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UK Newswire Archive

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12 EDL charged with attacking rage against racism concert in Leeds

22-02-2012 16:56

eventual police and court action against the Fascists

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Fascists score a win on the streets of Liverpool

22-02-2012 14:01

On Saturday, , a mob of between 150-250 fascists ran free on the streets of Liverpool. As well as hounding a tiny demonstration against police brutality out of Derby Square, they were able to turn an Irish Republican march way from the City Centre. Yesterday was a definite win for the far-right and underlines the need for a serious re-evaluation of anti-fascist organisation.

I've said on numerous occasions before that we're seeing the return of the traditional fascist tactic of controlling the streets. The British National Party is in electoral decline, whilst the English Defence League's limited strategy of having people shout in a police kettle has disenchanted followers in much the same way as the left's penchant for A to B marches. However the splinter groups, in particular the Infidels, offer those up for it a more genuine chance to run amok whilst being free to be as violent and racist as they like due to the lack of electoral ambition as a moderating force.

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New Leeds ABC T-shirts

22-02-2012 11:48

Anarchist Black Cross T-shirt
Look good and support a good cause.

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Keep Roger Franklin FREE !

22-02-2012 10:55

Roger Franklin, 84, a lifelong peace campaigner from Stroud is facing a £460 fine from Bristol Magistrates Court for refusing to fill out the Lockheed Martin administered UK census last year. This is a call out for supporters to contribute £2 towards the fine.
featured image

Roger, now 84, is a life-long peace campaigner from Stroud. He refused to fill in his UK Census last year because Lockheed Martin, the firm administering the Census, is the world’s 2nd-biggest arms manufacturer. contributed to the weaponry that rained death on Gaza in 2008-9. And their American subsidiaries trained the interrogators at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo.

Earlier this month Bristol Magistrates’ fined Roger £460, which he refuses to pay. It would be a demonstration of solidarity if each of us paid a TINY AMOUNT of the fine for him. Public exposure for LM, and they won’t be invited to run a census again. Can you pay just two pound?

Write a cheque for £2 HMCTS (HM Courts & Tribunals Service), and post ASAP to Monica Jones, ‘Wisma Mulia’, Bridge Rd, Frampton on Severn GL2 7HE for bulk mailing to the court. You can also send a statement of support which can be used for the media. Another Census-Refusenik, John Marjoram, goes on trial in May

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Occupy London lose court case - call out to help us resist

22-02-2012 09:59

Our appeal to keep the camp outside St Paul's Cathedral is thrown out by the Court of Appeal.

Occupy London group challenged the High Court's decision which found the City of London Corporation's action to evict the camp was "lawful and justified".

Justice Lindblom granted the City orders of possession and injunctions.

The decision of the three judges to refuse the application means the corporation is now free to enforce the possession order and evict the camp.

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The Wilderness Update

22-02-2012 02:55

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Food is a right not a privilege – statement of solidarity

22-02-2012 00:08

The first arrest for sharing food in Orlando, Florida
Birmingham Food Not Bombs would like to issue a statement of solidarity to all groups and people around the world who have been arrested for sharing food with the hungry. There’s been a worrying trend recently in America of new laws being introduced to prevent free food being given out to the hungry which has resulted in many people being arrested and held for days in prison. There has been a call out for people around the world to consider sharing free meals in celebration of our right to food on Sunday 1st April. Food is a right not a privilege.

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Does Evgeny Lebedev support EVENING STANDARD suppressing the truth?

21-02-2012 23:05

Does Evgeny Lebedev support EVENING STANDARD suppressing the truth?

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Hinkley C ~ Site Occupation

21-02-2012 19:08

Hinkley C ~ Site Occupation
This film gives an account of the first few days of the occupation of Langborough Farm on the site of one of the proposed 'new wave' of Nuclear Reactors, at ...

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Business as Usual

21-02-2012 18:49

Leicester Kettle 4.2.12
Appeasement of the EDL in Leicester 4th February 2012

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new attacks by the Informal Anarchist Federation

21-02-2012 16:57

two new actions claimed by UK and Russia cells of FAI
re-posted from

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When Principles of Journalism are Betrayed

21-02-2012 15:29

The articles looks at the various reports published about the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists, and then tries to work out the reason behind reports which came out on the subject by anonymous officials. Taking into account that quoting un-named officials is a well known tactic often used by dictatorial regimes, the article tries to find out the reasoning behind the issue.

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Support Abdel Zahali's fight for compensation

21-02-2012 13:09

After building a life for 18 years in the UK Abdel Zahali is now being deported because the last of his claims for asylum have been denied. Abdel is claiming compensation of £50,000 for illegal detention over for 11 months.

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Brutal Spanish cops attack student protesters - video links

21-02-2012 07:36

BRUTAL cops have attacked student protesters in Valencia, sparking public outrage across the Spanish state.

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News burst from Veggies

21-02-2012 00:55

14 news items from test tube burgers & GM wheat to latest report on Food and the Climate ...

Test tube burgers ... BBC News 25mins in at ... Or natural+organic+vegan from Veggies:

Drought? Growing foods to satisfy the growing acceptance of modern vegan diets will reduce water usage considerably.

Invited to Elvaston Woodland Festival 22/23 Sept ( taking our yummy food & eco-vegan message to a potential 5500 people

Nottm University Palestine Soc just collected 7 huge organic, vegan cakes for free tasters at talks on Tues & Wednes. Falafals, hummus & tabbouleh to follow.

Earth First Moot next w/e Veggies not there, but will be at Peace News, Earth First & Animal Rights Summer Gatherings

Greyhounds continue to die, so #NottmAR racetrack protests continue. Report: Demo details:

Congrats @fairfoods on your 3rd birthday giveaway... Good luck with the next 25yrs. Luv from @veggiesnottm (est.1984!)

We say ban live animal exports. Meanwhile Kent Action Against Live Exports seek an 8-hours limit. Get your MEP to sign

Details of @OccupyNottingham assemblies for practical support, public outreach & discussion of the issues: updated at

Investigation of British pig industry by @AnimalEquality is shocking, but you can't eat pork without seeing this first

Vegan Nottm network updated at, incl Veg*an Meetup Group, Trent & Nottm University VegSocs & other Vegan Nottm projects

Fur; Eggs; McD+KFC; Greyhounds; SabsBenefit; VeganOutreach; Badgers; PetWelfare. Nottm Animal Rights this fortnight

GM wheat? NO THANKS! Government to allow Rothamsted Research grow GM wheat in Hertfordshire in Spring 2012

Provisional date set for Nottingham Green Festival Sunday 10th June Note the date & advise us of any potential clash

Meat & dairy emissions are terrible for the environment; reported yet again Campaign on this issue

Follow our news at!/veggiesnottm

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Bahrain: burning a police station after killing a protester video

21-02-2012 00:18

Video says it all really. If you're gonna do it, then do it with style!
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