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UK Newswire Archive

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Report from Wandsworth ‘no to evictions’ protest

19-08-2011 20:01

Tonight I approached the senior police officer at the ‘ No Evictions’ protest in Wandsworth, South London and asked him a question.

Why had he just arrested a man? The best answer he could give ” he was whipping up the crowd “… his colleague added he was ‘ swearing’. In fact the gentleman in question had indeed used that dreadful and clearly very naughty F word and pointed out that capitalism was not a very good economic system. He also advised the police they had ‘ transferable skills’ and should get out while they can. It would appear he had a point as it all went down well, but did not amount to ‘whipping up the crowd’

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Solidarity with Fortnum 145 court appearences

19-08-2011 17:55

A group of around 15 protesters met outside Westminster magistrate court today to show solidarity with the remaining half of the original 'Fortnum and Masions 145' arrested during the anti cuts protests in London on 26th March. They appeared in court to enter their pleas and have their court dates set. See Flicker pictures and a short Youtube video. The first half were released without charge, but we are still awaiting the outcome of todays proceedings.

Fortnum 145 is a campaign by friends and family to support the 145 people who were arrested and charged following the occupation of Fortnum and Mason on 26 March this year. The mass arrest happened amidst calls for the police to be given more rights spy on protesters. The police have even told parliament that this was an opportunity to gather intelligence about protestors. This is political policing, clear and simple.

You all know the story by now…

The F&M occupation was described by a senior police officer on the scene as ‘sensible’ and ‘non-violent’. Another description of the sit-in reads: “the perfect accompaniment to my tea and scones” – a sit-in to draw attention to the £10m/year tax-dodge by Wittington Investments, the owners of Fortnum & Mason while the rest of the country faces deep cuts to public spending and services.

After being assured that they could leave safely and unhindered, the protesters were kettled by riot police. They were then arrested one by one – some none too gently! despite the lack of resistance on the behalf of the protesters – handcuffed and flung all across London for detention. The arrestees had their clothes and property confiscated, their DNA and fingerprints taken and stored. In possible breaches of arrest protocol, the arrestees were not intereviewed and some went without food for the 23+ hours that they were held. Protesters were finally released after up to the full maximum 24 hours detention in all white tracksuits/paper suits in unfamiliar areas of London – a sizeable number of arrestees being from far outside London.

Lynne Owens, the Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, has admitted that the arrests were made for intelligence purposes.

The arrests have been universally condemned – as ‘confusing political anger with criminality’ and ”threaten[ing] the right to peacefully protest’. A coalition of unions and NGOs released a statement of support for the protesters saying that they ‘were treated in a political and deceptive manner by the police which sends an ominous message about the right to protest’.

Tax avoiders should be on trial, not protestors who raise awareness of their scams so please come and support the second half of the remaining defendants.

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Another anti-fascist sentenced

19-08-2011 16:55

Another UK anti-fascist was sentenced today (Friday August 19th). Jonathan Wood was one of seven anti-fascists convicted in June this year of having "conspired to commit violent disorder". This accusation relates to an incident in 2009 in which some anti-fascists were involved in an altercation with neo-nazis on their way to a gig organised by the fascist and openly racist promoters Blood and Honour. At Blackfriars Crown Court on Friday August 19th Jonathan was given a _____ sentence.

We are over the moon that our friend and comrade escaped prison, as this was a real possibility. Jonathan was given a non-custodial sentence for reasons relating to his personal circumstances. However, earlier this summer six of his co-defendants were jailed periods ranging from 15 to 21 months, and are worthy of our total support. Please see for details on how to support these antifascist prisoners.

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Demonstrate in Brighton and London against Israeli bombardment of Gaza

19-08-2011 15:39

Saturday 20th August, 12 noon Old Steine Brighton.

Monday 22nd August, 12 noon Israeli Embassy Kensington London

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Smash EDO benefit gig 25th August

19-08-2011 15:09

Come along to the Smash EDO Benefit Gig at Sticky Mike's Frog Bar, Middle Street, Brighton, August 25th.

See web-site for more details

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Homophobic anti-immigration BBC scare quotes

19-08-2011 14:47

The corporate media is at it again. Today a gay man facing repression unfathomable to UK had his deportation delayed. The BBC headline?

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Smash EDO's Gaza noise demo

19-08-2011 13:49

There was a loud noise demo outside EDO/ITT this morning in response to the ongoing attacks on Gaza.

EDO make components for the F16s used by Israel.

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Verizon Strike Highlights Need for New Workers' Movement

19-08-2011 13:24

Workers are getting public support, but this must be mobilised to win
Global communications giant Verizon have made profits of more than $19 billion over the last four years - that's nearly two British pounds per person on the planet. All of that was created by the company's workforce, but instead found its way into the bloated bank accounts of executives and shareholders. That's not enough for them though, so Verizon are currently trying to extract the equivalent of $20,000 per US employee per year. In this effort, they are being assisted by the corporate media, the court system, the FBI, and the Communications Workers of America (CWA) and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) unions.

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InfoUsurpa 22nd - 28th August 2011

19-08-2011 12:55

InfoUsurpa brings you radical events happening in London's autonomous spaces and beyond

Dowload, print and stick it up for others to enjoy

Unless otherwise stated, all events are free / on donation



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Huntington Lane Coal Site under eviction!

19-08-2011 12:41

Urgent Eviction call out for Huntington Lane Anti Open Cast Coal site in Telford, Shropshire

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Festival Volunteers Wanted...for local not-for-profit festi

19-08-2011 11:57

Festival Volunteers wanted, all ages and abilities welcome, free entry with a commitment to work.
All profits from this event go to local charities and back into the local community.

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New animal circus tours coming to UK

19-08-2011 10:55

Following the publicity about Bobby Roberts Circus having a live elephant as part of its act (no longer) this has attracted three circuses to come from overseas and tour in the UK for the first time.  Yorkshire will see the Polish State Circus which will include two elephants, three lions, many horses and a tiger.  Dates are so far agreed as August 14 to Sept 9th at 15 Bridge St Otley West Yorkshire, the site of the Otley Show.  The German "Circus of Dreams" which includes an elephant, dogs, horses and donkeys will be at Bridge, in Pool-in-Wharfedale between September 1st and 7th  

Please join the protests and help make sure these people do not come back to the UK.

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Emergency noised demo at EDO today at 11am

19-08-2011 08:13

Join us for an emergency noise demo outside EDO/ITT, Home Farm Road, Brighton in response to the current Israeli attacks on Gaza

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Pro-Populus: Give the People a Chance!

18-08-2011 21:35

The recent cacophony of events have explicitly revealed the shortcomings in the multi-faceted beast that is our 'United' Kingdom. Let us use this opportunity to change it for the better.

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Shell Demo in solidarity with Rossport resistance

18-08-2011 20:55

Thursday 18th August 2011

At 6pm on Thursday evening, people gathered outside the Shell petrol station on the Carlton Road, Nottingham.

This protest was an act of solidarity with all those who are fighting against the building of Shell's destructive gas pipeline in Rossport, Ireland. Following over 10 years of battling with the local community, work began on laying the pipeline a few weeks ago, and people are continually blockading to delay Shell 

The police responded with a couple of officers arriving with 5 minutes from the banners being unfurled! 

To the amazement of those present, the filling station staff then closed down and put barriers across the entrances.  They did this on direction from mangement, apparently in the name of health & safety.

In about equal measure, drivers were upset at not being able to fill up .... and the number of people hooting support and taking leaflets.

Just up the road, the police had placed a sign saying that there was a police operation in progress and to excuse any incovenience that might be caused.  Gosh ..... all a bit OTT.

additionally ..... there is now an oil-spill emergency in the North Sea.

The flow of oil from the worst spill in UK waters in the past decade, at one of Shell's North Sea platforms, has been "greatly reduced" but not yet stopped completely, the government said on Monday.

Conservationists warned that the leak could harm bird life in the area, at a delicate time in their development, as the oil company worked to minimise the damage.

Stuart Housden, director of RSPB Scotland, said: "We know oil of any amount, if in the wrong place, at the wrong time, can have a devastating impact on marine life. Currently thousands of young auks – razorbills, puffins and guillemots – are flightless and dispersing widely in the North Sea during late summer. So they could be at serious risk if contaminated by this spill."

I note about a week ago, the Shell PR dept were pushing the line that the spill was not at all significant.  No, not at all!!  Then, more recently, it has transmogrified into the most serious spill in the North Sea in last 15 years.

Oh ... then of course there are the many spills in the Niger Delta in Nigeria.  Plenty to complain about I think.


for more info ... email

Rossport Solidarity Camp



Photographer - Media: One Eye on the Road. Nottingham.  UK



Member of the National Union of Journalists [NUJ]


"It is not enough to curse the darkness.

                                   It is also necessary to light a lamp!!"



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Campaigners fight deportation order for 19th August

18-08-2011 20:37

Justice and Ruby on their wedding day
The Home Office are set to deport Justice Charles to Sierra Leone tomorrow, even though he is married to a British citizen, has lived in the UK for 10 years and will not be able to get the health care he needs in Sierra Leone.

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solidarity attack in london !!

18-08-2011 19:14


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Demo outside of Wandsworth council leaders house

18-08-2011 18:55

Only one week after the riots, the media and politicians have been trying to out do each other on how draconian they can be to placate the 'hatemail' readers of midlle England. Wandsworth council have served a single-parent family with an eviction notice after the tenant's son was charged in court over disturbances during the recent troubles, its aim is not justice but revenge. Housing Solidarity has started a campaign to stop this happeneing and today a demonstration has been held outside the house of the Council leader of 25 people showing their distaste for this vindictive act. Also present are 10 police and a camera crew. People are chanting "one two three four, evict the tories not the poor..." and a letter is being delivered to a house St. Ann's hill.

more later

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Merkel, Sarkozy plagiarise from indymedia

18-08-2011 18:04

While all the periphery of Europe is in turmoil, the centre of the subcontinent appears remarkably calm. But that appearance is deceptive. There has been a hidden struggle going on beyond the surface of the hegemonic narrative for a long time, and now the fog is beginning to clear.
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