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UK Newswire Archive

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WARN: Anti Vivisction and Fur Protests Hit Malvern

30-10-2009 22:30

an afternoon of demos against animal abuse in Malvern,

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26/10/09: A day to remember in the fight against coal

30-10-2009 20:35

We defeated E.On’s plans to build the first coal-fired power station in over 30 years, which is definitely something to be proud of. But, as this week’s actions have shown, the fight against coal is far from over and concerned individuals are showing no sign in slowing down their activities.

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SchNEWS 697 - A Liberal Helping

30-10-2009 19:45

SchNEWS looks critically at the Guardian's expose of a police spotter card for so-called 'domestic extremists'... plus, it's been another hot week for climate protesters in Britain as high-emissions coal power is targeted, a round-up of Halloween direct action protests in Britain against the arms industry and animal testing, Britain is deporting refugees back into the dangerous warzones they fled - and a group sent back to Iraq have found themselves being sent back to Britain, and more....

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Fight the English Defence League! Counter Protest in London tomorrow 1pm

30-10-2009 18:00

There is demonstration tomorrow by Islam4UK [Al Muajiroun] asking for UK Sharia Law. Other more moderate Islamic groups are holding a counter protest against them. The Nazi English Defence League and various other Nazi scum groups are planning a counter demo against all of them and are probably planning violence. All anti fascists are being called upon to stop the Nazis tomorrow in London.

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This Week in Palestine -Week 44 2009

30-10-2009 17:24


Welcome to This Week in Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for October 24th to October 30th, 2009

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Another night on the Royal Mail picketline...

30-10-2009 15:51

Another night on the picketline...

Another week of broken promises and recriminations over the negotiating table for the UK postal service and it's workers on the frontline.

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Halloween vigil remembers the ghosts of Western Sahara

30-10-2009 15:35

Campaigners gather for a vigil to mark the 34th anniversary of the unlawful Moroccan invasion of Western Sahara

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Proof of the impact of the SHAC campaign

30-10-2009 15:12

Examples of Animal Rights Impact
For anyone who doubts the validity of the "SHAC method", this page of the Plymouth report should cast away any uncertainty.

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DIY Guide - Afghan appeal subverts - Bring 'Em Home before Xmas

30-10-2009 14:26

Around the country billboards containing Poppy Appeal posters from the Royal British Legion are displaying images of British soldiers in Afghanistan, or their greiving widows and family. While the appeal tried to raise it's annual £30 million, most people think the best way to help the troops is to bring them home and prosecute the politicians who sent them. Below we outline how to modify these billboards yourself to carry the messages 'BRING 'EM HOME' and 'PROSECUTE BLAIR'

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protest march against incinerators being built in uk .any groups interested

30-10-2009 13:24

uk are building incinerators that are a danger to health and the climate .we must stop them being built prottest now before its 2 late

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All Hallows Eve Benefit for Calais Migrants & 56a...Sat 31st,London

30-10-2009 10:44

Behind Bars present the All Hallows Eve Dress the fuck up (or not) Masquerade Ball wiv Living dead Live acts,Dancefloor Ghouls djs (inc SIREN sound System) and Scary Films

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Subvertising hits the big time - media outrage at poppy appeal subverts

30-10-2009 02:09

The power of simple subvertising was demonstrated this week when a little cut and paste work on a few billboards became a national media story. Elevated from a being noticed by just a few passers by to tens of thousands of readers and TV viewers, the subvertisement of poppy appeal posters has apparently hit a chord.

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Bath Bomb #26 Special Edition Out Now

30-10-2009 00:44

Bumper edition out now, hot on the heels of the postal strike, local council proposed job cuts, threatened local wildlife, and more

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Students Revolt in Austria Enters 10th Day

29-10-2009 22:58

Vienna – The Students Revolt in Austria which began last week with the occupation of the Vienna School of Art and spread wildly over the whole country entered today its 10th Day.

Today, four thousand people took the streets in Graz, in southeastern Austria, to protest against the continuing degradation of their study and living conditions. In early afternoon, the assembly-hall of the faculty of social sciences at Innsbruck University, in the federal state of Tyrol, was squatted by students. That means that, at the moment, lecture rooms and spaces at all principal Austrian universitys are occupied by student activists. Only the little university of Leoben, in Styria, which specializes in mining is not yet seized by the waves of protest.

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Talking About Cannabis: The Racket Continues - William Bell Outed!

29-10-2009 22:48

Some people just won’t stay dead.

We were happy to leave Debra Bell of the one woman organisation Talking About Cannabis to drift into well deserved obscurity.

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Palestinian Elected as Honorary President of LSE Students' Union

29-10-2009 22:17

Othman Sakallah, a Palestinian student who holds an offer to attend the London School of Economics (LSE) has tonight been elected as the Honorary President of the LSE Students' Union.

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The Decolonizing Struggle in France

29-10-2009 21:46

This article is an interview with the spokesperson of the decolonial movement known as the Movement of the Indigenous of the Republic (Mouvement des Indigènes de la République - MIR) in France, composed of Arab, African and Antillean youth who struggle against the coloniality of power within the French imperial state today

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Read and think

29-10-2009 21:35

This is made public at request of sender and with their consent

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Year of Democracy

29-10-2009 20:10

Year of Democracy
This Dundee Student Association campaign has been designed to fight student apathy. There has been great success so far but more is to come. Read on to find out about the amazing speakers they have confirmed!

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New Comic Strip Series re Organized Stalking

29-10-2009 20:05

New comic strip to educate the public about the crime of organized stalking has been made available on the web. It is hoped this series will help educate the public about a crime for which action by the justice systems of the world is long overdue.

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