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UK Newswire Archive

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Poetry Evening from Student Action for Refugees (This Friday, 28th May)

27-05-2004 08:44

STAR POETRY READING: Displacement, Identity, Asylum Issues
Date: Friday, Week 5 (28 May)
Time: 7:30 - 9:00
Venue: Long Room New College

Full article Email In, Fax In and Phone In Day: 28th of May (Tommorow)

27-05-2004 07:14

On Friday the 28th of May (Tommorow), GE Free activists and supporters of
a GE Free Aotearoa/New Zealand are invited to join in an email, fax and
phone in day to help

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The Empire of Ignorance, Hypocrisy and Obedience

27-05-2004 04:44

Article by the author of The Empire of Ignorance, Hypocrisy and Obedience, first published on CommonDreams and in Australia's largest newspapers.
The American people didn't know its troops abused prisoners in Iraqi jails. Ignorance. Officials who knew pretend they didn't know. Hypocrisy. The parents of soldiers say their kids were forced to follow orders. Obedience. Read on...

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Abuse of Women Detainees at Abu Ghuraib

27-05-2004 04:28

A scandal that has not yet broken in the press is the story of how many women ended up in US prisons. Iraqi women were also abused at Abu Ghuraib, according to the Taguba report and reports of photographs seen by the US Congress.

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cyclist killed in bus collision

26-05-2004 23:21

A cyclist was killed by a collision with a bus on Cowley Road, Oxford, today.

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Robert Fisk: Israeli subcontractors involved in directing interrogations at Abu

26-05-2004 23:06

"The actual interrogators accused of encouraging US troops to abuse Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib jail were working for at least one company with extensive military and commercial contacts with Israel. The head of an American company whose personnel are implicated in the Iraqi tortures, it now turns out, attended an "anti-terror" training camp in Israel"

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Tommy Franks to be Knighted...!!!! I kid you not!!!

26-05-2004 22:42

this is sooo unbelievable...

my jaw hit the floor...

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After Platt Fields/Whitworth Park /take space

26-05-2004 21:56

picnic loudly, reclaim space

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European Nuclear Weapons Free Zone workshop

26-05-2004 21:35

Cambridge Student Pugwash will hold an interactive workshop on "A European Nuclear Weapons Free Zone" as part of the National Nuclear Weapons Awareness Project. The Workshop will be held at Queens' College, Cambridge on Saturday 12th June. All are welcome.

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Rafah Action

26-05-2004 21:27

Massacre in Rafah - National Action on Friday 28th May

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Privatization Dissolves Civil Society

26-05-2004 16:54

"The leading 200 corporations are so powerful that their combined annual sales surpass the total economic output of 182 out of the 191 countries of the world.. Walmart, the second largest corporation, has a greater economic volume than the national economies of 178 countries.. A pyramid as in the South comes out of the egg in the North. The key question is whether a pro-poor policy exists nationally and internationally.."

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Motion to enforce filed in Peltier's lawsuit against editor Paul DeMain

26-05-2004 16:13

In a lawsuit filed over one year ago, a motion to enforce a settlement agreement was filed today with the Eighth U.S. District Court of Claims in Minneapolis, Minnesota, between Native American activist and political prisoner Leonard Peltier and Paul DeMain, editor of News From Indian Country.

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CNJ piece on Tufnell Park Social Center eviction attempt

26-05-2004 16:00

Squat supporters, from left, Annie, Hana and Chavez, who said: 'They have giv...
this came out in the camden new journal last thursday, it's only just appeared online and the link will stop working in a coupla days when it's archived. still, here it is...

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Anti-Pope Alliance

26-05-2004 15:59

Form June 5th to June 6th, the Pope is visiting Bern (CH) on the occasion of the
catholic youth meeting. We the Anti-Pope alliance (APB) are therefore calling a
demo against religious fundamentalism.

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The Danger of Software Patents

26-05-2004 12:13

This is a report from the FIPR meeting on software patents on 21 May 2004 in London

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communist anarchist nihilist aka

26-05-2004 11:45

Dear friends,

We don't want to go to political discussions, or sit
through political speeches, stand with placards
outside the town hall, or watch as the various leftist
sects recruit, sell, and shout their crap. We want
instead to be involved in a dynamic, horizontal,
revolutionary, anti-capitalist PARTICIPATORY event
that would be a space to inspire ourselves and others,
to meet the movement on our own terms and not whilst
staring at a platform of would be leaders. We want a
space to discuss, argue, socialise and act upon our
collective decisions. Commune with our earth our
MOTHER, folow her wisdom love and understanding:

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Free Festivals @ Finsbury Park and Liverpool

26-05-2004 11:24

Unity festivals Finsbury park and Liverpool- free entry

Stop the BNP . festivals organised by unite against fascism

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Struggle Music from Area 10

26-05-2004 09:56

Grassroot entertainement is becoming big in UK. No more bouncers(fat boys) at the door to tell you how to have fun. Enjoy these clips!

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Street Medic Training - Saturday 5th June

26-05-2004 09:32

First Aid for Activists. This is a workshop focusing on the skills needed to cope with problems that activists might have to face, that will go beyond the scope of
most First Aid training courses of a similar length.

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FBI abducts artist, and seizes Art

26-05-2004 09:15

Feds Unable to Distinguish Art from Bioterrorism
Grieving Artist Denied Access to Deceased Wife's Body
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