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UK Newswire Archive

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Timeline for #N30 Day of Action

30-11-2011 08:55

Occupy at Liverpool Street Station

18:35 Attempt to stop coaches from taking away 20(?) arrestees from Panton Street. Coached have now left.

18:10 Reports that cops are demanding details under S50, that some have refused and been arrested and out on coaches.

17:50 Section 60 at Panton St. People being searched, filmed and having their details taken. Very slow to get out of kettle especially for women as few few cops to do searches. Empty coaches hired by the Met are parked nearby indicating that mass arrests are likely.

17:20 Reports of a new kettle in Haymarket.

16:40 There appears to be a separate kettle at Charing Cross.

16:20 Panton House target was Mick Davies, CEO of earth trashing corporation Xstrata. "Last year, when his companies had losses and the economy collapsed. He received £18,426,105 for his efforts".

16:00 Kettle in Panton Street following 'breach of the peace' when undercovers cops were spotted and challenged.

15:55 Reports that protestors have entered Panton House, Haymarket, believed to house offices of UKs highest paid CEO. A flare has been set off in the lobby and a banner hung from the roof. Police have entered the building and Haymarker is blocked off.(see pics below)

Scroll down past photos for earler events.

15:45Solidarity demo for Dalston arrestes announced: "STOKE NEWINGTON POLICE STN, 8PM TONITE: Solidarity with 40 pickets arrested in Dalston. Bring flyers, banners & noise"

15:40#OccupyLSX and samba now moving off from Piccadilly Circus.

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Sky News & Evening Standard lie about their own polls

30-11-2011 08:28

Sky News & Evening Standard lie about their own polls

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'No crime committed' in Smiley raid

30-11-2011 07:37

The non-Independent 'Independent Police Complaints Commission' (IPCC) have incredibly ruled that four police officers who were in the house of Mr Emmanuel, aka reggae singer Smiley Culture, at the time of a police raid did not commit any offence during the raid. It also ruled that were "no individual failings which amounted to misconduct" of the officers.

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Corrupt British state under double attack

30-11-2011 07:34

THE CORRUPT British state is coming under attack at home and abroad this week.

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30th November, TWO important things are happening in the UK

30-11-2011 02:55

On Wednesday 30th November, TWO important things are happening in the UK.

1) A National strike is taking place.

2) ROBERT GREEN is due to address Members of Parliament at a meeting in the House of Commons on the Hollie Greig case!

This is the clearest indication yet of just how widely the case is being followed and at such a high level.

read more

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N30 Strike: What's Happening in the North West

30-11-2011 01:25

There are marches and pickets to support the pensions strike in a number of towns in the north west region.

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ex-NoW man Paul McMullan: "Privacy is for paedos"

29-11-2011 22:58

Former News of the World journalist Paul McMullan defends phone hacking, saying "Privacy is for paedos", and "Privacy is the space bad people need to do bad things in". He also confirmed what is fairly obvious to anyone watching - that the top editors at the Sun and the News of the World knew all about the phone hacking and even encouraged it.

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Occupy Wall Street's anarchist roots (Aljazeera)

29-11-2011 22:40

The 'Occupy' movement is one of several in American history to be based on anarchist principles.
29 Nov 2011

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Gabber solidarity N30!

29-11-2011 21:45

Solidarity sounds : O

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Student photographer interviews on tape still held

29-11-2011 20:55

Tuesday 29 November 2011

On Monday 21 November, Lewis Stainer, a student photographer covering the occupation in Market Square, Nottingham, witnessed the arrest of someone from the camp. He attempted to video the arrest and was promptly intimidated into handing over the video tape.

The police said they did this to secure evidence of an alleged crime, under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act PACE 1984.  The photographer did not see this original, alleged, crime and thus the police were wrong in believing that they could legally do this. 

There is an agreed protocol / set of guidelines:

" 7. Police officers do not have the authority to prevent a person taking a photograph or to confiscate cameras or film, and such conduct could result in criminal, civil or disciplinary action."

The student had asked for assistance from the National Union of Journalists.  It is not just a matter of his personal welfare and the return of his material. But also the rights of photographers in carrying out thier interests and work without this [continued] intimidation.

His college is also concerned at this treatment and may be taking legal action.

Lewis said officers had now given him a CD copy of his work, but it was poor quality, could not be edited and had no sound. Useless for his college project. Also, he said: "The footage of the arrest has been completely deleted off the copy, which is unacceptable".

I can't see how the arrest would be helpful in the criminal investigation, it was just officers putting handcuffs on someone."

Raising the profile of this incident, Mr Stainer has done a number of interviews with the BBC and this afternoon, Central TV.  This report will be broadcast tomorrow on Central ITV wednesday 6pm. Diana Peasey for the National Union of Journalist contributed to this interview expressing her concern. The NUJ continue to support photographers against this police harrisment.  This is just the latest example of police staff simply ignoring the guidelines / agreed protocol, negotiated with them 4 or 5 years ago now.  Needless to say, not much has changed.


Nottingham student says police took his film illegally


Nottingham Student Photographer's material taken by police


Photography Advice and Guidance


National Union of Journalists



Photographer - Media: One Eye on the Road. Nottingham.  UK



Member of the National Union of Journalists [NUJ]


"It is not enough to curse the darkness.

                                   It is also necessary to light a lamp!!"



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N30: What's happening?

29-11-2011 18:55

Tomorrow (Wednesday November 30th) will see the largest industrial action in the UK for many years, perhaps the biggest since the General Strike of 1926. Inevitably there will be the usual war of words as to the effectiveness of the action, but it is already clear that this will be a significant and disruptive strike locally and nationally.

According to the TUC, there are 30 unions participating in the action, ranging from large general unions like Unison and GMB, through to specialist unions like the Society of Radigraphers (SoR).

Officially this is a response to the government's attack on public sector pensions, but this is clearly as a part of the government's wider "austerity" drive. By taking a stand against the government's pension robbery, workers and their supporters are also opposing the cut more generally.

Traditionally, the mainstream media don't show much interest in strikes until they affect at least one of three areas: schools, bins and/or airports. Tomorrow's action will affect all three.

In Nottinghamshire, it is being reported that 380 schools will shut, which is more than eight out of ten. Note that these are only the ones which have already reported their intention to close.

The picture as regards bins is more complicated. There will be no bin collections in Bassetlaw, with Ashfield District Council expecting "significant disruption to waste collection services." By contrast, Gedling District Council "expect the waste collection service will operate substantially as normal." Broxtowe and Mansfield Councils claim not to know if bins will be collected.

Passengers flying into East Midlands Airport can also expect delays, with border control officers expected to join the strike.

While these are the areas likely to draw the most media attention, they are far from the only places which will be affected with strikes likely to hit hospitals, council offices, registrars, day care centres, colleges, universities and almost every section of the public sector.

There will be pickets across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire from the early hours. Notts Uncut will be taking soup to some of them. If you're not on strike, consider joining them or going to visit your local picket.

There will also be a march from the Forest Recreation Ground, leaving at 11.30am and a number of other events throughout the day.

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DIVE! Living off America's Waste - next film from OARC this Sunday

29-11-2011 18:22

On Sunday 4th December starting at 7.30pm, we’ll be screening DIVE! Living Off America’s Waste. Inspired by the curiosity about the US’s careless habit of sending food straight to landfills, the film follows Jeremy Seifert and friends as they dumpster dive in the back alleys and gated garbage receptacles of Los Angels’ supermarkets.

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N30 Strike!

29-11-2011 16:55

November 30th will be a massive day of strikes and other actions against attacks on public sector pensions, and against the unelected Coalition Government's austerity cuts in general. In Bristol there will be picket lines from early morning, with a large march meeting at College Green, central Bristol BS1 at 11am sharp, marching to Castle Park for 12.30pm
featured image

November 30th will be a massive day of strikes and other actions against attacks on public sector pensions, and against the unelected Coalition Government's austerity cuts in general.

At least 20 unions have now achieved YES votes for strike action, and its believed upto 3 million workers will strike on the day. This is likely to be the biggest day of industrial action since at least the 1970's, a decade in which workers brought down at least 2 governments. Now is the time to bring down this one.

But this isn't just a strike against cuts to public sector pensions, it's a challenge to the Coalition's neoliberal pro-big business agenda of making us pay for their financial crisis. They say cut back, we say fuck that! So if you aren't in a union, or aren't officially on strike, or dont have a job, or are a student - then ring in sick, bunk the day off, skip a class, support the pickets, and join the protests.

In Bristol there will be picket lines from early morning, with a large march meeting at College Green, central Bristol BS1 at 11am sharp, marching to Castle Park for 12.30pm.

For a full list nationally of marches and rallies see the PCS website and also the Anti-Cuts site


There are many other ways to resist the austerity cuts and attacks by the bosses on working, unemployed and unable to work people - banner drops, propaganda, phone & email blockades of corporations and politicians, job centre demos, setting up neighbourhood campaigns & solidarity networks, community kitchens, stopping bailiffs & resisting evictions, lobbying councillors & councils, Occupying everything, and much more. November 30 is neither the start nor finish of the struggle, but a key skirmish in the ongoing class war. It's time to increase the pressure.

Here's a great quote from a feisty scouse trade unionist called Phil Dickens:
"Let's see more strikes, longer strikes, unofficial strikes, spreading in waves across the public and private sector. Let's see roads blockaded, buildings occupied, evictions resisted, and poiticians afraid to go out in public. Let's see every demonstration have an enormous turnout that the police and stewards can't control. Let's see the rank-and-file of the working class break the leash of bureaucrats, officials and would-be vanguards and start a fucking rebellion. I'm striking on N30 because there is only one way to stop the cuts: as long as they're inevitable, make this country ungovernable."

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A message for the Chancellor on N30

29-11-2011 16:55


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Racist "Tram Woman" Arrested & Named!

29-11-2011 15:15

OUTRAGE ENSUED after a vile tirade of expletives and racial abuse hurled at members of the public on a Wimbledon to Croydon Tram. The "tram woman" has now been arrested and named.

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Palestine Today 11 29 2011

29-11-2011 14:26

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for Tuesday November 29, 2011.

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Solidarity *Sat. Dec 17th. 2p.m. *U.S. Embassy/London* Free Bradley Manning!

29-11-2011 13:39

SATURDAY DEC 17TH. ........From 2 P.M.
*Closest Tube: Bond St.

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Copyleft graphics in support of N30

29-11-2011 12:55

Free graphics to download and show your support for 30th of November.

Here are a couple of free graphics for people to download and put up in windows, offices, schools or on the walls to visibly show your support for the public sector strike on 30th November. Feel free to also use them on websites, blogs and Facebook.

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