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UK Newswire Archive

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ALERTA #ANTIFA: YAXO TAKES OVER #PEGIDA UK @edlnews @slatukip @misscheeky666

19-11-2015 12:03

Tommy the Tit Robinson has forcibly taken over leadership of Pegida UK, looking to make a few quid with their merchandising rights, flogging a whole range of new Germanic neo-Nazi gear with a St George's twist. Convicted fraudster Yaxo - Stephen Yaxley Lennon, has become financially as well as morally bankrupt since leaving the EDL, and has recently milked the German fascist group for cash, which they have been foolish enough to lend to Yaxo. Pimping himself for pennies, Yaxo has switched cash cows from Quilliam to Pegida......

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...and now me mother's trying to feed me radioactive fish.

19-11-2015 10:12

Paella with Alaskan 'bollocking' Pollock. wtf

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Anti capitalist damage action in Bristol

18-11-2015 14:49

Direct action against corporate Bristol architect.

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Cambridge March for Affordable Housing (14/11/2015)

18-11-2015 12:37

Candidate for the world's smallest placard..?
On Saturday November 14th 2015 a march took place in Cambridge that was very much a sign of the times.

It was a march for affordable housing, in an era of all-time-high property prices and proposed Tory policies to force local authorities and housing associations to sell off at least 25% of their existing stock, despite there being enormous demand for new social housing (approximately 2,500 people in the Cambridge area alone are on the Council's waiting list).

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A meeting With Alison Mcinnes Minister Of Injustice

17-11-2015 21:59

Alison Mcinness
Here we have a minister who turns a blind eye to institutional corruption alongside predatory ministers who are paedophiles

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ALERTA #ANTIFA BRIGHTON SHOP SUPPORTS EDL MfE @brightonanti @stopmfe @cowleyclub

17-11-2015 09:46

Match Bags Supports Violent Fascists
Yesterday night, Liverpool Hitler lover and failed pub singer Les Seavor from Huyton, posted a video taunting ANTIFA featuring violent nazis attacking antifascists at the March for Brighton. The video tweet was "liked" by one person, or rather business - "Match Bags", a hiigh street fashion shop in Brighton owned by Sikh enterpreneur Jasmine (Johal) Kaur Tripp, who is registered as the business owner and website administrator via a Whois Search. This is serious - why is a Brighton shop applauding the actions of EDL / SEA thugs attacking anti-racists??? Is the shop pro-fascist????? If so, a boycott should be implemented by Brighton's radical left-leaning population. I for one, do not wish to walk past a pro-EDL shop on any UK high street.

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UK Social Centres Gathering 28/29 November

16-11-2015 23:54

Kebele social centre is pleased to be hosting the next UK Social Centres Gathering on 28 & 29 November, which comes at the end of our NovemberFest. This event currently occurs twice a year, and is for all those involved in social centres (or aiming to set one up soon) around the UK.

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LONDON'S ANTI-IMMIGRANT CHAUFFEUR #ANTIFA #UKIP @edlnews @slatedl @misscheeky666

16-11-2015 17:21

An anti-immigrant London chauffeur company with 50 thousand followers, which drives celebrities, politicians, sports people and worldwide dignitaries to the nation's capital is a vile anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim racist who supports UKIP and Tommy Robinson. He has set up a petition to stop all immigrants entering the United Kingdom. With so many followers amongst the rich and famous, you would think they would give him the cold shoulder, even if he didn't use a swastika as his logo. It goes to show how the upper classes don't care less about the politics behind the companies they use to provide services.

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BIG BROTHER'S NAZI #EDL #ANTIFA @misscheeky666 @themockneyrebel @JLRFB @slatedl

16-11-2015 14:42

There is an unwritten rule for British fascists with fame credentials to hide their hate from the masses, but shamelessly, former Big Brother celebrity Josie Gibson has chosen to come out in support of Stephen Yaxley Lennon, betraying all the Asian and black voters who rang up and texted support for her, during the television talent show. And gaulingly, this brazen Islamophobe is happy to racialise the Paris attacks to 300,000 young UK followers for cheap publicity. This pathetic excuse of a celebrity is totally and utterly dispicable, knowing mainstream media voices like hers normalise neo-nazi hatred of minorities, ultimately resulting in discrimination, marginalisation and racial violence.

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Screenshot of BBC Coverage of Paris Attacks

15-11-2015 19:42

Screenshot of BBC channel taken during Paris attacks coverage. Even while the horror unfolds, the glorification of US war veterans is next on the schedule.

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Iran Using Chumbawumba Trick To Defuse Car Bombs

15-11-2015 18:49

It cannot catch the Anarchist who asks some passers-by for a cigarette, breaks off the filter tip and walks away until the improvised fuse ignites the next stage, but it does not need to – because car bombs these days do not come out of backyard garages, but out of electronics factories. And the modern industrial car bomb with its high-end multifunctional user interface can be fought on an entirely different level than its self-reliant lo-tech ancestor. Like for any serial product, the disposal thereof can be serialised as well. Doing so has turned Washington´s ground-based assassination program into a virtual train wreck.

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15-11-2015 16:22

A Learning Disabled Man from Manchester Given 9 years Prison for a offence that is questionable.

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Indefinite Detention in Germany

15-11-2015 12:49

Long-term antifascist prisoner Thomas Meyer-Falk writes about a woman imprisoned indefinitely for sex without a condom.

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LES SEAVOR DECLARES WAR #ANTIFA #EDL @slatedl @misscheeky666 @siegfails @edlnews

14-11-2015 17:31

One of the internet's biggest neo-Nazi cranks, failed pub singer Les Seavor of Huyton, Liverpool, has announced the official start of World War III to the world, and as always, it is a "final conflict" between Aryans and Muslims. The grumpy retired fascist git who foams more than Mount Etna whenever tragedy strikes, has once again, whilst everybody else mourns, tried to capitalise upon human suffering in Paris, by single-handedly declaring war. He has dispatched official orders for the forthcoming yet miniscule EDL Reich to deport all Muslims and close all mosques before murdering them. Les Seavor AKA @ublocks needs serious help from a psychiatric professional.

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#EDL SHOWER A DAMP SQUIB @bradfordafn @2ferdi7 @misscheeky666 @slatedl @slatukip

14-11-2015 14:33

For all the hyperbole tweeted online, notorious neo-nazi rabble rousers such as @englishmaker and Liverpool's failed pub singer Les Seavor (@ublocks) pretending fascists would be descending upon Bradford in their thousands, only a splattering of eighty racist idiots according to the police and the media, could be arsed to show up and march, on the day. Dripping wet, noses running, trying their best to snarl and sneeze at the same time, the EDL's finest army of losers failed to capitalise on the Paris murders, soaked to the skin, sad and incredibly lonely, looking so pitiful, anti-facsist passers-by had to fight the temptation to drop pennies into their tacky merchandised hoodies.

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ALERTA ANTIFA: #EDL GINGER GOOSE #BRADFORD @misscheeky666 @2ferdi7 @slatedl

13-11-2015 23:26

The EDL are starting their march from the Ginger Goose pub, opposite Centenary Square, this has just been confirmed. 100% accurate info. What a shame they will be allowed to get drunk. #boycott

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13-11-2015 21:30

Tweets White Supremacist Videos
Cheshire East's UKIP branch is led by a horrific white supremacist and Islamophobe from Willaston, who operates the @ukiponline account. This vile UKIP member is a horrific ageing racist who is close friends with bigoted Willaston Councillor Brian Silvester, and also openly likes EDL posts. In fact, he "liked" a vile racist post about the EDL invading Bradford posted by the notorious EDL neo-nazi "English Maker". But his most shocking posts support the KKK's theories of "white genocide", retweeting white power videos online, and most shockingly, he wishes there would be more boneheaded neo-Nazi thugs carrying out racial attacks on the streets.

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For the real class solidarity with the “refugee” and “immigrant” proletarians!

13-11-2015 19:04

We received and publish:

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Call Out - protest at Number 10 Downing St into murder of British citizen

13-11-2015 14:19

Today the Cameron government admitted it had concluded with the American government in the premeditated murder of British citizen Mohammed Emwazi.

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US government murders British citizen, Britain applauds it

13-11-2015 09:07

US forces have carried out an illegal murder of British citizen Mohammed Emwaz known in the press as "Jihadi John"
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