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UK Newswire Archive

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Try Babar Ahmad in the UK

11-04-2012 17:22

Yesterday the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg ruled that 5 men (judgment pending on the 6th) could be extradited to the USA as terrorism suspects under the lop-sided Extradition Act 2003. Campaigners for one of these men, south Londoner Babar Ahmad, held on remand without charge or trial for the past 8 years, are demanding he be tried in this country where the alleged offences allegedly took place

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CAMSOL: LOCOG drop BP as sustainability partner

11-04-2012 15:30

This morning Campaign for a Sustainable OLympics masqueraded as the organisers of the Olympics, LOCOG and issued a hoax press release and website dropping BP as sustainability partner. Here's what CAMSOL said.

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Bristol May Day! Get Involved

11-04-2012 12:55

Bristol AFed called a meeting for people who wanted to organise actions and events around international workers day - May 1st.
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In March  Bristol AFed called a meeting for people who wanted to organise actions and events around international workers day - May 1st. WE believe it is important to remember the struggles of the past, and to focus the fights of the present, linking them together. 27 people attended the first meeting representing a broad range of groups and views, and have been working together to plan for may day since.

We have issued this callout for people to get invovled in Bristol, and to take action across the UK on May Day, its been quiet for too long!

So far many plans are coming together, but it can still be made better by more people getting involved. The next meeting is This Thursday 12th of April, 7.30pm upstairs at the Stag & Hounds on Old Market, come on down!

So far plans include;

Reclaim the Beach - A RtS inspired action, starting on May Day at 2pm in Queen Square

An Occupation - Location and Time/Date to be announced nearer/at the time.

A Large May Day March on Saturday 5th of May, gathering from 11am on College Green.

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Pull up the GM wheat, or we will, say growers

11-04-2012 11:51

With DEFRA security
Bakers, retailers, growers and grassroots food campaigners threw down the gauntlet today over the controversial trialling of Genetically Modified wheat in the open air this spring. Campaginers under a enormous banner made of toast, delivered an ultimatum to DEFRA (the government department responsible for the release of GM crops) 'pull up the GM wheat or we will'. This wheat is a massive contamination risk we will not allow it to flower!

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Noah's Ark Zoo Farm visited by demonstrators

11-04-2012 08:55

As part of 'zoo awareness weekend' activists from Bristol Animal Rights Collective (BARC) paid a Saturday morning visit to Noah's Ark Zoo Farm. Noah's Ark was exposed in 2009 for numerous acts of animal cruelty. This included killing animals over winter to save money on food, and keeping a tiger cub on display up until it's death despite visitors voicing concerns for its well being, as well as many other things

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Smash EDO: Upcoming events and the Summer of Resistance

10-04-2012 20:44

The Summer of Resistance is getting closer and now is the time to get involved.

The summer will start with a demo up at the factory at 12pm on the 1st of May.

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SHAC - AstraZeneca week of action: Report & video from London stunt demo

10-04-2012 20:40

On Tuesday 27th March, SHAC London staged a few stunt demos as part of the AstraZeneca March Madness week of action.

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leyton marsh resistance this morning - report/pics

10-04-2012 18:55

protest at entrance

bailliffs and police mounted a huge operation today to resume work at the leyton marsh olympic site. several people were arrested for public order offences after holding up work for several hours.

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HLS Leak 2012: Contact the customers

10-04-2012 18:08

View the leak here:

Following on from the recent leak of documents and internal emails between HLS and
their customers etc, we would like you to focus on three recently exposed
customers to contact in this alert.

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UG#585 - Institutionalizing Wage Slavery (Plutocracy, Money and Society)

10-04-2012 17:28

This episode, a range of voices on the topic of wage slavery. In our first hour, a Wendell Berry reading, The Ecological Crisis as A Crisis of Character, a short video on fiat money, and A Brief History of Plutocracy by Robin Upton. In hour 2, the soundtrack of a video parable about big government, followed by continued reading of David Graeber's Debt, The First 5000 Years.

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UG#586 - The Iron Triangle (The Carlyle Group and Ethos)

10-04-2012 17:24

Focussing particularly on the Carlyle group, we look this week at the US Military-Industrial(-Congressional) Complex. First, we adapt for radio the 2004 video of Dan Briody's Iron Triangle - The Carlyle Group Exposed. Then, we adapt the more wide ranging 2010 documentary, Ethos, which looks at what is really going on in US behind the facade of democracy.

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UG#587 - Engineering The Stench of Urban Decay

10-04-2012 17:18

This episode spins a wide range of voices into an exposé of the myth of urban decay. We begin with Steve Macek, then hear Dr. Gabor Maté on his experiences of 'drug addicts' in an inner city neighbourhood. Our longest piece is Ivan Illich speaking about water and the sense of smell.

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Save Leyton Marsh day of action Saturday 14th April

10-04-2012 17:07

Get down to Leyton Marsh this Saturday the 14th of April from 11am for a day of action to stop the building of a permanent (they say temporary) basket ball court on the Leyton Marshes. Spread the word, lets get hundreds if not thousands of people down.

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Occupy Nottingham Call Out

10-04-2012 12:55

Occupy is essentially a think tank for the generation of ideas through public discourse and debate, to enable social, economical and environmental change, it is also an umbrella type group for all causes, groups and people, linking and bringing them together in common cause. All opinions and policies of Occupy are made by group consensus. The first true Peoples Democracy of Nottingham has begun at Occupy Nottingham's public assemblies in the Market Place just as past citizens traditionally met in the same location, will you join the people and add your body and voice to the assembly?

Occupy Nottingham Call Out


Calling all the anarchists, antifa, activists, campaigners, protesters, demonstrators, occupiers, squatters, punks, hippies, students, unionists, socialists, and communists.


Occupy Nottingham have been sat in the Market Place for six months now and they have had continual support from members and groups such as Notts Uncut, Veggies, Aut Notts, Notts Freespace, Sumac Centre, Nott'm Class War, Nott'm Zeitgeist Chapter, Anonymous, Notts Students, Notts Anarchists, Notts Green Anarchists, Notts SOS, Nott'm UAF, East Mids Active, Nott'm Afed, Nott's Critical Mass, Neds Coop, Notts Climate/Eco Campaign, Nott'm Animal Rights, Notts Solidarity Network, Notts Squatters, Socialist Party, Communist Party, the Quakers, several Churches, various Unions and more have supported us.

So far we are one of the longest lasting continual camps in the UK and the entire World! If we are evicted we intend to carry on if we still have the solidarity of the Citizens of Nottingham. We have worked hard at putting Nottingham on the map, but we need your help, only through your continued support will we be able to carry on for another six months and beyond.

We ask all community, faith, art, political, campaign groups and members to link with us and begin to develop a unified community within Nottingham.

We need your groups info, contacts, events, flyers, leaflets, booklets, papers and posters to be displayed on our tables and boards. Please bring as much along as you like (although if its substantial a table would also be helpful).

We are facing eviction, and ask all groups in and around Nottingham to make public statements in solidarity and support of us, Nottingham Quakers and Sherwood Methodist Church have already done so and we thank them very much for their solidarity and unity that they have shown with the people of Nottingham.

Our society attempts to divide us by our sex, age, continent, nationality, ethnicity, region, hometown, postcode, street, residence, religion, faith, belief, ideology, politics, opinions and then to separate us even further into sub-factions. We must not let them do this to us 'united we stand, divided we fall'.

If for example there are 50 different political campaigns of different causes being conducted with 10 people in each group, but if all 50 campaigns linked up and supported each other there would be 500 people campaigning for 50 different causes which would significantly increase their effectiveness. That is what Occupy is doing worldwide and what Occupy Nottingham is working at doing in our communities, city, county & region.

By respecting each others needs take on board the concerns of others so that what is important to you is important to me and vice versa, then together we can stand strong and make a difference to everything that needs addressing.

Ask all your friends when in town to pass by say hello, voice support, visit our stand, read our boards, stop for a chat and attend our assemblies.

Bring your input and opinion to the public assemblies and add your voice to the people of Nottingham and help show the authorities of Nottingham that the people of Nottingham will not stand for being pushed around any longer, but instead will stand together in strength and unity.



The Occupiers have been sat in the heart of the commercial and political Centre of Nottingham in what is essentially an enclave built on socialist/anarchist/communist principles and ideals by the group consensus of all the people involved. This in some respects is a trial run for the real thing, in others is the beginning of it, by contributing to a small encampment and working together there, we will be better informed, equiped, experienced to be able to cope and achieve the same in a larger society.

I would say that Occupy Nottingham has done much to effect direct action, link communities, groups and people of all backgrounds, help those who've fallen through the cracks in the system, take the focus to the root of the problem, raise awareness and highlight the fundamental issues we and the world face today and bringing this to the attention of the general public in the last six months.

The movement has chosen to drop labels and stereotypes to bring everyone together. It realises that by clinging to these often self-restricting stereotypes, we risk alienating and frightening away the vast majority of the members of the public who unfortunately believe all the propaganda and lies portrayed by the government and the media. Images of violent mask wearing anarchists, labels such as anti-capitalist just serve to compound these problems and further distance the very people we need to get our message across to.

It is not always what they are against that matters, but what we are for and in agreement on that is important. Taking out of the mix that which we know is unjust, unequal, immoral and simply is proven to not work, adding in all that is just, equal respectful and proven to actually work. Also it matters not what specific end result we each as individuals desire for society at this point. What does matter is that we if we embark upon the path that will lead us there.

Firstly we must put our differences of opinion and ideals aside, come together, find common ground and expand from there, it will be a long journey of likely many years, but unless we begin it will be even longer still if it will happen at all. Once we have united and removed the power from the elite, then we can discuss the specifics of the society we would all like, but by that time no doubt the foundations of such a society would be well in place and we would have clearer ideas of how it would function..


Call To Action

Unified long term sustained hard work, is what is needed to effect permanent social change.

One day actions, protests, demos, occupations, although important in spreading messages, do not in themselves effect long term social change, consistent long term campaigns do. It is also blatantly obvious that violence is not the way either, the authorities are far better equipped for this and public support is lost as the media portrays stereotypes, apart from when necessary within reason for self defence. These are the old ways, we must discard the previous methods and embrace this new method of engaging with people, not just sticking within comfortable circles, this way, which is perhaps the oldest of all, but been out of practice for many years. Occupy has rekindled the peoples gatherings and encampments in the Market Places of old, it is up to us to continue it and to carry it forwards forcing them to listen.

Spring is upon us, the summer of discontent is around the corner, will you join the occupiers?



We rocognise that it takes a certain amount of commitment to live on the front line in a tent and although new camp members are always welcome, there are many more ways that you can support the movement without staying in a tent, for one there is nothing that requires you to do so, every aspect of the protest can be accomplished without the need for everyone to stay in tents. There are many active working groups within the protest, check out the list on our website.

On camp things you can do to help are running the info stand, maintaining the camp, making tea for the people, cooking meals, assisting the night watch.

Off site assistance for the camp in the transportation of batteries to and from charging, rubbish removal to the tip, water collection, firewood and donation collection, laundry washing and drying.

Off camp there are also many external aspects of the protest that can be done outside of the camp, such as helping with admin side; minute taking, typing up minutes, outreach events and communication etc.

We also need donations of foodstuffs, drinks, kitchen and cleaning supplies, stationary, firewood, tents and money for gas, printing, photocopying and transport.


Occupy is essentially a think tank for the generation of ideas through public discourse and debate, to enable social, economical and environmental change, it is also an umbrella type group for all causes, groups and people, linking and bringing them together in common cause. All opinions and policies of Occupy are made by group consensus. The first true Peoples Democracy of Nottingham has begun at Occupy Nottingham's public assemblies in the Market Place just as past citizens traditionally met in the same location, will you join the people and add your body and voice to the assembly?


Unite & Occupy!

Occupy is where its at, this is where everyone comes together to find common ground and work together for change, where we stand united on the front line against the system, where we show what democracy looks like.

The Occupiers have lasted six months on the Square with some support from the Nottingham Community, are you going to join them?

Public Assemblies; Mon, Wed, Fri 12 & 6 pm + Sat roving assembly announced weekly.

Solidarity Saturday every week, come & show your support at camp.


Strike! Occupy! Resist!


Occupy Your Heart

Occupy Love

Occupy Yourself

Occupy Your Mind

Occupy Your Consciousness

Occupy The Present Moment

Occupy Your Feelings

Occupy Truth

Occupy Honesty

Occupy Your Home

Occupy Your Life

Occupy Your Family

Occupy Your Street

Occupy The Buildings!

Occupy The Streets!

Occupy The Parks!

Occupy Your Community

Occupy Respect

Occupy Creativity

Occupy The Food Supply

Occupy The Services

Occupy The Economy

Occupy The Square!

Occupy Your Town

Occupy The Nation!

Occupy Society

Occupy The World!

Occupy Change

Occupy Together



We Are The 99%

We Are Legion

Expect Us...


Occupy Nottingham

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Occupy and locals block Olympic construction

10-04-2012 11:49

#Occupy protestors and local residents blocked Oympic construction at Leyton Marshes this morning.

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Bristol May Day! Get Involved

10-04-2012 10:55


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Rich people tax avoidance = £38Billion. Poor people Benefit fraud = £1.1Billion

10-04-2012 09:33

New direct action policies against inequality required...

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Corruption In The Courts, Solicitors & Met Police

10-04-2012 08:57

The case below just shows what underhanded shit is really going on in this Country, the state are at pains to keep it away from the media.

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Nottingham Solidarity Network- Phone Blockade

10-04-2012 08:55

Nottingham Solidarity Network call for a phone blockade of Nad's takeaway on Saturday the 14th April between 6pm and 10pm.

Following the delivery of the demand letter to unscrupulous landlord Mr. Shakil on the 31st of March (see below for more info on the case), the £700 deposit still hasn't been returned to J and his housemates. Having assured Mr. Shakil that we would continue in our efforts to collect the deposit, we are calling for a phone blockade of his current workplace - Nad's takeaway owned by his brother in law - on 0115 9100555.

When youcall we ask:
- That you suggest politely that Mr. Shakil be encouraged to return J and his housemates deposit,
- That no animosity is felt towards Nads. We are merely trying to collectively respond to Mr. Shakil's treatment of his former tenants.
- That Mr. Shakil continued to collect rent from J and his housemates, but did not use the rent to pay the mortgage on the house, leading to it's repossession and the tenants eviction. - Mr. Shakil should have placed the £700 in a tenancy deposit scheme. He illegally neglected to do so.
- Various attempts have been made to contact Mr. Shakil and he has been politely asked to pay back the deposit. These requests have been ignored.
- J and his housemates are not alone in this, Nottingham Solidarity Network will continue to contact Mr. Shakil until the deposit is returned.


Help us take action against an unscrupulous landlord J and 3 friends were renting a Forest Fields house owned by landlord, Mr Shakil. When they moved in they paid Mr Shakil a £700 deposit which was never entered in any of the deposit protection schemes, as required by law. He also failed to take an inventory of neither the household's contents, nor any damage to the property.

At the end of December 2011 the tenants received letters from the mortgage holder, Northern Rock, saying that the house was to be repossessed due to mortgage payments not having been paid for 6 months. After having to go to court to delay their eviction and the time, stress and expense that entails they have now moved out of the dilapidated property and have asked for their deposit back from the landlord. Despite continuing promises to pay the deposit while still living there and knowing he has the funds, he is now refusing to pay for entirely spurious reasons. When the property was finally vacated by the tenants the upstairs shower, despite frequent requests, had not been repaired in six months. In addition large and hazardous chunks of plaster ceiling cladding regularly fell to the ground, the water poured kitchen ceiling during rain and the heating did not work.

Shak also visited the property with an associate and vociferously pushed the case for him to remove the fittings and furniture from the property despite the tenants were still residing within the property and the flimsy pretext he'd give us the deposit from selling these items. Upon moving out he completely stripped the property to the point of, removing toilets, sinks, fireplaces, shower units and light fittings, as well as ripping out walls and flooring to get at piping. When the tenants replied asking for their deposit to be returned he replied via a text that began, "LOL"."

Nottingham Solidarity Network


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May Day 2012 - National Call for Action

10-04-2012 08:36

Reclaim The Beach – May Day 2012
A National Call For Action

This is a national call-out for a week of anti-capitalist action, events and celebration throughout the UK in the first week of May 2012 to show resistance to capitalism and remember all those workers who lost their lives for a better life for us all.
Upcoming Coverage
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Upcoming Events UK
24th October, London: 2015 London Anarchist Bookfair
2nd - 8th November: Wrexham, Wales, UK & Everywhere: Week of Action Against the North Wales Prison & the Prison Industrial Complex. Cymraeg: Wythnos o Weithredu yn Erbyn Carchar Gogledd Cymru

Ongoing UK
Every Tuesday 6pm-8pm, Yorkshire: Demo/vigil at NSA/NRO Menwith Hill US Spy Base More info: CAAB.

Every Tuesday, UK & worldwide: Counter Terror Tuesdays. Call the US Embassy nearest to you to protest Obama's Terror Tuesdays. More info here

Every day, London: Vigil for Julian Assange outside Ecuadorian Embassy

Parliament Sq Protest: see topic page
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Rossport, Ireland: see topic page
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Oaxaca: Chiapas Indymedia
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