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UK Newswire Archive

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Palestine Today 081808

18-08-2008 15:36

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Monday August 18th, 2008.

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No Borders activities against Labour Party Conference

18-08-2008 15:31

On the 20th September the Labour Party Conference will return to Manchester. To coincide with this there will be a demo organised by Stop The War and a counter conference organised by The Convention of the Left. Manchester No Borders will be hosting a number of events including a block on the demo, workshops, a tour of Manchesters immigration system and a punk and poetry evening.

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Musharraf resigns (by Latuff)

18-08-2008 15:06

Musharraf resigns!
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Liverpool's First Food Not Bombs

18-08-2008 15:01

Liverpool's social centre, Next To Nowhere, hosted the city's first Food Not Bombs event today.

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Twitter is dead - free sms alerts for the UK ended

18-08-2008 13:28

Sad news indeed, have pulled their free sms 'mini blogging' service from Europe saying it is costing them as much as £500 per year for each subscribed person. Those of us who have been using the service as a communications tool for activism will now have to revert to paying to send mass texts and that means the kind of regular news updates that have been done for climate camp etc will be too expensive to bother.

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Drax Coal Train Occupiers Plea Hearing - Climate Camp bail-breakers not punished

18-08-2008 13:15

The 29 people who occupied and partially emptied a coal train on its way to Drax power station on 13 June appeared in court today (18 August 2008) to register their pleas. Bail conditions banning defendants from entering the Hoo peninsula were dropped.

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Resistance 2010: No Olympic Games on Stolen Native Lands

18-08-2008 10:36

Please copy, distribute, forward and organize support and solidarity for the Resistance 2010 against the Vancouver Olympic Games.

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Stay away from Denmark

18-08-2008 10:05

This is to warn of any foreign person or persons who are planning to travel to Denmark.
Don’t come. Stay away. For your own, and your family’s sake.

The Danish society is in 2008 run by a right-wing extremist government, controlled by a right out fascist party called: The Danish Peoples Partry (Dansk Folkeparti). They hate foreigners.

The general atmosphere in Denmark is bad, very bad.

Especially if you are a possible refuge that is planning to seek asylum in Denmark,
help your self: don’t do it.

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Can International Activists on two Small Boats Break the Siege of Gaza?

18-08-2008 09:53

SS Free Gaza and SS Liberty in Chania, Crete on 10 August 2008 (
After many delays forty unarmed peace and justice activists from 17 countries are preparing to sail from Cyprus to Gaza to break the Israeli blockade on the Palestinian territory. They pose no threat but a moral challenge to Israel. This path-breaking voyage in the face of death threats deserves the world’s attention and support.

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Campsfield detainees end hunger strike

18-08-2008 09:43

The hunger strikers in Campsfield House ended their Hunger strike on Sunday, 17 August, following a visits from International Federation of Iraqi Refugees (IFIR) representatives Dashty Jamal and Aso Goran. The Iraqi asylum seekers started the hunger strike on Saturday 9 August demanding an end to forcible deportations to Iraq and the release of all Iraqi Kurdish asylum seekers from detention. However, they are ending the hunger strike before any one suffers ill effects from the hunger strike. Fazzel Abdul, the spokesperson for the hunger strikers, said this does not mean an end to the campaign. "We are finishing the hunger strike at this time whilst we are still all healthy. We do not want anyone to have health problems following the hunger strike."

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Fight Speciesism! #4 - Out Now

18-08-2008 01:19

September issue of the latest anti-speciesist, anti-capitalist, abolitionist direct action news is out now.

We'd also like to remind everyone that the Carnival Against Vivisection is next month in solidarity with Sean Kirtley. Don't forget to make flags and banners etc, or see the link below to buy flags from RoC.

Check out our press release:

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8-8-88 Burma Protests and Bike for Burma Report

17-08-2008 21:16

A Burmese monk unveils the glass memorial
Friday 8th August marked the 20th Anniversary of the 8-8-88 Burma democracy uprising in which at least 3,000 unarmed Burmese protesters were murdered by the Burmese junta. In London the Burmese unveiled a glass memorial at the peace park near the Imperial War museum, held a protest for political prisoners at the Burmese Embassy and in the evening had an exhibition on Burmese political prisoners at the School of Oriental and African Studies. The following day the new generation of Burmese students and exiled activists held a Bike for Burma event around London to remember 8-8-88 and ask people not to forget Burma.

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GSK and Mars vending machines sabotaged

17-08-2008 18:57

Sometime ago the Animal Liberation Front disabled vending machine coin slots owned by GlaxoSmithKline and the Mars Corporation because they mutilate animals for pointless, fraudulent research killing non-human and human animals.

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Tinkerbell, Peter Pan, Cinderella & Alladin arrested in Disney Worker action

17-08-2008 16:53

thankfully Disney has no Black heroes so the LAPD were merciful
32 people including workers & some of the most notoriously sanitised & perfidiously evil warped stereotypes to have been implanted in the 20th century child's imagination were arrested in California on Friday "on a misdemeanor count of failure to obey a police officer and two traffic infractions." As we know Aladdin is a thief & it is no surprise LAPD finally cuffed him. But the others?

Ostensibly they had been taking part in continuing trade union action against Disneyland for contracted work, health benefits and so on - so forth.

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Monday Love-18.8.8.-Amnesty/Climate Camp/Gaza/Live Music/DJs

17-08-2008 12:58

Monday Love 7
Because We Live In a World of Conflict, Misinformation, Disinformation MONDAY LOVE part 7 boards the Good Ship with a party of Grass roots Heroes and Servants of freedom.

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Shell to Sea Pirates begin Week of Action against Shell's Solitaire.

17-08-2008 12:01

Water based action against pipeline construction begins in Rossport

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SHAC Protest Outside of Barclays Bank

17-08-2008 06:20

Protest Starts
Friday 15th August

Around 6 activists lead a protest outside of Barclays Bank.Informing the public and confronting another HLS collaborator..

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Oxford vegan food fair report - your town next!

17-08-2008 04:17

Vegan food activists from Midlands Vegan Campaigns today ventured out of our own territory and in to Oxford, to the city`s first ever Free Vegan Food Fair. Did we go merely to fill our faces with the vast and assorted range of delicious free food on offer? No!! We went to lend a helping hand and to find out how food fairs elsewhere compare to those we`ve organised.

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Weekly protests continue at Novartis HQ, Horsham

17-08-2008 01:28

Friday 8th August

Novartis Horsham saw a good turnout out of activists who created quite a presence with their sea of banners. Public support of the the campaign appears to be increasing, with many cars hooting as they pass by the noisy and visual demo.
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