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UK Newswire Archive

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31-10-2009 20:25

So that its easier for some people we now meet every Sunday at 1.30 at the welcome point near the train station (conisbrough). our numbers are growing and we welcome anyone that is curious or has ideas about the future of The Earth Centre

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The EDL is a nationalist, islamophobic RACIST organisation

31-10-2009 18:50

The EDL is a nationalist, islamophobic RACIST organisation
The election of two British National Party (BNP) candidates in the June elections to the European Parliament was the first national election success for fascists in British history. We have already seen some of the consequences of the BNP’s election. There has been increased BNP media coverage including the BBC announcing it would invite Nick Griffin, the leader of the BNP to appear on Question Time.

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More Primate Torture at NASA

31-10-2009 17:14

NASA, since its inception has been a primate abuser. Now besides shooting
chimps and dogs into space to circle in the void alone until they die or blow up
in an obsolete Lockheed shuttle, the rogue agency, dominated by war profiteers, intends to irradiate primates. The agency has a contempt for public outrage..[/B]

The movie Project X was made about Dr Don Barnes and his refusal at Brooks Air Force
Base to do similar things.

Harvard with its underground primate torture labs at Southborough and other
locations is apparently involved.

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Brian Haw is back

31-10-2009 16:42

saw him with my own two eyes.

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3 Gory Necklaces: Hollywood Pushing Pate, Rabbit Flesh, Under Guise Of Art

31-10-2009 16:24

The films Australia, Julie and Julia, and No Reservations glorify genocidal live shipping
of animals, pate de foie gras, and in general cadaver consumption.

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Support For The Afghan Poppy Appeal Poster Defacement

31-10-2009 16:09

As the mainstream media outrage (from the likes of the Hate Mail and Torygraph) dies down, the voices of many people in the armed forces and others who support the posters new message starts to be heard.

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MP's join campaigners in calling for release of Western Saharan detainees

31-10-2009 15:47

The seven Saharawi human rights activists
Vice Chair of the Parliamentary Human Rights Group joins other MPs and campaigners to end the repression in Western Sahara on the 34th anniversary of the unlawful Moroccan invasion.

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Wind turbines on buildings

31-10-2009 14:16

south-facing roofs not used
Wind turbines on apartments. Cosmetic window dressing, an exercise in futility, as functional they are not.

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(Basque Country) Brian Currin: Detention of basque politicians are horrific.

31-10-2009 13:40

Brian Currin, a South African attorney working as a mediator, said the left-wing nationalist movement should not stop putting forward new initiatives despite the arrest of its top members.

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Opposing Fascism Opposing The EDL..

31-10-2009 13:31

The election of two British National Party (BNP) candidates in the June elections to the European Parliament was the first national election success for fascists in British history. We have already seen some of the consequences of the BNP’s election. There has been increased BNP media coverage including the BBC announcing it would invite Nick Griffin, the leader of the BNP to appear on Question Time.

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Thicko Metropolitan Police can't distinguish real life from fiction!

31-10-2009 12:03

"Scotland Yard has apologised after actors from a film, The Firm, were mistakenly identified as football hooligans being sought after riots at a West Ham game."

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Horsham march in tussle over freedom to protest

31-10-2009 11:39

Yesterday in the Royal Courts of Justice, Mr Justice Sweeney ruled against an application which sought to ban all face masks, animal costumes, "blood" splattered coats, and any banners that used the words "murder", "torture", "kills" & "abuses" on an animal rights demonstration. The application was brought by the pharmaceutical giant Novartis in response to a demonstration being held today by Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty in Horsham town centre. If the case had gone ahead it would have set a very significant precedent.

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Stop Deportation Day

31-10-2009 11:36

International blockade in Brugge and Vottem, Belgium. Translation from Dutch Indymedia.

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Pagani will be closed

31-10-2009 11:22

As a result of continuing struggles inside and outside the detention centre, Pagani close down!

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2 detention centres belgium blockaded

31-10-2009 10:56

This morning 120 people blockaded 2 detention centres in Belgium.

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West Yorkshire Animal Rights Group Statement on Fascism

31-10-2009 01:03


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Notts IWW members leaflet local Job Centre in solidarity with postal workers

31-10-2009 00:25

This is what Notts IWW members look like on a good day
On Wednesday morning, 28th October 2009, members of the Nottingham & Notts General Membership Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World (Notts IWW) took to the streets with a leaflet written to ask Job Centre users/benefits claimants and workers at Station Street Job Centre Plus not to cooperate with the Royal Mail's attempt to recruit 30,000 temporary posties to try and break the ongoing postal workers strike. Although Royal Mail often starts to recruit for Christmas around this time of year, the target of 30,000 is many more than the usual.

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Re-instate Professor Nutt

31-10-2009 00:14

Scientists should not be sacked for telling the truth.

Professor Nutt has been sacked as Chief Government Drugs Advisor because of his scientific opinion, an opinion he was being paid to provide.

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Brian Haw Arrested

30-10-2009 23:28

Brian Haw was arrested around 7pm this evening - Friday 30 October 2009 - in Parliament Square. Photos Copyright (C) 2009 Peter Marshall, All rights reserved.

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Sussex Students' Union votes to Boycott Israel

30-10-2009 22:47

Sussex students of Palestine Society and Stop The War
Students at Sussex University voted this week to boycott Israeli produce in Union stores.
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