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UK Newswire Archive

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Bristol Co-Mutiny Building Location Revealed!

13-09-2009 10:32

Come and bring your plans, preparations and energy!

The location has been revealed and everyone is welcome to come and get involved with the space! Check out the timetable for details, and bring your ideas and plans and let's gather them together.

Bristol Pro Cathedral, Park Place, BS8 1JW

Clean up has been going hard for a few days, but today (Sunday) is CREATE THE SPACE DAY so everyone is invited to come down and get involved with sorting the place out!

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The English Defence League and Palestinian Rights

13-09-2009 10:16

Today, once again, the English Defence League (EDL) has declared its intention to hold a "peaceful protest" against "militant Islam." However, their choice of target once again demonstrates that they are either unwilling or unable to differentiate militant Islam from ordinary Muslims and Arabs struggling against very real oppression.

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Prague: Around 100 people detained, squatters evicted

13-09-2009 09:12

Today, at around 7 o'clock (13th September 2009), the brand new squatted space was evicted by police. Around 25 people, who were occupying the house and sitting on the roof, were arrested. It was announced in the mainstream media, that they might go to court on Monday, for a summary jurisdiction.

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2nd Landslide Win Against Biofuel Power At Newport, South Wales

13-09-2009 08:52

A second win, 8:1 against the madness of burning food for fuel. This time against Vogen’s biofuel power station application at Newport was achieved on Sept 9th. Residents and campaigners walked out in protest at the Chair’s attempts to manipulate councillors with talk of lost capital for hospitals & schools + shouts of “shame” to those promoting industry interests before residents. One councillor described the behaviour of Vogen in their so-called ‘public meeting’ of 2 weeks ago as "tyrannical".

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Bristol Co-Mutiny Covergence Building

13-09-2009 08:36

Our Astute Estate Agents have got us a lovely bit of real estate..

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The Treatment of The Unemployed as Criminals is Criminal

13-09-2009 05:25

There is a spectre haunting Europe. It is the spectre of unemployment. In consequence of incompetence at the highest levels of Banking, there are millions without an employer. It is a terrifying prospect for both governments and businesses. Yet they have no fear. They have a plan: criminalise the Unemployed.

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We need to repeal 12 years of vile laws attacking our liberty

13-09-2009 05:14

The following is an Article from todays obverver about the way New Labour over the last 14 years has taken an axe to our freedom.

I believe the Tories wouldn´t have gone go far in eroding our basic civil libeties, which makes Labour on this issue anyway morre right-wing or fascist than the Tories.

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Report and 4 photos from Palestine Solidarity stall

12-09-2009 22:38

4 photos from Palestine solidarity stall

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SMASH EDO: Petition and week of events

12-09-2009 18:29

After a rare week off from the noise demos to focus on the DSEi arms fair Smash EDO will be back outside EDO as usual for weekly noise demos on Wednesday between 4 and 6pm. Come along!

In the meantime, there has been a petition set up for the Foreign Office demo to demand an end to arms exports to Israel. Please support the decommissioners' actions by signing it and circulate widely. To add your signature go to

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Open rescue of 13 hens, Czech Republic

12-09-2009 17:53

open rescue:

"13 hens rescued from meaningless suffering and meaningless death. They were moved to a new, safe home, where they will live in grass and sun, will be able to stretch their wings and run and the weaker will be able to escape the stronger."

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The drumbeat of fear mongering propaganda continues: What are State and the Pen

12-09-2009 15:36

"He and Jorge Noguera met with Venezuelan military personal. I don't know if these meetings took place here in Colombia or in Venezuela, but I know they took place," Garcia revealed.
In response to the question; do you think the plot you are talking about was initiated by Jorge Noguera and the minister Londoño? Garcia responded, "No, I don't think it was. They were sought after, above all Londoño, was sought after by Venezuelan opposition sectors."
"Over there [in Venezuela] there was an opposition alliance; I think it was called the Democratic Bloc, that had made alliances with factions of the [AUC] in order to conspire against the government of President Chavez."

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Squatters occuping a house in Prague, district no. 2

12-09-2009 15:20

At this moment (from around 16 o'clock, 12th September 2009), a house on the corner of Apolinarska and Na Slupi Streets is being occupied. This house has been chosen for several reasons: it's empty since many years, neglected and left to disrepair. Even the smallest reparation works has not been done and the roof is then broken with water coming in. On the other hand, door and windows are very well walled up, so that nobody can live in here.

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Government minister with head up arse on climate change

12-09-2009 13:59

Yet more nonsense and hot air from a government minister on climate change.

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The Rise of A Racist Football Fan Army - Smash the EDL

12-09-2009 04:42

Football fans are being recruited to stir up trouble against Muslims. They are being recrutied to an organisation known as the English Defence Leauge (EDL) accordind to reports in the Guardian [1].

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Boycott to Flor de Caña: UITA calls dialogue, Nicaragua Sugar dialogues

11-09-2009 23:38

Nicaragua Sugar has been maintaining a fluid dialogue over the past few months with the Chichigalpa Association for life (ASOCHIVIDA), the most important organization representing CKD patients in Nicaragua’s west region.

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Anti-Islamists kicked out of Harrow today rather forcefully

11-09-2009 20:23

Riot police were struggling to contain protests by anti-fascist demonstrators and rightwing organisations outside a mosque in north-west London tonight. Officers were hit by bricks and bottles as they tried to keep about 1,000 rival demonstrators apart outside the partially completed mosque near the tube station in Harrow.

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When the "Big Lie" becomes the "Truth" - The Global Research Reader on 9/11

11-09-2009 20:11

Provided below is a selection of essential reading published by Global
Research in the course of the last few years.

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Harrow Mosque UAF Demo - Where were the Fash????

11-09-2009 20:02

Thousand plus out in force and... no Fash!
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