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UK Newswire Archive

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Nationwide day of action against foie gras, Friday 18th April

16-04-2008 18:15

A third nationwide day of action has been called for Friday 18th April against these establishments continuing to support foie gras. This is a limited list of contact details, please look up more easily accessible details relating to these supporters of the cruel trade, and duly inform them of the hell these geese and ducks go through for no more than a delicacy.

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Review of Eric Larsen’s "A Nation Gone Blind"

16-04-2008 17:38

"For the same reasons [that America's literary future looks grim], the social-political future is equally or more unpromising. The odds in favor of the United States remaining a free country are insufficient to encourage a bet on the prospect. Worse, the question as to whether we’re now a free country may be a mere technicality."

Note: The below article is available with integrated web links via the blog at the following URL:

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BBC1/ITN/CNN/Channel 4 London Mayor Candidate on Camden Death Lab

16-04-2008 17:18

Sian Berry fGreen Party Mayoral candidate speaks out on the Camden Lab which
"if built" will become the "world's largest ever, highest level, virus containment facility & animal testing lab due to be built on a deprived inner city Camden council house estate that needs homes & community facilities.

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5th Peoples' Global Action Gathering in Europe – Athens 20th / 27th of August

16-04-2008 16:44

PGA - People's Global Action - started in 1998, it has been a tool and a diffuse structure coordinating groups and people sharing common struggles and practices, in accordance with various anticapitalist and anti-authoritarian principles (see the hallmarks)

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IWW Branch Meeting, 21st April

16-04-2008 16:23

Next branch meeting of the Industrial Workers of the World (Manchester Branch) will be held at the Town Hall Tavern, Tib Lane, Manchester M2 4JA on 21st April. Starts 7.30 pm.

All welcome - existing and prospective members (you can join on the night)

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Tucker To Be Released Tomorrow From Holloway

16-04-2008 15:45

Dear Mr. Governor of Holloway...

GIVE HER BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Pavilion threaten critics

16-04-2008 15:18

Pavilion Housing Association are behaving like spoilt playground bullies, threatening and intimidating their critics in a crude attempt to shut them up.

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Palestine Today 041608 - Updated

16-04-2008 15:13

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Wednesday April 16th, 2008.

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Wominspace eviction successfully resisted!

16-04-2008 15:13

The first attempt to evict the Wominspace in North East London was today successfully resisted.

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FLASHBACK: Philanthropic imperialism: the National Endowment for Democracy

16-04-2008 13:53

Democracy building becomes the cover for a policy goal that has always been surrounded by an enormous amount of deception. But we can identify a chain of command: organisations that were designed to engage in a duplicitous process of marketing philanthropic imperialism as democracy.

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Civil Society - Fact or Fiction

16-04-2008 12:57

Civil society is simultaneously a goal to aim for, a means to achieve it, and a framework for engaging with each other.

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Brighton Biofools Day Protest

16-04-2008 12:29

A group of biofuel activists made a colourful banner and flyer tour of Brighton city centre and Sussex University on Tuesday raising awareness around a new law which came into affect as of yesterday. The RTFO or “Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation” has mandated 2.5% biofuels at British fuel pumps from April 15th, and thereby hugely increased UK consumption of biofuels.

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London-Geneva walk starts Chernobyl Day, Sat 26/4 + London film screening 24/4

16-04-2008 12:14

Parliament Square, London, Aug '07 - (c) L. Viesnik 2007
Ceremony to mark Chernobyl Day will kick off London to Geneva anti-nuclear walk

You are warmly invited to join Footprints for Peace on Saturday 26 April for the start of their three-month, 1500km International Peace Walk towards a Nuclear-Free Future, from London to Geneva, through France, in collaboration with the main French anti-nuclear coalition Sortir du Nucleaire.

Also, London screening of documentary of last year's walk from Dublin to London on Thursday 24 April (read on for details).

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Review: Independent Film Festival 2008 - BFI London - The Elephant in the Room

16-04-2008 12:05

A review of "The Elephant in the Room" a documentary by Dean Puckett on the 9/11 Truth Movement and First Responders screened at the Independent Film Festival - BFI London 14th April.

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Zimbabwe and the Power of Propaganda: Ousting a President via Civil Society

16-04-2008 11:44

As the case of 'democratic' interference in Venezuela has been well documented, this article will provide a critical – although by no means exhaustive – investigation into the complex issues raised by the current political interventions by foreign organizations into Zimbabwe’s political affairs. Initially, this article will examine how ostensibly progressive mainstream media have acted as imperial flak machines to legitimize ongoing inference in Zimbabwe. Subsequently, it will demonstrate how Western governments’ carried out an overt cultural war to successfully manipulate Zimbabwean civil society, and will then conclude by recommending how concerned citizens might best further the protection of human rights in Zimbabwe and elsewhere.

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Yousuf belongs to Wales

16-04-2008 11:25

Yousuf Ahmed Ibrahim
Yousuf Ahmed Ibrahim, currently in Oakington Immigration Removal Centre (IRC), is due to be forcibly removed from the UK on Royal Jordanian Airlines Flight RJ112 at 17:05 on Wednesday 23rd April 2008.

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Film - Arrest of Barbara Tucker

16-04-2008 09:54

Film taken of Barbara Tucker's arrest in Parliament Square on 10th April 2008

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Mass killing of squirrels

16-04-2008 09:05

The idiots are at it again. Killing squirrels

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UK Direct Action: April Roundup Pt1

16-04-2008 08:49

Anti-racism, anti-arms, pro-squatting & animal rights direct action from the last couple of weeks...

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NBS Bosses Get Hot Under The Collar

16-04-2008 04:55

Friday, Watford: Demonstration disrupts the solemnity of "invincible" Watford NBS Office Block, over the ongoing blood cuts fight.
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