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UK Newswire Archive

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Australia: Prime Minister Howard facing pressure to quit

13-07-2006 08:03

On thin ice
For now, Howard appears to have ridden out the storm of the last few days. But the pressure will continue. In a July 11 editorial, the Australian warned that the ongoing leadership dispute “puts both Howard and Costello—and by extension the entire Coalition Government—on thin ice”. It called on Howard to “reveal whether he plans to step down around the end of this year or fight an election sometime around October or November next year”. It appears that there are significant layers in business and financial circles who clearly favour the former option.

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Bulls fighting on Korean TV

13-07-2006 01:54

I am in Korea at the moment and was sadened to see on the tv bulls fighting each other. Please could you send polite emails to complain about this. The Channel is called MBC. It is one of the main channels here.

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A tropical shakedown for neo-liberalism? Interview with Ricardo Monreal

13-07-2006 01:46

The substitution of “neo-liberalism” with something else, it was said, without ever making clear what option it would be or what it might be called, especially since they decided that foreign investment and the free market would go on. Well?

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Life And Debt

13-07-2006 00:31

Indymedia Londons '8 Days Against The G8' film festival presents...

'Life And Debt'

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Bristol news - Kebele social centre is free!

13-07-2006 00:19

Kebele's rear view - politics, organisation and art
Kebele breaks FREE - A new era dawns

As the Kebele Social Centre approaches it’s 11th anniversary later this year, it has already given itself an early birthday present – by paying off it’s mortgage well ahead of schedule.

Yes that’s right. Kebele has full control over its building from now on, free from the restrictions of capitalist profiteering. And you thought it was just a bunch of hippy lifestylists with dogs on strings? Think again, scratch the surface, and go beyond the perceived stereotypes. You may be surprised – at the commitment, motivation and political awareness of those involved.

In an exclusive article for Bristle magazine (see below), Kebelians have outlined their thoughts & plans for the future.

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film of last sunday's socpa arrest (yet another violent arrest!)

12-07-2006 23:47

this is the film of the episode reported at

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G8 Russia : Unwarranted Arrests

12-07-2006 22:43

Anyone who carries anti-G8 material, or who is speaking a non-Russian language is liable to be detained in St Petersburg. The charges made are laughable, but the arrests are deadly serious (from our embedded contacts).

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Open letter to Greg Palast

12-07-2006 22:10

The growing ranks of Peak Oil deniers have been joined by an unexpected ally in the form of darling of the left, Greg Palast. In his new book, Armed Madhouse he expressed his opinion that peak oil is nothing more than a plot by big oil to extract higher and higher profits. His views are quickly and easily dismissed by looking at the history of new discoveries for new oil fields compared to the rates of extraction and demand. Below, Richard Heinberg lays out a detailed point by point counter to Greg Palasts claims...

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Picket the Mexican embassy against fraud (London)

12-07-2006 21:49

An emergency picket of the Mexican embassy in London to protest the electoral fraud against PRD candidate Lopez Obrador

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should we boycott bindmans?

12-07-2006 21:42

Lord Levy is using Bindmans, activist's favourite(?) solicitor.

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Does ex-leaderr of the Tories know what standards of justuice mean?

12-07-2006 21:36

Michael Howard, MP, spoke today [Wednesday 12 July 2006] in the House of Commons [UK] debate on the so-called NatWest Three that was prompted by the procedural steps taken by the Lib Dems. In his speech, Howard reportedly stated this, "It surely would be an affront to our standards of justice and everything this House should stand up for if these men were to find themselves in a Texas jail for up to two years before they even have the opportunity of answering the charges against them."

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Exposing the 9/11 Conspiracy Wingnuts

12-07-2006 20:17

An expose of the 9/11 conspiracy wing nuts endangering the very core of our democracy, and world peace.

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Report from russia

12-07-2006 19:30

some of the protestors in Russia have set up a blog look here

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Anti-G8 Protest Successful in Russia

12-07-2006 18:18

author: LINK/Berlin anti-G8 Press Group

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Greece: About the state barbarism against the student movement on the 27/06

12-07-2006 16:41

Announcement of the students of the Antiauthoritarian Movement about the mobilisation of the 27th of July against the Education Ministers Summit in Athens.

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Photos from workshop with Roma children on AA caravan, Macedonia

12-07-2006 16:11

Here are some photos from a workshop within the Roma Community of Bitola, Macedonia. The workshop took place as part of the Art and Activism Caravan, which is currently touring the Balkans. For more information and full coverage, see the Art and Activism Caravan page


Relevant articles: A Week in Rromani | All You Ever Wanted To Know About Roma Culture

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Blair - Mind the Gap - but no mention of the P word.

12-07-2006 15:47

Blair is pushing on with the new nuclear agenda by talking of addressing the coming energy gap and climate change... but no mention of peak oil.

"We're going to move from being self-sufficient in basic energy to a situation of importing energy. Fifteen years down the line we have got high energy prices and real problems.", he said.

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The SSP crisis: personality cult or class-struggle party?

12-07-2006 14:56

The Alliance for Workers’ Liberty spoke to Andy McPake, an activist in the Scottish Socialist Youth and a supporter of the SSP-United Left about the current crisis in the Scottish Socialist Party. This is an unedited version of the interview. An edited version will appear in Solidarity, the fortnightly paper of the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty and will be online soon.

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Israel the Zionist entity invades Lebanon

12-07-2006 14:20

Israel threatens Lebanon with serious consequences

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Is 2006 the year of peak oil? The latest figures are suggesting it could be...

12-07-2006 13:27

World production of oil has peaked according to Dr Ali Samsam Bakhtiari, a former executive of the National Iranian Oil Company. He predicts a fall of 32% by 2020 as wells dry up and new discoveries become rarer, smaller and harder to extract...

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