brighton Kemptown 2015
What's the Bevy plan?
To create a place to eat, meet, drink, study and relax in the heart of our community! Plans include a pub / cafe, community kitchen, play areas and vegetable gardens. The pub is ideally located between Bevendean, Moulsecoomb and Bates estate.
We all love the Bevy.

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Indymedia: It's time to move on

17-02-2013 19:48

Two weeks ago, on 31st January, the Nottingham Indymedia collective disabled the ability to publish new newswire items. This drastic action was taken in order to demonstrate what will be lost if the collective folds, in the hope that those who use the site will step up to keep it going. A meeting will be held at the Sumac Centre tomorrow, on Monday 18th Feb, to discuss the future of the project and all those with an interest in being involved are invited to attend.

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First the Trees now the Hedgerows

17-02-2013 18:10

Hedge your Bets!

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Even A4E Tutor thinks Workfare is wrong

17-02-2013 17:49

If government poverty pimps are slagging their attacks on the unemployed what hope does IDS have?

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Getting ready for 2015 - Partners in Crime Exposed

17-02-2013 16:02

Partners in Crime Exposed
I have published an parliamentary investigation into the conduct of Philip Davies and Simon Kirby. I have uncovered serious abuses of power and irregularities in their Disabled Person's Parking Badges Bill. These MP's should be arrested for fraud immediately. I have uncovered disturbing evidence which paints Philip Davies as a dangerous psychopath and Simon Kirby as a Vera Lynn transvestite. The proof is plain to see and I welcome Philip Davies and Simon Kirby to challenge me to prove it in court.

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Working Class Eco-Warriors Prepare to Fight Second Battle of Hastings

17-02-2013 13:26

Veteran eco-warriors from the 1990s road protests in Britain are getting ready to move to Combe Haven Valley in East Sussex to take part in the Second Battle of Hastings to stop the Bexhill to Hastings link road from being built to prevent further destruction of the environment and pollution in the atmosphere, and to show solidarity with the besieged local residents of Middle England.

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Outside Cardiff Mags court tomorrow (Monday)

17-02-2013 12:57

Monday 18th February
Last October, Mrs Saleh and her two children were woken at 6.30am by UKBA agents and dragged off for deportation.

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Jeff Marsh Indeed Officially Surrenders #edl #jeffmarsh @slatedl

17-02-2013 00:19

The news everybody heard is indeed true, Mister Jeffrey Marsh Esquire from Cardiff (Joe Casuals), the cowardly founder of dumbarse ex-hooligan Casuals United, the middle-aged hot-air specialist, famous for getting all psychopath and stabbing Man United fans including children, yet talking absolute shite about anarchists being scared of him, has escaped to Sunny Spain to escape the attentions of UK Antifa.

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reclaim love 2013 - report n pics

16-02-2013 23:20

this was the tenth 'reclaim love' event in london, and, venus announced, the last that she'll organise in the uk. with hundreds of people taking part in the ceremony at 3.30 and thousands taking part in the party trhoughout the afternoon and evening, it was a huge success.
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