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UK Newswire Archive

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Rushmoor defends crass half-size wheelie bin policy

01-09-2008 15:11

wheelie bins left in street
It has to be hurting. Rushmoor has been forced to issue a press release to defend its half-cock half-size wheelie bin policy.

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Support Lewis - imprisioned in Sweden

01-09-2008 15:01

Lewis is a dedicated activist imprisioned in Sweden for minor offences.

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Basque Regional Government to sue Spanish state for Referendum.

01-09-2008 14:45

June this year "Members of the Basque regional parliament have approved plans for a referendum on more autonomy from Spain." reported the BBC. "They voted narrowly, by 34 votes to 33, to hold a public vote on 25 October."

Today the Basque regional first minister or "Lehandakari" announced that all the parites in his ruling coalition are asking Basques to sue the Spanish state through the EU if it disallows their consultation or what I call "the referendum on a referendum".

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Austrian Prisoner Martin Balluch Runs as Green Candidate

01-09-2008 14:33

Austrian Imprisoned Animal Rights Campaigner runs as Green Candidate in September Election

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Demonstration / Hands off Kurdish asylum seekers!

01-09-2008 14:11

Thursday 11th September 2008 - 12:30pm - 14:30pm
Lobby of the Home Office
2 Marsham St

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We Are Change UK - Notting Hill Carnival 2008

01-09-2008 14:10

Racial profiling at the Notting Hill 'Carnival'

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Amadeu Casellas, 72 days hungerstrike - a "more political" prisoner now.

01-09-2008 13:01

In the last 6 days Amadeu Casellas has eaten no food as his protest, the ultimate protest any prisoner may undertake continues. But in contrast to the last report which noted the lack of international mobilisation and political pressure to highlight his case.

He's still in prison. So the political pressure must be sustained and increased. & it is.
A short article on what's happened in the last 6 days since the article "Amadeu Casellas, 64 days hungerstrike - a "not political enough" prisoner." was published.

"Amadeu says that he will exit on his own legs, or with his feet forward"

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Dear Lady Warnock: about this word 'bollocks'...

01-09-2008 12:54

Do I have the right to say Bollocks in public?

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Senior Nepali Maoist leader to address London public meeting

01-09-2008 11:05

C P Gajurel, head of the International Department of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) will be speaking about recent developments and the current situation in Nepal in central London on Tuesday 16 September. The meeting has been organised by the Britain-South Asia Solidarity Forum.

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The Art of the Ban and the Five year Repression of Wajeha Al Huwaider.

01-09-2008 09:31

'The Vital Pathfinding Arab Elite is Persecuted and Cannot Advance Arab Society'

Wajeha is banned from writing for five years, interestingly, the issue of artist
repression In Saudi and specifically of this woman does not consider the notion
that a Writer can never be stopped from writing. But they may be persecuted and
have modes and methods of disemination removed. The title of her piece (above)
explains the 5% in societies that attempt to advance and evolve. She includes
the animal and microscopic world too.

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FNB homes and offices raided & volunteers arrested before RNC protest

01-09-2008 09:21

CRACKDOWN BEGINS: Food Not Bombs homes and offices raided. Volunteers

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Bobby Roberts demo - Towyn, North Wales

01-09-2008 09:02

Demonstration at Bobby Roberts' animal circus met with threats of violence... again...

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United Nations highly Critical of UK's treatment of women

01-09-2008 08:31

Extracts from the concluding observations of the United Nations Committee on the 'Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women' (CEDAW) of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland at its' 41st session held from 30 June to 18 July

Full article | 1 comment climate change and class

01-09-2008 00:43

climate change and class. strategy...

there is also discussion on august aut-op-sy list

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'The Elephant in the Room Released' to watch for FREE

31-08-2008 22:09

Award winning* documentary now available to watch online

*Won 'Best Documentary' at the London Independent Film Festival

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Earth Liberation Prisoners - September 2008

31-08-2008 21:52

Welcome to the September 2008 edition of Spirit of Freedom. As people will
soon see, ELP's prisoner lists have grown yet again. If we exclude the Geek
anarchist, Vaggelis Botzatzis, and the two Americans Richard Sills and
Michael Sykes (all of whom are listed by ELP as 'Other Prisoners'), there
are now 40 listed animal & earth liberation prisoners in Europe & America.

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Belgian researcher finds doubled mortality rate caused by mobile phone radiation

31-08-2008 21:29

On Monday 23th June, Dirk Adang, a researcher working at the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium, presented a Ph.D. study which ought to set many a mobile phone and wireless internet user thinking.

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Photos - Sophie Lancaster Memorial March 31st August 2008 Sheffield

31-08-2008 21:22

The Parade of United Souls
HUNDREDS of goths and their supporters marched through Sheffield this afternoon to protest against 'alterophobia': fear, prejudice and hatred towards members of alternative subcultures.

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Spinning the Wind : New Orleans : no apologies

31-08-2008 21:19

The Republicans want Michael Moore to apologise for saying this "I was just thinking, this Gustav is proof that there is a God in heaven. To just have it planned at the same time, that it would actually be on its way to New Orleans for day one of the Republican convention."

This article is essentially a "compare & contrast".

IBush launched his "Marshall plan" 15 September 2005 to rebuild New Orleans & then 16/9/05 gave one of his most moving speeches on the "first Katrina national prayer day". The houricane had proved "the indifferent power of nature". He then he made 3 commitments speaking from the pulpit of Washington's national cathedral.

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Save the Nepalese Monkeys From Vivisection -- Support Gateway to Helll

31-08-2008 20:07

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