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UK Newswire Archive

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Machism on Brazilian social movements

10-04-2011 21:35

Self-defense feminist against a male chauvinist militant from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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French .. hands off Cote d'Ivoire

10-04-2011 20:59

French helicopters have fired rockets on the residence of Laurent Gbagbo, taking active part in the civil war supporting Quattara

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Fukushima cover up over extent of radioactive discharge?

10-04-2011 17:44

Is there Uranium with a half life of over 700 million years leaking into the sea around Fukushima

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Fear & Loathing in Fukishima

10-04-2011 17:22

Will there be more explosions at the damaged nuclear reactors in Japan? What is reaching North America, or Europe? The Fukushima site leaks hi-rad waste while operators dump more into the Pacific. Sea food & sea life affected. Japanese government withholds vital information. News plus interviews with Dr. John Large in UK, and Dr. Krzysztof Starosta who measured emissions on Canada's West Coast (as UC Berkeley did in San Francisco).

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Mayday come to Portsmouth

10-04-2011 16:53

As the government proposes to ban the Mayday bank holiday, plans for marches are popping up all across the country and Portsmouth is no exception.

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Support the NHS picket in Cambridge, 09/04/2011

10-04-2011 15:52

Yesterday (Saturday April 9th, 2011) a small but significant group of activists gathered in Cambridge Market Square to lodge their disapproval of the government's current proposals to all but privatise the NHS by devolving funding to local GP practices - a bizarre idea by anybody's standards.

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One's visit to Liverpool

10-04-2011 15:23

Today one visited FACT in Wood Street to learn about Linux

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Occupying The BBC With Liverpool Uncut

10-04-2011 13:23

Fed up with the bogus coverage of the M26 actions? So were Liverpool Uncut:

"The occupation took place at 2.30pm, when over a dozen people entered the building and announced that they were staging a sit-in. The protesters announced that they were protesting against "the appalling coverage" of UK Uncut actions in London on March 26th and would show "how civilised the UK Uncut occupations are by having a lovely tea party."

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Halifax RUFC Ban Bobby Roberts

10-04-2011 12:54

Another venue shows Bobby Roberts the door. It's time to hit them head on!

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Nigeria's elections postponed over l 'chaos"

10-04-2011 11:57

oil lake in Nigeria
Parliamentary elections in Nigeria have been postponed until Monday because of organisational problems, officials say. The electoral officials - who have apologised for the delay - say ballot papers have not been delivered in time to many polling stations. The decision is seen as a big blow to the credibility of the electoral body in Africa's

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InfoUsurpa 11th April - 17th April

10-04-2011 11:22

weekly radical events and actions listings for london


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Social Centre Plus Face Eviction this Tuesday

10-04-2011 11:22

Local residents who occupied the old Job Centre on Deptford High Street with the aim of “converting it into an anti-cuts space for the community” have responded to a legally binding eviction order for this Tuesday by announcing a series of events, culminating in a "mass meeting of anti-cuts activists" the night before. The collective – who go by the name of Social Centre Plus – also plan to bring the local community together against the government’s budget cuts, with spoken word concerts, children’s days, film showings and market day cafés.

Local residents who occupied the old Job Centre on Deptford High Street with the aim of “converting it into an anti-cuts space for the community” have responded to a legally binding eviction order for this Tuesday by announcing a series of events, culminating in a "mass meeting of anti-cuts activists" the night before. The collective – who go by the name of Social Centre Plus – also plan to bring the local community together against the government’s budget cuts, with spoken word concerts, children’s days, film showings and market day cafés.

Members of the Social Centre Plus collective were in Woolwich Crown Court on Wednesday 30th March to hear the Judge accept the argument of Paul Jackson from Victory Land, the owners of the site on 122 Deptford High Street, and rubber-stamped an order that allows Jackson and bailiffs to forcefully evict the occupation. “They've notified us that they'll arrive this Tuesday morning,” Nasser Khan said. “So we’ve got a raft of activities to keep us busy in the meantime, and we’re calling on the local community to come down and participate. It’s your space, so we want to hear your ideas!”

When asked what the SCP Collective had planned for after the eviction, Khan replied that they hadn’t discussed the issue. “What’s important now is that we all work together to use the space as an effective space to counter the brutal cuts being implemented both by the Tories and Lib Dems in Westminster, and the Labourites running Lewisham Council,” Khan continued.

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From Ivory Coast to Libya and beyond: The conquest of Africa

10-04-2011 10:56

Just as the 1884-1885 Berlin Conference divided the African continent into spheres of influence between the major European powers and the U.S., with Ivory Coast belonging to France and Libya later taken by Italy, so now the U.S. and all the major former European colonial masters, who are now fellow NATO member states - France, Britain, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Turkey - are again planning to establish dominance over what has become the world's second most populous continent.

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Hundreds injured in Yemen unrest

10-04-2011 10:16

Don't ignore the atrocities in Yemen

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Palestinian film show & discussion in Nottingham

10-04-2011 08:23

There will be a show featuring Mohamed Bakri's "Jenin Jenin" film at 7:15 pm on Thurs the 14th of April at The International Community Centre, Mansfield Rd, Nottingham.

The event is organised by the Nottingham Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Nottingham-Jenin Friendship Group. The film covers the events of the Israeli attack on Jenin's refugee camp in 2002. Entrance is free to all and we will be holding a discussion afterwards.

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New London activist support site urgently needed

10-04-2011 08:22

The eco-warriors who have been squatting in north London are looking for a new site which could be used as a
support base for activists, including some of the Libyan Freedom Fighters.

We are urgently looking for a new squat and we would like to team up with other activists involved with setting up eco-villages and doing humanitarian work for the victims in war zones around the world.
   Our site provides practical help for activists when they need to have their vehicles rescued or repaired and when they need assistance with computers, musical equipment, legal work, and media publicity.
   We have offered to help the Libyan Youth Movement and the British Libyan Solidarity Campaign with plans for humanitarian convoys of coaches taking food and medical supplies to Libya.

   We are looking in particular for another empty site belonging to the Gaddafi family with a large parking area suitable for our vehicles and tow trucks and other heavy duty equipment, and we are proposing that we could help organise some real support for the embattled people of Libya.
   Alternatively any empty property with a building and car parking for about 40 vehicles would be suitable... including warehouses, industrial estates, churches, supermarkets etc.

   Our group includes Slow Tony (War on Waste), Jacko (K ring Technologies), Polly (Reclaim the Future), Sam, Laurence, Claire (Kids' Space Climate Camp), Harvey, Rodders, Roger, Sarah, and many other activists who most people know personally.
   We are seeking now to become more active and involved with helping to bring the peace and environmental movements closer together to fight against abuse and injustice in the world, and in particular supporting the youth movement in Libya which probably represents the struggle for survival of young people everywhere.
   Anyone who has any information about vacant properties that we could use is invited to contact me personally on Facebook or by phone on 07574092829 at any time.
   Thank you.

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Moronic lies in the Evening Standard.

10-04-2011 08:22

Why I think this 'story'  in the Evening Standard is fake.




1) Gasmasks may be useful to protesters in Europe but why carry something that is expensive, heavy and incriminating here? The Police have never used teargas (especially during a Royal Wedding) and seldom use pepper spray in public order situations. A simple piece of cloth could cover someones face and be easily disposed of afterwards.

2) An masonry hammer for doing shop windows. Even the most liberal judge would consider a specialist tool an offensive weapon if it was being carried by a protester. Why have something so pricey and risky when a simple screwdriver or brick would do?

3) When have Police horses EVER been attacked with catapults? Again no one would be dumb enough to carry something like that on a demo. But what great way of demonizing the anarchists. I'm just surprised he didn't have sharpened stick for poking kittens....

4) High impact sunglasses. To be worn under or over the gasmask??

5) A head torch. Are they going to be attacking Wills and Kate via the sewer network?

6) A copy of the Guardian? That well known anarchist text. Or was it just placed in the photo to make it look up to date and credible in the eyes of an imaginative copper or Evening Standard reporter?

7) An A4 notepad. Presumably to write down all those sinister plans in case they forget them? And also to ensure a conviction for conspiracy should it be found?

8) The photo. It is clearly an amateur snap. There is no byline. The camera data has been removed from the metadata (how convenient). But the image is tagged "alpha1". And who uses the term "alpha" as a code? The Police.

9) The mobile phone. To compliment that story about people swapping sim cards in Oxford street?

10) Finally our "Anarchist leader" is a working class bricklayer and father of two from South London. Sorry but I can count the working class anarchists that I have met on one hand. None of them would be dumb or naive enough to feed this crap to the ES.

He also reveals that our intrepid black block are planning to scale tall buildings on a day when everyone knows that EVERY building near the wedding will be under lockdown by the anti terror squad. He then goes on to say that the 200 or so that trashed Picadilly will suddenly turn into 10-15,000 of which 10% (very scientific) are the hardcore. Did he get those figures from the black bloc membership secretary??

The Police are well known for planting bullshit stories in compliant newspapers around major events. Does anyone remember the splash in the Evening Standard in the run up to Mayday 2001 when the anarchists were planning to attack the Police with "Samurai swords"? Or how Jean Charles deMenezes was wearing a bulky jacket and vaulted over the barriers to run away from (erm...) plainclothes cops?

The state is clearly planning on breaking all sorts of its own laws around the wedding (Remember the MAM protesters illegally detained miles from the Jubilee?). This is just another shallow attempt at ratcheting up the tension in the run up to the wedding to give the plods a licence to do what they like. Perhaps most disturbing of all is how crap they are at this. The average ES reader may have been born yesterday. But the average activist could see through this charade blindfolded.

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delocalized actions no g8

10-04-2011 08:22

if someone want to do something, let's do it!!

On the occasion of the two-day G8 summit in Deauville (France) some comrades launched a general call for a decentralised global mobilisation. The reasons behind this proposal are, on the one hand, to not let the counter-summit itself become a further experiment (training) of brutal police repression while, on the other, to let the manifold local struggles, with their own paths and insights, take advantage of their differences and make the concomitance with the summit – which is the symbol of all the deprivations and violence to which we are being subjected – a moment of ramifications, multiplication and contamination.

The fields that these official summits have for long time advocated to rule are the same on which our daily struggles resonate widely. The spaces of discontent and of lack of a quiet life – from the Greek mass protests, the student (though not only students) rebellions in France, Italy, the United Kingdom, to the ones in North Africa, to which we all express our solidarity and complicity – are sharply increasing realities. They are the ultimate evidence of the failure of a system committed to profit and indifferent to our lives, which are cast into misery and despair.

Those who will smile and take the ritual pictures during the summit are the same who omit the cyclical nature of this crisis, telling us that the worst is over, that difficulties are now behind us. They are the same who foment fights amongst the poor, in the stubborn attempt to divide natives from migrants, to chose the good and the bad, to point out the abnormal in its several exceptions. Under the pretext of security, controls are intensified, repressive practices are experimented, techniques of internment are being refined in prisons, migrant detention centres and in all the structures embracing marginalisation as the organising principle of the social peace. Thus, while existences get literally ruined, guilty of not having a piece of paper assessing their citizenry, in the streets the army and the police become specialised in enforcing unjust and dangerous laws that force us into miserable lives where there is nothing but sacrifice.

Although the unrest grows stronger among large groups of people, and the basis for a general rebellion starting for Europe are there, we believe there is still a lot of work to do. We believe that the mobilisation called for the 26th and 27th of May can be an opportunity for the different movements to gain strength and courage, to get back to talking to people, to create support and solidarity, to exchange experiences, to try to grow and progress beyond national boundaries.

Eventually, this call is nothing more than an invitation to all those who will read it. An invitation to take action to make something possible to happen in Europe, something that can question the centrality of a summit that is not ours. Something useful as an exercise, hoping it will be the beginning of a progressive, continuous strengthening of our struggles, that must become everyone's struggles. Therefore, we invite everybody to take action at any scale. From graffiti writing to actions, leafleting, debates and meeting.
The distance from Deauville is a possibility.
Free the imagination, we need determination!


Valencia towards the G8.

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Eviction resistance @ Social Centre Plus this Tuesday!

09-04-2011 20:43

Social Centre Plus, the occupied Job Centre on Deptford High Street, faces an attempted eviction by bailiffs this Tuesday morning and we want YOU to help us defend it!

We need people to demonstrate against the would-be closure of the space outside the front entrance from 10AM ONWARDS.
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