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UK Newswire Archive

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Fascist Bastard Scum Brutally Murder 18 yr Old Male in Liverpool

02-08-2005 23:01

Not a 'word' about the story on Indymedia .. ?

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World Health Assembly takes action against baby food companies

02-08-2005 21:57

Baby Milk Action's latest newsletter highlights the latest resolution from the World Health Assembly addressing baby food marketing. After years of campaigning, action has been taken on health claims used in marketing, contamination of formula and commercial sponsorship of research. Plus other news.

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Porrajmos/The Devouring

02-08-2005 20:41

European Romo Information Office (ERIO) has declared August 2 (today!) a day of reflection for the European public and media about the dangers of anti-Gypsyism and racism in general.

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South Yorkshire Policing

02-08-2005 20:39

Threatening arrest
There was an incident at the edge of Devonshire Green, Sheffield, tonight, August 2nd.

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Fight the Europe of Capital - 9/10 Sept. - Manchester

02-08-2005 20:23

No Europe
Friday/Saturday 9/10 Sept 2005: a weekend of information and protest against the meeting of the 25 EU finance ministers, led by Gordon Brown, in Manchester.

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Post-G8 protests. UK EU Presidency 2005 meetings accross UK

02-08-2005 19:49

FW:There will be opportunities for post-G8 protests in many major cities accross the UK in the coming months. EU and UK ministers will be holding key summits here as part of the UK EU 2005 presidency.

This info is found at:

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NIGERGATE: 51st US STATE--ITALY--Exporter of War-Pretenses for ROVE, LEDEEN

02-08-2005 19:41

George Bush's Private Eye
Have our Italian friends consumed too much of MSG or prions in their pepperoni? Have they thus taken leave of their senses that they allow the US CIA to get away with kidnapping persons from Italy? Have they taken so many steroids in bulking up for the soccer game that they are so deficient of testosterone that they will not bring the 19 US spies in the Abu Omar opera to justice? Surely if the US can kidnap persons it wants from Milan's ancient streets, then Italy can publish photos of the 19 so they can be returned to Italy.

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Gull's Revenge

02-08-2005 16:08

Birmingham politicians attacked by mother seagull defending children!

It's like a Hitchcock film claims Hemming!

Evening Mail article deconstructed.

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Why Bono and Geldof Got It Wrong?

02-08-2005 16:05

At the beginning of this month, the leaders of the eight most powerful nations met in Gleneagles, Scotland, to decide on the critical issues that will impact the lives of the six billion other people on this planet, and the planet itself.

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Police KILL raver at CzechTek

02-08-2005 15:55

One man confirmed dead as riot police hurl tear gas into tents and vehicles on Friday night (29th July) in their 2200 hrs raid of the legal CzechTek site.

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Peace Tax Protest - still no day in court

02-08-2005 15:47

A High Court judge has rejected an appeal by the “Peace Tax Seven” for a full hearing over human rights and military taxation.

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G8 Defendent & Prisoner Solidarity

02-08-2005 15:03

During the G8 protests across Scotland the police arrested and imprisoned around 354 people. Almost two hundred people are due to have trials in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth, Stirling and Falkirk following the G8. Court cases have already started and more are due in the next few weeks. One person are still on remand.

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Dutch government lies to protect Hutu-extremist killers in Burundi

02-08-2005 13:41

Agnes Van Ardenne: Thought FNL were just loveable rogues until August last year
"Sonofabitchism", Netherlands-style. What is the true nature of the Dutch government's relationship with Palipehutu-FNL?

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Disinformation as a Strategy of Power (Part II)

02-08-2005 13:11

"Perpetual growth is not possible in nature or anywhere else.. Globalization, the free market with its absolute competition protected by the WTO agreements doesn't have anything to do with fair competition.. Accelerated capitalism is a system that increases social inequality.."

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Support tesco wildcat strike -- pickets called for Thursday 4th

02-08-2005 12:55

JPG leaflet
Staff at Tesco distribution are on wildcat strike over pay and conditions. They are asking for support pickets -- leaflet your local Tesco on Thurs 4th Aug at 6pm

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Burngreave Community Radio

02-08-2005 12:49

The Community Radio group got their RSL for this month, 87.7 Mhz FM

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Who's paying for Sony bribes?

02-08-2005 11:27

Last week Sony BMG, one of four major record companies who control over 80% of the music industry, admitted to bribing DJ’s and radio stations in a bid to get their songs on the air.

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G8 Debrief cancelled to support the Mass Act of Defiance in Parliament Square

02-08-2005 10:54


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reports that British interests in Iran have been targeted with explosives

02-08-2005 10:23

hmmm.... Iran, Britian, terror... what next I wonder...

The offices of two scummy British corporations in Iran were targetted by a small exploision that failed to cause any significant damage.

The British embassy said the device detonated at about 9.50am on Tuesday on the 10th floor of the Sayeh Building in the downtown district of the Iranian capital.

No damage was caused by the exploding device that appeared similar to a concussion grenade, which produces only a loud noise and a shock wave on detonation.

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Jericho Boatyard still squatted and needs support

02-08-2005 10:00

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