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UK Newswire Archive

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Protest The Pope Is Right To Say Benedict Was A Willing Nazi

05-09-2010 00:57

Berger, now 81, was ordained a Catholic priest alongside Joseph Ratzinger and his brother, Georg, in 1951.

When I interviewed Berger in April 2005, just after Ratzinger had been elevated to the papacy, he spoke well of Ratzinger's intellect and discipline as a young man. But he said he couldn't understand why Ratzinger had insisted for so long in so many public statements that no one had a choice but to join Hitler Youth.

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Male's discrimination

04-09-2010 17:42

Male's discrimination: does it exist, where it exist and how does it works

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Sheffield Free School 8-10/10 Prepare for a future without oil or governments...

04-09-2010 17:27

The Sheffield Social Centre Collective is organising a Free School, "Prepare for a future without oil or governments..." to be held in Sheffield over the weekend of 8th - 10th October 2010.

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Angry protests against Blair in Dublin

04-09-2010 15:39

ANGRY protesters greeted war criminal Tony Blair in Dublin when he staged the first of a planned series of book signings, with eggs and shoes thrown at him.

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Bristol City Council's proposed land and property sales income 2010 - 2015

04-09-2010 14:22

Bristol City Council have kindly released their projected land and property sales income for the next five years ...

The full document is attached. But highlights include:

- a sale price of £3.35m for their share of Castle park

- £35k for the section of cycle path sold to George Ferguson over the phone by the David Bishop, head of planning, that they've so far refused to tell us the price of for "commercial reasons"

- £350k for 38 College Green (the old Job shop opp the Council House)

- £125k for the Robin Cousins Sports Centre

- around £6.5m from the sale of their old people's homes (have they told the residents yet?)

- £750k for Redcliffe Wharf

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Pakistan: US drone attacks kill 10

04-09-2010 10:55

US-DRONE attacks in Pakistan
Two US drone attacks have killed at least ten people in Pakistan's northwestern tribal region amid growing discontent over climbing number of civilian casualties. ... Security officials say the first strike hit a compound near Miranshah, the main town in North Waziristan district. The missiles landed in an area where mainly Afghan refugees live. The identity of those killed is yet unknown. "A US drone fired two missile on a house used by militants at a compound; six militants have been killed and three wounded in this attack" AFP quoted a regional security official as saying. .....

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Sheffield Protests Against Nick Clegg

04-09-2010 08:11

Sheffield Trades Council organised a protest against Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister and Lib Dem MP for Sheffield Hallam, who was speaking in the Town Hall, on 3rd September 2010. The attached audio is a raw recording (apologies for the poor quality) of the second half of the speeches, starting with a speaker from the Sheffield Pensioners Action Group.

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Buying Israeli Goods is Funding Apartheid (*NEW*) by Latuff

04-09-2010 07:22

Buying Israeli Goods is Funding Apartheid
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle against US backed IsraHell's state terror.

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UG#515 - War on Iran, Again? (And is Wikileaks a "modified limited hangout"?)

04-09-2010 03:34

As the corporate media starts to spew forth anti-Iran propaganda, the alternative media are full of reports about the coming attack on Iran. This week in our first hour Webster Tarpley discusses why he expects war with Iran, and why he thinks Wikileaks is not what it appears to be. In our second hour, Stephen Kinzer gives a history of the first coup d'état ever organised by the CIA. "Operation Ajax", motivated by the desire to regain control of the nation's huge oil revenues, ousted Iran's elected prime minister, Mohammad Mosaddegh, plunging the country into 25 years of US-backed bloody dictatorship.

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Feminists to converge in Edinburgh for weekend event!

04-09-2010 02:32

Edinburgh based feminists are organising a weekend event to take place in September. The event will see people from all over the UK come together to discuss feminist issues, share skills, and celebrate feminist fun, art, poetry, workshops and music.

read more

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URGENT: Stop the Daisy Hill Animal Lab!

03-09-2010 21:38

Act now, save lives!
Together we can and shall win. For without us, the animals have nobody. We cannot and will not fail them!

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The British military in Iraq : A legacy of war crimes and atrocities

03-09-2010 20:24

Tony "I would do it again" Blair, announced, on 16th August, he is to give his entire £4.6 million advance on his book: "My Journey", to the Royal British Legion, for support of British soldiers in need. As the ungracious calls for his "journey" to be to The Hague get louder - with some suggesting a far less civilized ordeal - it seems timely to assess British "achievements" in Iraq.

"More than half the population either dead, wounded, traumatized, in prison, internally displaced, or in foreign exile ... The air, soil, water, blood and genes drenched with depleted uranium ... the most awful birth defects ... unexploded cluster bombs lie in wait for children to pick them up ... a river of blood runs alongside the Euphrates and Tigris ... through a country that may never be put back together again."

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The 1970s And The Winter Of Discontent

03-09-2010 18:22

Myths, reality, and lessons for today.
7.30pm Wednesday 8th September
@ Easton Community Centre, Kilburn Rd

Speaker: Gwyneth Powell-Davies
For many who grew up in the 1980s, two great myths of the 1970s stand out. Firstly, that the strikers at the decade's end had no good reason to strike - it was simply gratuitous and pointless sabotage of the common good.

And, secondly, that this particular episode of industrial action involved workers and union leaders 'holding the country to ransom' in what is seen as a high-point of Union strength and power.

In fact, the 1970s can be seen in a very different way, one which points not to some inevitable and justified victory of the Thacherite free-market dogma and the futility of workers' struggle, but to real moments of hope for a better world, and sharp lessons about a strategy for both successful rank-and-file militancy and for beating back the fascist menace.

As we move into another once-in-a-generation period of battle over who pays for the economic crisis, it is well worth clarifying our arguments about the 70s.

Come along and join in the discussion.

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This Week in Palestine Week 35 2010

03-09-2010 18:14

Welcome to this Week in Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for August 28th, to 3rd September, 2010.

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What to do with Blair's Book

03-09-2010 14:18

Subversively move Tony Blair's memoirs to the crime section in book shops.

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The Crude Awakening

03-09-2010 13:23

A video of a recent action during the Camp for Climate Action 2010 as a precursor to the mass Crude Awakening action to be held on October 16th 2010 in Central London.

This is a call out for people in the North to get involved and support the action.

For further details go to

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03-09-2010 12:43


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The state the Pope's in: How does the Vatican keep getting away with it?

03-09-2010 11:47

Attached is a recording of Mike Granville, Secretary of the Sheffield Humanist Society , speaking at a meeting held on 1st September 2010 titled, The state the Pope's in: How does the Vatican keep getting away with it?

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Reinstate our right to march past the Tory Conference

03-09-2010 11:20

On Tuesday 24th August a delegation from the Right To Work campaign met with West
Midlands police and a representative of Birmingham City Council to discuss the route
of the protest march outside the Tory party conference on Sunday 3rd October.
West Midlands police stated that they were happy for RtW to march past the
conference centre and confirmed that centenary square, the square directly in front
of the conference centre, would not be a “sterile zone”. A route was suggested by
Birmingham City Council and West Midlands police and the delegation accepted the
offer to walk the route being proposed.

The Police have now reneged on the proposed route citing security reasons. They are
denying us the right to march past the conference centre.

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ZorEx Withdraw From Manchester Monkey Flights

03-09-2010 11:12

Two others have also refused to be involved after being approached, leading the Manchester monkey flights in a corner. The organisers had to go through every charter airline in Spain and France, before eventually finding one in Germany!
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