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UK Newswire Archive

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Indymedia Taken To Task

14-04-2007 02:43

Publisher Fails to Remove Defamatory Article

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Zapatista Comandantes Arrive at Mexico-US Border

14-04-2007 00:46

Marcos: “We Will Come and Stay With You, Without Guns, Only With Our Words”

By Brenda Norrell
Special to The Narco News Bulletin

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The Battle over Zimbabwe's Future

13-04-2007 23:59

A good analysis by Greg Elich of the situation in Zimbabwe...where US/UK neocolonials are using the old Nixon strategy of making the economy scream, to destroy Zimbabwe.

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Weekly US Embassy Guantanamo Protest Two Months Old

13-04-2007 23:34

Eight activists from the London Guantanamo Campaign continued their weekly protest outside the US embassy on Friday, calling for the US military detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to be shut down immediately, and for all the remaining detainees, including the British residents still held there, to either be charged or released without further delay.

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Did the americans blow up the Al-Sarafiya bridge?

13-04-2007 23:17

Did the americans blow up the Al-Sarafiya bridge?

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History is great fun to rehearse - what does it do for us today?

13-04-2007 23:12

In response to the "Empire as a Way of Life" series of essays and the impotency of ALL erudite scholarship in the dissent space that has achieved absolutely zero efficacy in any of its attempts to halt the crimes of "empire". Instead of continuing on with business as usual - perhaps it's time to do a postmortem - as engineers and thinking peoples - to figure out why our anemic protests and rehearsal of profound works of history by the scholarly haven't worked to prevent new similar history from being constructed in new epochs as new faits accomplis only to be lamented over, and how to achieve better than zero efficacy in changing that!

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13-04-2007 22:49


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Sign to fire Wolfowitz

13-04-2007 22:45

Add your signature to fire Paul Wolfowitz from the World Bank at

If you don't know why you ought to see .

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British Criminal Cold War Germ Experiments

13-04-2007 22:29

In the early 1970s the English Channel was the busiest area for shipping traffic in the world, and would often be used by various nations for testing defense initiatives. One night we had a senior British intelligence officer on board who waited until the wind was blowing toward the British coast, then got the lids off three large metal containers so the fine dust would be taken across to shore. Suddenly, excitement broke loose as we saw some strange experimental craft, these were very low in the water, camouflaged and fast and almost invisible to the naked eye, but silent. We watched and about 10 in all went past some distance away at high speed.

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Breakdwon FM M-1 of dead prez vs Don Imus - & Democracy now report & transcript

13-04-2007 21:58

M-1: I'm here to represent for African people. I'm here to
represent for hip-hop. I don't have a lot to say, but what I have to
say is important. First of all, I would like to pay respect to the
father of this culture that I'm a part of, sitting right beside me,
Afrika Bambaataa. That's important. That's important, because I think
there's a few things that we do know, and what we do know is that the
media in this country is an organ of the state and the ruling class
state that controls what we're hearing and what we're seeing. I'm
clear on that. So it helps me understand our position. It helps me
understand that this propaganda is part of a war that also exists
against the black and brown community. It's not just a war for oil,
it's a war for the minds of our people.

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Uncertain East Timorese presidential election

13-04-2007 21:40

Uncertain East Timorese presidential election outcome foreshadows further instability

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Bolton patients "guinea pigs" for insecure NHS Care Records trial

13-04-2007 21:39

Bolton residents needed! Patients in Bolton will soon be used as guinea pigs for the controversial NHS Care Records System [1]. The scheme which will ultimately see everyone's intimate health details online in an insecure system which destroys medical confidentiality. For more details, see

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Global Warming Solution. Will it get through bureaucracy to upper atmosphere?

13-04-2007 21:11

My friend Joe Fox, who is a molecular microbiologist, invented a modality to absorb CO2 in the atmosphere and reverse the global warming problem in days. He is submitting his plan to The Virgin Earth Challenge (Richard Branson-Al Gore) is a prize of $25m for whoever can demonstrate to the judges' satisfaction a commercially viable design which results in the removal of anthropogenic, atmospheric greenhouse gases so as to contribute materially to the stability of Earth’s climate. The only problem is that it will be 3 years before they look at all the plans and judge who will receive the prize money.

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Hammersmith and Fulham's conservative council attacks voluntary groups

13-04-2007 16:56

Hammersmith and Fulham's Conservative council is planning to slash funding to local voluntary groups. A protest will be held at a Hammersmith and Fulham council cabinet meeting on Monday 16 April at 7pm in the Assembly Hall in the Town Hall on Kings Street in Hammersmith. This is a public meeting, and the affected voluntary groups would welcome your support

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Infinite Continues launches free games swap site

13-04-2007 15:49

UK gamers have a great new way to turn their completed games into new titles thanks to the Infinite Continues video game swapping service.

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Hampshire housing associations merge

13-04-2007 15:27

Two Hampshire housing associations, First Wessex and Portsmouth Housing have merged to form a conglomerate covering the whole of Hampshire.

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Council to be referred to Ombudsman for failing to collect rubbish

13-04-2007 15:25

The Rotten Borough of Rushmoor is to be referred to the Local Authority Ombudsman for its failure to collect rubbish.

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Police Mar Peaceful Protest Against DRC Deportations in Solihull

13-04-2007 14:52

Over 200 people protested on Thursday, 12 April, at the immigration reporting centre in Solihull, near Birmingham, against deportations to the Democratic Republic of Congo. The peaceful protest was marred by a large police presence and was penned into Sandford House's car park. But protesters then broke off and blockaded the road for about 2 hours. Two people were arrested, one also assaulted by an aggressive cop. They were released later on but only because their fellow protesters, in an empowering show of solidarity, refused to leave the site before they were released.

Below is a detailed report of what happened.

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Released Papers

13-04-2007 13:31

What was then still is now.

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Tesco Protest

13-04-2007 12:33

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