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UK Newswire Archive

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Piss Poor Support Services for "Mentally Ill" Dover Kent UK

03-02-2005 08:57

The provision of services in Dover, Kent UK for the mentally ill is woefully inadequate. No wonder so many people top themselves.

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Space Hijackers Vs Capitalism

02-02-2005 22:50

Agent Greenman Batting
The Space Hijackers took on The Capitalists in a midnight cricket match, on Fri 28th Jan. Drinking in a sleasy city boy pub all night, we challenged the bankers and traders at closing time to a match of cricket. Space Hijackers Vs City Boys, Anarchists Vs Capitalists.Space Hijackers Vs The Capitalists
3rd Test Match
Friday Jan 28th 2005

The third test match against the Capitalists of the City Of London took place on a cold Friday in January. The meeting place was the Pitcher & Piano, a pin stripe filled pub a stones throw from the Bank Of England.
The plan was to recruit a team of Bankers and Traders to represent Capitalism in a match against our anarchist sportsmen. A true clash of cultures and ideologies. Space Hijackers Vs The City Boys in a midnight cricket match, a match where we would challenge the business world to show us it’s gentlemanly character (is such a thing still existed in today’s world of global finance?).

One by one, our cricketers arrived dressed in their whites, or best frocks. We set up camp at a large table near the door, and gradually our numbers swelled to a full team and reserves. Obviously a in pub where a pair of trainers would stand out from the suited masses, our party of cricketers (some in padding) stuck out like a sore thumb. Before long, we had a drink (well several really) for Dutch courage and began to size up the opposition.
A group of suited traders near the door, were our first and most vocal opponents, eager to take up our challenge. Meanwhile a group of City girls were paying special attention to our batsmen (agent Ricky especially), I don’t think this had much to do with the match though.

As the evening progressed our gallant ladies and gentlemen, took to the dance floor and struck up conversations with the opposition. However closing time was soon approaching and we only had half an opposing team! Desperate times called for desperate measures and so as the lights came up and the house music faded, agent Bristly Pioneer climbed up onto a table and addressed the pub.

“Ladies and Gentlemen of the City, we hereby challenge you to a midnight cricket match! Pinstripes against Cricket Whites! Space Hijackers Vs The City Boys! Anarchists Vs Capitalists!”
Never ones to back down from a challenge, a team of Suits was soon pulled together and as we were booted out from the pub, our two teams walked to the pitch.

Opposite Lloyds of London, there is a big open concrete square, surrounded by stairs it creates a perfect urban cricket pitch. With an office block entrance stairs acting as a pavilion the stage was set for a clash of the titans.
The Capitalist Captain (acting in the name of Lady Thatcher) met agent Cupcake in the middle of the pitch to toss. Cupcake called heads and won, The Space Hijackers would be batting first!

Stumps were set up and the Capitalists arranged their fielders, whilst Agents Cupcake & Swindells padded up and took to the crease. It was at this time that we realised the might of the opposition, with several members claiming to have had county experience. Our first few batsmen were bowled out in rapid succession, barely racking up a dozen runs, however as the whisky was broken out, and our bellies were warmed we dug our heels in and soon set the batting average back to respectable levels.

The Capitalists were keen and aggressive bowlers and fielders dedicating overs to Enron, Bush, Dennis Thatcher and other hooligans. However unlike previous Capitalist teams we have played they mainly stuck to the rules. The only diversion being a sneaky tactic of changing the colour of the ball bowled several times in one over!

Our team declared about an hour into the match having racked up a tidy sum of runs whilst both teams retired to the pavilion for cucumber sandwiches, whisky & vodka! The supporters were in fine voice and generous clapping had buoyed spirits during the cold night.

After a quick arrangement of batting order the Space Hijackers took to the field and our first two City boys took up their bats. The level of bowling from the Space Hijacker team was remarkable, especially considering the blood/alcohol levels at this point, Agents Taylor and Greenman (wearing his south African tie) soon had their first scalps. There was a beautiful catch by Agent Bristly Pioneer, and soon we were looking at the ruins of Global Capitalism. Some late night team extras joined the Capitalist team, after having finished at the pub. One of whom worked for the company responsible for our impending ID cards.

With grit, determination and focus however the night was soon ours! A victory for troublemakers everywhere. With a gentlemanly shake of hands and a round of applause from the pavilion, the two teams parted at about 2am. The Capitalists were much more gentlemanly than we had previously experienced, however at the end of the night, it was the gleaming whites of the Anarchist team that shone through and claimed the title.



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Urgent Helath Issue

02-02-2005 22:14

This is important to anyone who doesn't want to lose control of their health to drug companies.

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Talking About Total Freedom 3,4,5 March 2005 / Void Network

02-02-2005 19:48

Talking About Total Freedom /European Tour 2005-2008 in squats and social centres for the multi form cultivation of global Liberation from ignorance,suffering and exploitation /3,4,5,March 2005 in Circle Community Centre ( St.George Theatre, 49 Tufnell Park Road London N7 OPS ) Experiments of Publik Dialogue/Void Arts/atmospheres/philosophy/concerts/sound systems/ambientrancedelica ecstatik zone

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How can you stand up against Racism, when one doesn't recognise it?

02-02-2005 19:28

Racism is a fable to the ignorant masses and one can only hope for a flame of compassion.

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Radical Artists to Challenge Swansea Council in Court

02-02-2005 19:03

Art attack

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are we living in a post orwellian state?

02-02-2005 18:30

questions must be asked...

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The New News

02-02-2005 17:30

The world is changing and not to the imperial masters liking. Remember the coup attempt and the Venezuelan people’s fight back? Western media could not be relied upon to report those events truthfully. Washington may really have something to worry about now because in the future such reliance may not be necessary. Spread the good news.

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fox hunting hertfordshire/essex

02-02-2005 16:56

i am a hunter and im against the sabs they are a compleate pain and are against animal crulty but seem to think that it is ok to beat the hounds and horses!!

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families of the sea

02-02-2005 16:40

Recently, it was announced that the International Whaling Commission (IWC) is considering lifting the 19-year ban on commercial whaling.

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ride manchester - looking for property

02-02-2005 14:51

can you help?

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Jubilee Debt Campaign Annual Conference

02-02-2005 13:23

Details of Jubilee Debt Campaign's free annual conference -- all are welcome!

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Anti-ID Card Picket at Home Office

02-02-2005 12:38

Haringey Against ID Cards held a picket of the Home Office in central
London as part of the national day of action against ID cards on Friday
28th January.

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Food Not Bombs Leeds!

02-02-2005 12:16

Food Not Bombs startup meeting is on the 11th Feb at Maelstrom.

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Conscious Fashion Week

02-02-2005 11:49

The Conscious Fashion Week will run alongside the official London
Fashion Week from 13.-17.2.'05 at the rampART Creative Centre, East
Entrance is free/ donation, food and drinks by donation. All the
surplus money raised will go to workers coops and fair trade

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Interview with Gareth Peirce: onTorture

02-02-2005 10:59

An interview with British human rights lawyer Gareth Peirce. IMC UK should be doing interviews like and video of the interview is at

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02-02-2005 09:30

Never before in modern history has the sensibility of the population been so anaesthetised. And never before will such a high price be extracted for the failure to reign in nefarious groups that have taken control of the major institutions of power.

While we brood in self-involved distraction, our options are being slowly but effectively eroded and our hard-won liberties are being curtailed. Yet where is the reactive response to these occurrences? With the exception of the people of conscience, inertia and apathy has permeated the majority.

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Peter Hakala: Miscarriage of Justice

02-02-2005 08:22

I accept tat I was handed the first interview and read it. Therefore common sense dictates they will contain my DNA and fingerprints, but I will state that interview 2 and 3 were fabricated and that I had never been present or had ever been handed the notes to read as stated by Shepperdson. Therefore if I am telling the truth no DNA or fingerprints of mine will be present by carrying out there tests and it will confirm once and for all whether the two police officers are telling the truth or if in fact they committed perjury and conspired together to pervert the course of justice.

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The Truth About Killing Palestinian Children

02-02-2005 06:31

The vast differences in the news about murdered Palestinian schoolchildren
with little or no responsibility from US mainstream medias to corroborate truth.
Calling all international peacekeepers, witnesses, journalists, photographers!

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PM Poodle can't have it both ways

02-02-2005 03:19

Prime Minister Tony Blair is now lecturing his ally about the need to take global warming seriously. The problem is we do take it seriously over here.
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