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UK Newswire Archive

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What the corp media aren't saying about relief in Sri Lanka.........

12-01-2005 19:27

Military intimidation of relief workers escalate in Amparai, Batticaloa - TRO

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Smash EDO roof occupation trial update (Brighton)

12-01-2005 19:16

Smash EDO is a local campaign (Brighton) against EDO MBM Technology Ltd, on Home Farm Road, who manufacture release mechanisms for Paveway bombs supplied to Raytheon and used in Iraq, amongst other things. In May last year, 5 activists got
on the roof and hung banners. They are charged with aggravated trespass. It's been an interesting day in court - circular logic from the judge and a distinct lack of evidence from the prosecution.

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Tsunamis and Wars

12-01-2005 17:51

A comparison of US government spending on wars and on aid to victims of natural disasters and the reasons for the difference.

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The right man ? I wonder !

12-01-2005 17:48

As we remember the 60th aniversary of the liberation of Aushwitz it is worth noting that Mahmoud Abbas the new Palestinian leader is a known Holocaust denier

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Australia Endorses Indonesian Government Action in Aceh

12-01-2005 17:25

Australian Prime Minister John HOWARD said on Wednesday (12 January) that the Indonesian government's decision to send military personnel with international aid workers "makes perfect sense".

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US aim at Russian Nukes

12-01-2005 17:04

>Nikolai POROSKOV [from RIA Novosti's digest of the Russian press]

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Scandal: Did Expatriate & SoldierVote COUNT?

12-01-2005 16:15

NO SoldiersVote Left Behind
U.S. CitiZeNs; ON The FrontLines Of Int. Relations- DID Expat.
& SoldierVote get Left Behind?
A Pivotal, Hotly contested 'election of a lifetime' spurring
Worldwide interest saw OverSeas Voters registration increase
fourfold as these Americans are the Country's spokespeople, and
best face forward. Recalcitrant insistence on conflict creating
perpetual war, was on the table for We Decide, you saw the
BillBoards reminding US whose Will was to be measured- The People's! RiP van
Winkle Voters came out of the woodwork, contributing herculean
volunteer efforts & enthusiasm were unprecendented and
encouraging. NEVER in U.S. Presidential politics have MASSIVE
crowds shown up to endorse an incumbent. But to throw out, Reject
malfeasence and Get Rid of incompetence!

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12-01-2005 16:13

Audience for the Palm Court lobby (the entrance of Alexandra Palace)
The proposal was to set up “mini-cinemas” in official and autonomous spaces during the ESF, showing short, punchy activist films. The technology would be re-cycled computers which would be of sufficiently low value to be left unattended, placed in a box and with a continuously running playlist programmed at the beginning of the day. The screen would therefore be a computer monitor. The aim was also to enable people to “DIY” encode their own films for them to be added to an ever-expanding playlist.
Politically it would be an anarchic, upbeat intervention in the more hidebound conventions of the political conference. Practically it would provide the opportunity for the showing of activist shorts which conventional cinema screenings can be reluctant to programme. It would also enable screening spontaneity and last-minute, urgent, campaign-based screenings. Potentially it would be very transferable to other venues and events.
It would also offer campaigning film makers an opportunity for “copyleft” distribution via “Ruffcuts” CDs, and had the wider remit of helping to build an effective network of radical film makers.

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Article last month's Africa Social Forum

12-01-2005 14:53

On the day UK Chancellor Gordon Brown visits a shanty town in Kenya, here is the collection of expert opinion from last month's Africa Social Forum which he should be listening to as he embarks on this tour to convince himself that, at best, the system as it currently stands is ok and only needs reforms and tweaking at the edges, and at worst, is institutional neocolonialism.

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Article 19 in Oxford: Lord (David) Puttnam's lecture on the Press, January 19

12-01-2005 14:26

This should be of interest to anyone concerned about the state of the media today, and the connection between independent media, free speech and democracy. Please note also that a group of concerned Oxford citizens, led by Oxford NUJ members, will shortly be opening a campaign on the local media with a public meeting, probably on Saturday March 5. Details will appear soon.

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March against the NF.

12-01-2005 14:11

Unite Against Fascism call on all those who can, to join us to stop the fascist National Front from marching in Woolwich this Saturday 13th January 2005.

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UK premiere in Oxford of award-winning Brazilian documentaries - Jan 18th

12-01-2005 11:43

First UK showing of two recent award winning Brazilian documentary films

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Talk: Europe and the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

12-01-2005 10:05

The Oxford Branch of the United Nations Association (UNA) are holding a lunchtime lecture on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict on Tuesday 18th January 2005.

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Conference of Finance North Africa / Middle East

11-01-2005 23:20

Conference of Finance North Africa / Middle East
On the 11th of february 2005 for the first time the conference of finance concerning the region of North Africa and Middle East takes place in the "Dorint Sofitel Hotel Bayerpost", Bayerstr. 12 in Munich. The conference will be organized by the association of the German industry (BDI) and the association of the German banks (BdB) incorporated in the initiative of the German economy (NMI). The worldbank group and the bank of european investments (EIB) are coorganizers of the conference. Up to 250 important participants from politics and economy will take part in the conference.

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Lilliputians Build Alternative Internet Service

11-01-2005 23:02

Indymedia Italy Article on ReteLilliput offering alternative internet service.

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Vigil in Memory of Tom Hurndall - Murdered by the Israeli Army

11-01-2005 22:35

A vigil in memory of Tom Hurndall, a British peace activist murdered by the Israeli Army will be held outside No 10 Downing Street on Thursday 13th January at 7:00pm.

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Iraq will be self governed- apparently!

11-01-2005 20:19

The influential Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq has met a senior US embassy official and offered to call off an election boycott in return for a US timetable for troop withdrawal

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Treetop Protest in the Walks

11-01-2005 17:08

Protest location, back to normal in a few hours despite zealous traffic controls
A man made a tree-top protest in the Walks, King's Lynn today. Details are still sketchy, but this might be the first of the direct protests expected from now until the felling plans are changed.

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Video of Palestine Solidarity Picket and Tsuanmi Samba

11-01-2005 16:36

Manchester on the 8th of Jan was seething with pre-revolutionary activity. Well there was a lot of people out getting good messages accross.
Have a look at a Video of the Victory to the Intifada picket and the Manchester Samba raising money for victims of the Tsunami

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A beaten city

11-01-2005 16:17

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Bashkiria has lead "preventive" action. A result: hundreds hackneyed men and teenagers, tens raped girls. And all this continued for 4 days
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