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UK Newswire Archive

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Space Hijackers at the Spirit Of Christmas Fair

13-11-2008 20:28

Agents Arco Iris & Spritely Monkey
Since Clarion events bought the Dsei arms fair, that delightful cornucopia of torture equipment and corporate cash flow, The Space Hijackers have been keen to help their marketing team inform the existing customer base of the new shopping opportunites this expansion will yield.

This time we took our mobile arms fair marketing team to their Spirit Of Christmas Fair

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Everyone in the streets on N15: The crisis must be paid by THEM!

13-11-2008 20:08

Everyone in the streets on N15: The crisis must be paid by THEM!



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demo tomorow no bordres no nations

13-11-2008 20:03

meeting point high holborn french tourist board

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solidarity from london to the greek prisioners

13-11-2008 19:54

last week the greek embassy ...

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13-11-2008 19:20

to co-operatve, social, automomous centres in the UK

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People and Planet group formed in Falmouth

13-11-2008 18:57

A group of us are trying to form a People and Planet society in Falmouth. Although it will be affiliated with Falmouth and Exeter Students' Union, everyone regardless of whether they are a student are welcome to join.

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Climate Action : START HERE : 22 November 2008

13-11-2008 18:56

Climate Action : START HERE
How do we do Climate Action in London ? How do we think global and act local ? These are the questions to be discussed and answered at the Climate Action event hosted by the Open University Development and Environment Society on 22nd November 2008 to be held at St Ethelburga's Centre for Peace and Reconciliation.

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Climate Safety : Emergency Briefing : 27 November 2008

13-11-2008 18:12

Climate Safety Invitation
It really is worse than we thought it was : and the Climate Safety Team have produced a report to let you know about it. The alarmists were right : the science from the last year shows that the IPCC report was too conservative. The Climate Safety report is being launched on 27th November. Do come along.

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Uncommon Common Sense

13-11-2008 18:00

This is the first part of a 4 part series detailing 8 questionable unquestionables- social paradigms that pass without question in mainstream discourse, but which are so utterly false that it only requires an inch of extra perspective to notice this. This is what I would call “uncommon common sense”.

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Heathrow Decision Day Flashmob

13-11-2008 17:49

Stop Airport Expansion - Hoon's Not Listening

12 noon (on the dot), Heathrow Terminal 5 Departures ('Security North' section)
on the first Saturday after the Government makes its decision on Heathrow expansion
(unless all forms of expansion are ruled out – see below).

Reveal your t-shirt and then pelt Transport Secretary Geoff Hoon with red sponges.

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Climate Change & Violence : Workshop 1 : Climate Catastrophe : Where are we heading ?

13-11-2008 17:26

The Crisis Forum are starting their Workshop series on Climate Change & Violence tomorrow in Southampton : asking the question "Climate Catastrophe : Where are we heading ?"

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E.ON backs down in struggle for Kingsnorth

13-11-2008 16:55

National wave of student protest forces energy giant to abandon
recruitment tour

Anti-coal protests at graduate careers fairs around the UK have forced
E.ON to cancel the remainder of its recruitment tour. The energy company,
which is planning to build a new coal power station at Kingsnorth, Kent
[1], has seen at least seventeen of its careers events disrupted over the
last few weeks [2].

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Germany: 100 000 pupils on strike. schools and univeristies occupied

13-11-2008 16:26

occupied building
In about 40 german cities all in all 100 000 pupils went on strike. they took to the streets and occupied schools and universities. They protested against bad learning conditions, an education reform (Turboabitur) and against the will of the state to form an elite of pupils and students.

the following shows how much protesters in which city

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Mean Sea Level : Free London Screening of New Film

13-11-2008 16:11

Mean Sea Level invitation flyer
The Sacred Media Cow film makers return with a look at how some remote islands in the Bay of Bengal are literally vanishing beneath the waves. You are invited to Central London for a free screening of this new film and a discussion with the Director Pradip Saha.

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The British People's Party - Staggering from disaster to desperation

13-11-2008 15:47

“A handful”? Are the British People’s Party exaggerating their numbers yet again?!

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UNISON repression of the North East Shop Stewards Network

13-11-2008 15:35

* Is Ms Hale scared of something, simply misinformed, or is there another agenda at work here?
* Is there, for example, any connection to the Yunus Bakhsh case?
* Which of the so-called 'Democracy Guidelines' has anyone breached - or might breach by working with the NESSN?

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Sixth attempt to remove Alliance Ngondiop

13-11-2008 15:13

Alliance Ngondiop
Alliance Ngondiop, a Cameroon national and resident of Leicester,was 'Captured' when reporting to the Immigration service on Wednesday 3rd September and is currently detained in Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre and due to be forcibly removed from the UK on British Airways flight BA302 on  Saturday 15th November @ 06:15 from Heathrow Airport London, to Paris, Charles de Gaulle airport, then Air France flight AF940 @ to Douala Cameroon.

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Plane Stupid Protestors found guilty, judge gives a token gesture sentence

13-11-2008 14:46

It's just Plane Stupid
Five members of the climate change campaign group Plane Stupid were found guilty today of trespassing in the House of Commons. The group had pleaded not guilty to the charge at Westminster Magistrates' Court.

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President-elect Barack Obama

13-11-2008 14:36

4 November 2008, the era of George W Bush was about to end and a new era was about to begin. A wave of euphoria swept the world. Why, because Obama was not Bush?
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