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UK Newswire Archive

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Sussex under attack

23-07-2013 10:35

An array of threats is facing the people of Sussex, their health and their countryside. And a special meeting on Thursday July 25 will focus on four of them - fracking, road-building, airport expansion and GM food.

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HSBC Notts Uncut Demo supports Foodbank

23-07-2013 08:55

12.00 Saturday 20th July 2013

Nottingham folks gatherered at the Left Lion and proceeded to the HSBC bank in Clumber Street. The protestors being concerned, as banker's continue to be rewarded with bonuses and subsidies, and tax dodging is rife (£25 billion is lost annually), there’s been a 170% increase in the number of people relying on food banks in the UK. We need to demand that the government stop propping up the people who caused this crisis and put an end to the need for food banks.

Passers by contributed to the NG7 Foodbank.

UKUncut statement:

As one of the UK’s ‘big four’ banks, HSBC continues to benefit from a promise that taxpayers will never let it fail, because it would be too damaging to the UK economy.

The money taxpayers have loaned to these banks comes at a very low interest-rate. And this interest-rate subsidy is disproportionately largest for the biggest banks, such as HSBC.

So whilst it did not need a direct government bail-out following the financial crisis in 2008, HSBC- and all other high street banks- owe their survival to public financing.

This also means that bonuses paid to senior bank staff and dividends to institutional investors are, at least partly, paid for by the taxpayer. Stuart Gulliver, the new chief executive of HSBC, recently received a bonus of around £9million - which could pay for the annual salary of over 400 nurses.

Want more evidence that we’re not ‘all in this together’? HSBC is one of the big banks that will avoid paying billions of pounds worth of tax on future profits by offsetting losses it suffered during the financial crisis against its tax bills.

Then there’s HSBC’s profiteering from the NHS. A report by the Times in 2008, found that HSBC made almost £100million from managing NHS hospitals where contractors ‘charge taxpayers inflated bills for simple tasks, such as £210 to fit an electrical socket’.

Moreover, according to a recent BBC investigation, HSBC used a legal tax loophole to divert millions of pounds of NHS money into an offshore ‘tax haven’. In 2010 a company set up by HSBC made more than £38m profit from its 33 PFI hospital-building schemes and paid £100,000 in UK tax - less than half of 1% of the profits. Describing such practices as ‘scandalous’, former Oxford MP Dr Evan Harris called for new rules to stop NHS money being sent to tax havens.

Earlier this year HSBC told its shareholders about plans to quit London for Hong Kong. We doubt anyone will be bidding them a tearful goodbye.



UK Uncut is a grassroots movement taking action to highlight alternatives to the government's spending cuts




Notts Uncut:




Photographer - Media: One Eye on the Road. Nottingham.  UK



Member of the National Union of Journalists [NUJ]


"It is not enough to curse the darkness.

                                   It is also necessary to light a lamp!!"



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More horse killed at graveyard au track.

23-07-2013 07:29

uk horse trainers are being encouraged to run their horses in Melbourne in the coming months but there is one track where they should not go.

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North East far-right activists named and shamed

22-07-2013 21:16

Far-right activists in the North East named and shamed, for the filth they are.

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North-East BNP Regional Organiser Anita Cooper approves of gunning down muslims

22-07-2013 19:06

Anita Cooper caught out again.
It's been revealed that North-East regional organiser Anita Cooper has liked a post which suggests the gunning down of muslims. Previously Anita Cooper has blamed these incidents on 'hackers'.

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South Africa’s Dirty Cops: Licensed to Kill

22-07-2013 12:30

Moments before his death, Andries Tatane being attacked by police

Last week Inigo Gilmore’s documentary, South Africa’s Dirty Cops, was screened on British television. It deals with the torture and murder that have become common at the hands of the South African police and includes an examination of the two most high profile cases of political violence on the part of our police in recent years – the murder of Andries Tatane in Ficksburg in April 2011 and the Marikana Massacre in August last year.

The scale of the Marikana Massacre, in which thirty four people were killed, made it a unique event in post-apartheid South Africa. But the Tatane murder was just one of the many murders of protestors by the police in recent years. There is no properly researched body count but a quick internet search throws up media reports of nearly forty people having being killed by the police during protests since the killing started on a university campus in Durban in 2000. The Tatane murder became so well known for the simple reason that it was captured on video and screened on national television.

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F.B.I. descends on Australia with 20,000 U.S. troops for Talsiman Saber 2013 exe

22-07-2013 06:39

*August 19th. Rockhampton trial of Graeme Dunstan for ploughshares disarmament action on Tiger Attack helicopter at Talisman Saber 2011
**VID (4 mins) - "Rocky Tiger Ploughshares" action undertaken taken by Bryan Law R.I.P. & Graeme Dunstan

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Anti-fascists report from Liverpool James Larkin march

22-07-2013 00:50

This is a report from the ACA Manchester group regarding the succesful James Larkin commemoration in Liverpool on Saturday and the seriously rubbish far-right opposition to it. There was an estimated 250 people on the march and a seperate smaller group of anti-fascists patrolling near-by.

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Palestinian Anarchists in Conversation: Recalibrating anarchism in a colonized country

21-07-2013 20:17

“I’m honestly still trying to kick the nationalist habit,” jokes activist Ahmad Nimer, as we talk outside a Ramallah cafe.

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SchNEWS : EDL in Brum update 21/07/13

21-07-2013 19:40

Not the best showing for anti-fascism yesterday in Birmingham, a couple of dozen autonomous anti-fascists actually made the effort to confront the EDL at their muster pub. Meanwhile the UAF rally ¾ of a mile away attracted a mere two hundred.

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UG#655 - Unite and Conquer 3 (Social and Personal Consciousness of Self & Other)

21-07-2013 15:13

A successor show to episode 531, we wonder this week whether a suppressed half of human consciousness knows that we are inseparable from all of the rest of life? We begin with Jill Bolte Taylor's dramatic account of the stroke that shut down the left half of her brain, followed by Elisabet Sahtouris and Willis Harman on new paradigms in science, and author Gish Jen on cultural differences in ideas of the self.

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Rail Disaster in Canada : The law of Profit is the Criminal!

21-07-2013 14:45

Explosion in Lac Megantic
The aftermath of the worst rail disaster in Canada for decades leaves at least 47 dead with many of the victims still unaccounted for

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Conscientious Objectors: no to the Universal Soldier

21-07-2013 13:44

‘Blessed are the peacemakers’ (1917) by George Bellows depicts Jesus in prison
The recent case of Natan Blanc, a young Israeli refutznik who was exempted from military service on June 4 after being sentenced to 10 consecutive jail terms, may draw attention on the reasons why some refuse to obey and ask whether there is a standard response from the national defence forces to people who turn down enlistment or deserters. What a sample of countries with mandatory civil service (Israel, Egypt) and without enforced conscription (UK) tell us about conscientious objection and government treatments

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EDL bring their love of law and order to Birmingham

21-07-2013 10:40

Tommy Robinson and his odious English Defence League (EDL) used to protest that Muslims were above the law. Today they’re in Birmingham protesting quite the opposite (1).

According to Tommy the EDL were…..

“protesting after six Birmingham men were jailed last month after admitting to a plot to attack an EDL rally in Dewsbury, Yorkshire”.

So let’s be clear…. They used to complain because (they claimed) the law didn’t prosecute Muslims. Today they’re protesting because the law DID prosecute some Muslims!


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Opening the Box: Sarah Shourd on Humane Release for Herman Wallace

20-07-2013 17:47

Herman Wallace, out of solitary, no shackles, on bike.
On July 10, Amnesty International launched a campaign directed at Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, calling for Herman’s immediate release on humanitarian grounds. "After decades of cruel conditions and a conviction that continues to be challenged by the courts, he should be released immediately to his family so that he can be cared for humanely during his last months," said Amnesty USA campaigner Tessa Murphy. A special UK action link is below.

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The Bristolian #5 now out!

20-07-2013 16:55


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The Sportsmans run a by a proud racist

20-07-2013 16:55

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The Future Isn’t Working

20-07-2013 13:56

A wage, these days, is increasingly hard to come by, and increasingly precarious when found. The proliferation of agency work, zero-hours contracts and underemployment is well-documented. Microtasking, where people are paid per task to work from home for tech giants like Amazon, is perhaps the most developed form yet of this tendency towards casualisation and income insecurity. The idea of a job for life – itself nothing to romanticise – has been decisively consigned to the history books.

And yet, at the same time, the imperative to work remains universal. Hundreds of thousands of people are being forced to participate in workfare schemes in return for their Jobseeker’s Allowance. And with the new Universal Credit system, it is proposed to extend this so-called ‘conditionality’ even further, with mandatory 35 hours a week job searches, monitored remotely by Universal Jobmatch software. Even the unemployed are compelled to ‘work’.

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Where Am I To Go? London Roma Evicted

20-07-2013 09:38

Roma evicted in London

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EDL In Brum

20-07-2013 08:15

The EDL have rarely fared well in and around Birmingham. Will today be any different?
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