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UK Newswire Archive

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Video -Time to Go March Manchester

23-09-2006 16:58

Short Video of the samba at the demo on the 23rd September Manchester

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Who benefits from the Afghan Opium Trade?

23-09-2006 16:29

The United Nations has announced that opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan has soared and is expected to increase by 59% in 2006. The production of opium is estimated to have increased by 49% in relation to 2005.

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Photos of the "Time to GO" demonstration in Manchester

23-09-2006 16:26

Photos from Manchester 23rd National Demo "Time to Go"

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More Evidence “al-Qaeda” is a CIA-ISI Contrivance

23-09-2006 14:29

For every person who looks beyond the official story and gleans the indisputable truth about “al-Qaeda” and various other intelligence contrivances engineered by the Pentagon, CIA, MI-6, Mossad, et al, there are literally millions of people who buy into the official explanation, or rather Brothers Grimm machination—the Muslims, represented by the dead Osama and al-Zarqawi, are out to get us and an incessant “clash of civilizations” is required, with attendant police state and tyranny at home.

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Nothing Right

23-09-2006 14:16

The one glaring undeniable fact regarding the Bush administration is the fact that they have failed in ALL their endeavours – in other words they have done nothing right. The latest display of neo-con ineptitudes by John Bolton and Condoleezza Rice regarding their tactical inaction during the conflict in South Lebanon reveals the essential ideology/philosophy of the neo-cons – not only [to], ‘GIVE WAR A CHANCE; but also, WAR IS THE ANSWER’! [Thank you John Lennon.]

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Gay Bishop

23-09-2006 12:11

Please read this exciting edition of the Gay Bishop. Readin'g Sexiest news sheet.

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Get rid of Warmonger, patsy of capitalist corruption Dictator Tony Blair

23-09-2006 08:07

The war in Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries, and Tony Blair's political policies are only to line his pockets and the pockets of the rich. Protest in Manchester this Saturday and against Labour at their Labour Party conference this week.

The Labour dictators want to stop protests and want to stop democracy. The British Labour Party has thugs and paid police mercenaries to stop the media from seeing protests against the Labour Government. Remember the old Jewish man they bullied at one of their conferences.

New Labour and the Labour Party of Tony Blair are creating a dictatorship.


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On the ground: Eight hours to Manchester

23-09-2006 02:57

Just hours from a hellish early morning trip to Manchester and I can't sleep, due to an incredibly twisted body clock and a brain reeling countless thoughts.

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22-09-2006 23:38


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The Problem With...Plastic

22-09-2006 23:14

There are few substances that provoke so much ire amongsts environmentalists as plastic, but is that a fair reputation for such a useful material, or does the problem go much deeper than just litter and landfill?

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Protest grows at SOCPA law

22-09-2006 22:16

More than one hundred individuals gathered in Parliament Square tonight in the the third Mass Lone Protest against the SOCPA law. They protested against anything and everything - the point being that protest itself should not be subject to permission.

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Titnore - Reprieve for 210 trees? - Eviction still possible - Big Demo 7 Oct

22-09-2006 21:53

BBC reports "West Sussex and Worthing councils said government advice meant Titnore Lane would not now have to be straightened as part of the West Durrington scheme. It could mean about 210 out of 265 threatened trees being reprieved"

*** Next fight is to stop the access road crossing the woods where the camp is sited.

*** If eviction takes place, supporters to go as soon as possible to camp, congregating in Fulbeck Avenue, Durrington, if access barred.

*** First Saturday after any eviction, there will be a protest against eviction and against development. Fulbeck Avenue, Durrington. 12 noon.

*** Saturday October 7 - Mass mobilisation against Titnore development!
Meet at Durrington station at 2pm to head en masse for Titnore Woods. See ya there!

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Iran : Save Kobra Rahmanpour !

22-09-2006 20:10

A father’s desperate plea to save the life of his young daughter

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200 NHS Staff Walk Out In Runcorn

22-09-2006 19:40

The government's sell-off/closure programme within the National Health Service is becoming more widespread, but so is public anger and worker resistance.

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climate change ministry unveiled in govt press release

22-09-2006 19:24

environment sec david milliband has unveiled the new office for climate change-CC

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Kucinich Calls For Hearings on Negroponte’s False And Misleading Report on Iran

22-09-2006 17:12

We cannot and must not permit this Administration to build a case for war against Iran on falsehoods and pretext. We have seen similar patterns with the twisting of intelligence to create a war against Iraq and we must not let this happen again. I ask that the Subcommittee invite the DNI to appear immediately before the Committee. It is imperative that our questions be answered in an expeditious manner.

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Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nej ad's UN address

22-09-2006 16:08

Address by His Excellency Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nej ad President of the Islamic Republic of Iran before the 61 st Session of the General assembly New York, 19 September 2006

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President CHAVEZ delivers remarks at the U.N. General Assembly

22-09-2006 15:52

President CHAVEZ delivers remarks at the U.N. General Assembly September 20th, 2006

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'Challenging Oppression' training, Manchester

22-09-2006 15:44

A 1-day open training for people engaged in social change.

What nonviolence theory and practice offers for confronting oppressive power
structures and creating liberating alternatives.

Power - Fear - Strategy - Conflict - Change - Connection

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Kitten-killing novelist defends actions

22-09-2006 15:39

Masako Bando, winner of the 116th Naoki literary award and now living in Tahiti, may face prosecution from French Polynesian authorities for her admission in a newspaper essay that she deliberately killed newly-born kittens.
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