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UK Newswire Archive

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700-strong Massed Voices Choir will gather to "Sing for Water" in Cardiff Bay

16-04-2015 22:36

An unprecedented gathering of community Choirs, Choruses and singers will come together in the capital of Wales - the ‘Land of Song’ to help transform lives in Ghana by singing for water at an event at Roald Dahl Plas (the Oval Basin, Cardiff Bay) on Sunday 31st May 2015. Individual choir performances start at 1pm at venues around the Oval Basin, and the massed choir performance is at 3pm.

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Social Centre Gathering This Weekend

16-04-2015 15:21

A gathering open to all social centre users and facilitators in Britain is being held this weekend at the Liverpool Social Centre, Next To Nowhere.

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New book on anarchist ideas

16-04-2015 13:50

A new book on anarchist philosophy from writer Paul Cudenec has been published by Winter Oak.

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The Security Service of Ukraine: the continuity of generations

16-04-2015 10:36

Ukrainian Secutiry Service considers itself a successor of OUN-UPA activists. What impact it has on Ukrainian citizens

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April The 12th, Solidarity From Brighton With The Anarchists Imprisoned In Spain

15-04-2015 16:59

From Brighton, solidarity with the anarchists imprisoned in Spain.

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Yorkshire Ripper Cover-up / Never Ending Story

15-04-2015 15:27

Ever since Peter Sutcliffe's trial, he has received much more publicity in the British media than any other serial killer. Why?

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IMF Reports Debt and Human Crises Drive Uneven Growth

15-04-2015 14:37

Global Stability and Economic Outlook Reports Released

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The Middle Earth Geography, or Why Goran’s Surprised

15-04-2015 11:08

Ukraine seems fairy democratic elvenland for Americans ans Europeans. But "something is rotten in the state of Ukraine."

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USA — 152 Death Penalty Mistakes, and counting!

15-04-2015 00:25

In the USA, people end up on death row after being convicted of horrific crimes they did not commit. The lucky ones are exonerated while they are still alive — a macabre club that has grown to include 152 members since 1973.

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Afghanistan : Never ending war

14-04-2015 11:50

This is a text of a document I found here :

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Cardiff Animal Rights – Join the Struggle!

14-04-2015 11:17

Join the struggle!

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U.S. Department of State: Nalyvaichenko may be son of a bitch, but he’s our son

13-04-2015 07:50

The White House seems to have made quite an error when placing yet another tycoon from the Yanukovich team right into the presidential chair in Ukraine, naturally during the so called elections. It’s obvious now that Poroshenko isn’t worth the huge sums invested into him, for he’s busy not with strengthening of the American outpost in Central Eurasia, but rather with the political and business projects of personal interest for him. Indicative opposition to Kolomoyskyi is just the first of many predictable squabbles between the Ukrainian oligarchs. Inaction of American sponsors of the Ukrainian project amid poorly concealed economic collapse and pauperization of the population is going to bring complete havoc and loss of control over the situation by Washington.

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Mayday! Reclaim the Beats!! - Join the Fuck Parade!

11-04-2015 17:33

Fuck the Poor Doors, fuck social segregation, fuck Taylor McWilliams, fuck Redrow, fuck the City, fuck luxury flats, fuck the 1%, fuck royalty, fuck the upper class, fuck upper class raves, fuck yuppies it's not the fucking 80s, fuck hipsters, fuck paying to party, fuck £5 a pint, fuck capitalism, fuck racism, fuck borders, fuck Theresa May, fuck the criminal justice act, fuck homophobia, fuck transphobia, fuck patriarchy, fuck fascists, fuck the police, fuck G4S, fuck bailiffs, fuck UKIP, fuck Nigel fucking Farage, fuck his toady face, fuck bourgeois parliamentarianism, fuck the tories, fuck the Liberals, fuck Labour, fuck the DWP, fuck IDS, fuck sanctions, fuck ATOS, fuck MI5, fuck surveillance, fuck GCHQ, fuck the arms industry, fuck environmental destruction, fuck big oil, fuck cars, fuck animal exploitation, fuck the rich, fuck bankers, fuck bosses, fuck landlords, fuck public schools, fuck Oxbridge, fuck the Bullingdon Boys, fuck Boris.................Fuck them all

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Heartless Guzzlers at the public trough @B_I_tweets

11-04-2015 09:54

Living on the fat of the land
So far 49 DWP investigations into deaths related to benefit sanctions - add to that a massive growth in the use of food banks by the sanctioned and we have the grim picture of poverty in the UK. The kick ‘em when their down approach to behavioral modification was "invented" by the Behavioral Insights Team at one time embedded in the Cabinet Office.

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How Australia Abolished Death Penalty

11-04-2015 09:01

The death penalty was not abolished in Australia because political leaders were civilised or morally superior. Determined mass public protests backed up by strikes put an end to the brutality - (aka people power).

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[Video] Athens: Front line view of the riot in solidarity to political prisoners

10-04-2015 22:25

[Video] Athens: Front line view of the riot in solidarity to political prisoners on hunger strike

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Grenada Reaches Debt Deal as Caribbean Mired in Debt Problems

10-04-2015 16:47

Grenada Could Influence Global Debt Negotiations

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Summer of rebellion

10-04-2015 12:31

An exciting summer of international rebellion lies ahead, says issue 7 of the bulletin The Acorn.

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Why isn't there daily news about animals suffering in Britain?

10-04-2015 09:44

News of animals suffering is very rare and is still presented as if animals aren’t' being abused, tortured and attacked daily all over the country.

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Call out for anti­eviction support for Leeds Community Project (LCP)

09-04-2015 22:19

A call out for anti-eviction solidarity from Leeds Community Project (LCP). LCP are occupying a unique space that currently belongs to Leeds University and has huge potential for local communities, but is in the process of being sold to a private investor for development of private housing. The eviction time and date has been set for Monday April 13th 2015 at 1pm.
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