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Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees Demo 13th Sept 2012

23-09-2012 18:55

Charity begins refugee evictions in Glasgow

Y-People: Locks changed despite promises from Chief Executive.

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SlutWalk returns to London and raises its voice

23-09-2012 12:55

On Saturday hundreds of activists took part in SlutWalk London 2012 to demonstrate against victim-blaming in cases of rape. The protest is part of the global SlutWalk movement and also involves the campaign groups Women Against Rape and Global Womens Strike among others. 

The global SlutWalk campaign was formed following the international outcry after a police officer in Toronto, Canada addressing students in January 2011 said that in order to avoid being raped "women should avoid dressing like sluts".

The group put out a statement saying: “SlutWalk wants justice for the thousands of rape survivors who were told by the police and courts that they were dressed too provocatively, they didn’t scream loudly enough, they were too drunk or too young or too mentally ill to understand what had happened to them, they must have consented because the rapist was their (ex)husband or (ex)boyfriend, they were sex workers and should be prosecuted rather than their attackers, they were asylum seekers and should be sent back to the detention centre or deported.”

“By marching again this year, we are letting the authorities know that we will not go away until they take rape seriously by thoroughly investigating and prosecuting, so that more rapists are convicted, men generally are discouraged from sexual violence, and women get the safety and justice we deserve. We all have a right to live free from the fear of rape.

“We demand a change in police and prosecution priorities, so more rapists are convicted and we get the safety and justice we deserve. We want the freedom to live without fear of rape.”

We are delighted to be joining women, girls and our supporters of all ages and backgrounds at SlutWalk in London, part of global protests against rape and victim-blaming. As we prepare to join, we we’re circulating a response to Black Women’s Blueprint, the US group that discouraged Black women’s participation, though women of colour on every continent joined or organise marches.

Women of colour involved in Global Women's Strike stated: 

"This Saturday 22 September we aim to bring out our experience fighting rape by landlords, police, partners, soldiers, immigration officials, security guards, clients, employers, boyfriends. We think that thousands of women publicly identifying as “sluts” is a piece of power against rapists and other attackers who use the excuse of what we wear and how we look to dismiss violence against us. We hope to see you there!"

- Women of Colour @ Global Women Strike UK and US


From their website:

Why I am marching

I’m marching because my body is MINE and I can wear what ever I chose to.  

I’m marching for all those girls in abusive relationships that never leave and never call it rape and never report it.

I’m marching because my father hasn’t spoken to me in over two years because I’m a “slut” and “sex slave.”

I’m marching for all those ignorant men out there who blame women for men’s vile actions. We blame ourselves anyway. We judge ourselves and chastise ourselves and hurt ourselves.   

I’m marching for the deputy head at my CATHOLIC SCHOOL that told me “don’t start things you can’t finish.” Reassuring words to tell a traumatised teenager. What hurts more is that I know she has experienced the same thing. 

I’m marching for them not removing him from my classes and moving me instead to lower sets, even though I’m more intelligent than him, further instilling the idea in other’s minds that I’m at fault, I’m to blame and I’m a liar.

I’m marching for all those women whose cases are swept under the carpet by people in positions of power, people who are supposed to help us. 

Every day I am angry. Even in my dreams I am livid.

He took all my power away.

He took away my peace of mind.

He took away the control I felt I had over my body.

I will wake up every day and I will live and I will survive this because it has not and will not kill me. I was a victim once but that doesn’t mean that’s my label forever. I am not a slut and I am not a victim. I am a human being who was hurt and is hurting and I’m doing my damn best to heal.

I have never been able to write this down and even though it has caused a lot of tears writing it, I’m glad that Slut Walk has given me a reason to.

No one should have the power to silence us.


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The Unlawful Detention of John Bowden

23-09-2012 11:17

"If the prison authorities are determined to detain me, even unlawfully, unless I compromise my basic human integrity by never questioning or challenging their abuses of power, then I am prepared to die in here." - John Bowden

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Still Shutting Down H&K - recent news

23-09-2012 10:55

Latest news from campaign to Shut Down Heckler & Koch.

H&K on TV.  H&K arms Bahrain.  Come to one-off extra picket 26th Sept.

The episode 5 of satirical BBC TV programme The Revolution Will Be Televised has correspondent "Dale Maily" doing a report on arms dealers.  In it visits a Heckler & Koch stand at an arms fair and takes the piss out of the salesmen there.

The programme will be available to watch on BBC iPlayer until October 3rd.  The arms trade bit starts at 9 minutes, 44 seconds into the programme.  See


Heckler & Koch and two arms companies in Nottinghamshire / Lincolnshire applied to export weapons to Bahrain just before the regime began its brutal suppression of democracy protests.

H&K, as well as Primetake in Lincolnshire, and Extreme Performance, which has sites in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire, applied in 2009-10 to export weapons to Bahrain that fall into one of these categories: small arms, artillery, mortars, smoke and gas projectors, and ammunition. You can see the exact location of Primetake and Extreme Performance on CAAT's new map of the arms trade, published last month:

The Bahrain Center for Human Rights reports that since protests began in 2011, over eighty people have been killed as a result of aggressive and violent security tactics, which includes the use of small arms and an unprecedented weaponisation of teargas. Thousands of people have been arrested and tortured.

Although it is often difficult to tie UK weapons exports to specific examples of where they have been used, the fact that our local company exported small arms to Bahrain in 2009-10 is extremely significant. CAAT has contacted them to rule out that their export was to an individual or for sporting use. These companies have not ruled out that they were in fact arming the authoritarian regime, which turned its weapons on civilians.


Wednesday 26th. September at 08.30, there will be a one-off extra picket to leaflet people attending the following event being held at the church next door to H & K, a church that is well-informed of the nature of their neighbours business but chooses to ignore it. We leave you to ponder why.
Good Health in Hard Times?
Wednesday 26 September 2012, 9.15 am – 3.30 pm. Trent Vineyard, Lenton
Lane, Nottingham NG7 2PX
As economic austerity increases, this ‘Communities for Health’ Conference will pose the question ‘Is it possible to have good health in hard times?’
The programme for the day will soon be finalised and you can book early by
going to
There will be spaces at the event for projects wishing to share their good
practice on the day. For more information, please contact


Our regular pickets continue at 4pm on the second Monday every month.  We are not going away.  Please join us.


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Now we are all Persona Non Grata

23-09-2012 10:34

Text by an English comrade who was arrested during the raid on Delta squat.

Nine of the arrestees in Delta squat’s eviction were set free on bail after the trial, where they made a collective political statement. All defendants were found guilty for diverse misdemeanor charges, received suspended prison sentences (from 3 months to 16 months) and got 3 years probation. The total monetary amount of their bail was 7,950 euros. Till this day, the tenth defendant is still captive, facing the danger of deportation because of police perjury: a cop testified in court that the comrade had a fake passport (which is not true).

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Calling for mass resistance to abolition of Council Tax Benefit.

23-09-2012 10:18

Council Tax Benefit is being abolished from 1 April 2013. The proposed changes will mean those on low incomes having to pay substantial amounts of Council Tax.

Robbery of the poor once more.

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Case dismissed for Occupy London’s #M12 five

23-09-2012 06:54

Unable/unwilling to explain S14

Five Occupy London supporters viewed as a threat to the reputation of the UK economy have had the cases against them thrown out of court – with every single arrest deemed unlawful by the presiding judge.

District Judge Lachhar at Hammersmith Magistrates’ Court in West London dismissed the case this week (19 September) against the M12 five who were arrested by the Royal Exchange, just over the road from the Bank of England on 12 May, at a peaceful Occupy London event.

This event, dubbed ‘Meet the 1%‘, aimed to highlight how City institutions which helped to cause the economic crisis are continuing to profit whilst the rest of society faces austerity cuts, and was timed to coincide with an international day of action marked in over 380 cities worldwide. [1]

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Badger campaign update

22-09-2012 20:55

With the proposed slaughter of some 100,000 badgers (a.k.a Britsh Pandas!) expected to start within a week the campaign is hotting up.

The campaign against the cull is set to be the biggest animal rights protest since foxhunting was banned in 2004 and has united the country's biggest wildlife, countryside and animal welfare groups, hunt saboteurs and anti-vivisection campaigners.

With the proposed slaughter of some 100,000 badgers (a.k.a Britsh Pandas!) expected to start within a week the campaign is hotting up.

The Guardian reports that the campaign against the cull is set to be the biggest animal rights protest since foxhunting was banned in 2004 and has united the country's biggest wildlife, countryside and animal welfare groups, hunt saboteurs and anti-vivisection campaigners.

The Coalition of Badger Action Groups has promised direct action to disrupt any cull: "We will be out in the fields before and during the cull, stopping and making citizen's arrests on marksmen/women when we can, filming, rescuing injured badgers and neutralising bait points when we find them."

A Free Party is announced for Saturday 29th October in the heart of the 'cull' area in Gloucestershire. The dawn to dusk night of fun and action takes place between Newent and the Forest of Dean.

On Sunday 2nd October groups/causes of all kinds will be marching against the Tory Conference in Birmingham. Many hundreds of animal rights/wildlife campaigners are expected to march against the repeal of the hunting act, against the badger cull & for a wild animal circus ban (amongst other things!)

Meanwhile, in Nottingham, a protest planned for Thursday 27th October has been brought forward to 1pm to maximise support from lunchtime shoppers and workers on lunchbreaks. Meeting at a badger campaign stall at the Lions at 12noon, the protest moves to Tesco's on Angel Row (opposite the Central Library) for 1pm, to highlight the failure of Tesco's to boycott milk from the cull zones.

Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs are also calling for anyone is interested in surveying potential cull zonesto contact them.


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Tax-dodging Barclay brothers suing the UK for £1bn

22-09-2012 20:12

Tax-dodging Barclay brothers
Sir David and Sir Frederick Barclay, proprietors of the Ritz hotel and The Daily Telegraph living in tax exile in Monaco, are suing the HMRC for £1bn of taxpayers money at a time when the country's public debt is close to a £1 trillion and public services are being cut.

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Social cleansing blitzkrieg in Tower Hamlets under exec mayor Lutfur

22-09-2012 10:55

Last Wednesday’s [19 September 2012] Full Council held with Tower Hamlets Borough’s executive mayor Lutfur Rahman in attendance, heard Labour Councillor Denise Jones say that she was ashamed as she observed that Lutfur Rahman was refusing to answer Questions or speak about issues that were of concern to the residents.

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Calais, after the jungles

22-09-2012 10:30

Living conditions: Salam
The 22nd September is the 3rd anniversary of the destruction of the ‘jungle’. Three years later, over 200 migrants are still in Calais, surviving in terrible conditions.

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Norwegian activist: Breivik trial has taught us a lot about far right networks

22-09-2012 00:45

BCfm's weekly politics show. At five: discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world. After six: straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers. For all the shows back to Easter 2009 visit the Friday Drivetime archive page.

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We were wrong to think the environment could wait

22-09-2012 00:15

Amy Hall meets outspoken Filipino campaigner Lidy Nacpil, who shares her thoughts on floods, solidarity and ramming home the climate-change message.

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Latest news from Comandante Abel

21-09-2012 19:33

Attacks on the Zapatista communities of Chiapas are increasing.

Paramilitary groups are acting with impunity

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"NO MORE WAR!" Shout Case Dismissed!

21-09-2012 19:03

I Got Away With It. Why Not You?

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Residents fight Mcr Airport 'World Logistics Hub'

21-09-2012 18:55


Local residents and environmentalists have began organising to oppose Manchester Airport's plans to concrete over former greenbelt land to build a 'World Logistics Hub'.  If given the go-ahead, the proposals would involve the construction of around 43 warehouse and office units plus over 1400 carparking spaces.  This would require the eviction of residents, the destruction of greenspace for local people, an increase in traffic congestion, carbon emissions and noise pollution from the Airport's cargo services.  

The plans are part of George Osbourne's 'Airport City Enterprise Zone'.  Residents are preparing a objections to the planning application and have begun an online petition here:


The area to the south of the Airport is currently home to residential houses and greenfields and also borders onto Cotterill Clough - a Site of Special Scientific Interest.  The Airport 'anticipate' that 1800 jobs will be created over a 15 year period.  However, a report on the wider Airport City proposals in Autumn 2011 by the Campaign to Protect Rural England found that many of these job creation projections actually involved displacing pre-existing jobs from elsewhere in Manchester, as firms relocate to take advantage of the cheap business rates on offer.

The land around Sunbank Lane was recently taken out of the greenbelt in Manchester City Council's 'Core Strategy' which was approved in July 2012.  Many residents say they were not informed or consulted of these plans.  Audrey O'Donovan said,  "As a resident and chairman of Ringway Parish Council, I am appalled at the lack of consultation by Manchester Airport when removing Oak Farm and surrounding area out of the green belt and changing the planning status enabling them to once again encroach on our countryside. All in the name of so-called progress." 

On 5th September 2012, Ringway Parish Council members were joined by members of the A556 Lobby Group, campaigners from Stop Expansion at Manchester Airport (SEMA) and over 80 local residents to voice their opposition to the planning application submitted by Manchester Airports Group (MAG).

Members of the A556 Lobby Group explained that the recent planning application has shed light on how the Airport’s plans fit in to a broader picture of development in the area.  Matt Parkinson, who attended the meeting, said:

"We have long suspected that the proposed A556 bypass has more to do with facilitating Government plans for the massive expansion of Manchester Airport, than to provide an "environmental improvement" to the people living alongside the current A556.

"We feel the time has come for all local groups fighting to save their villages, countryside and way of life to join together, to realise the bigger picture and to oppose the notion of 'growth' at any cost. We believe the vast majority of people would prefer to see targeted investment in sustainability in order to create jobs which genuinely benefit society, human well-being and our environment rather than local MP, George Osborne's obsession with growth for growths sake."

The planning application will be considered by the Councillors on the Wythenshawe Area Committee on 25th October 2012. 

Residents living at the La Saulce squat at the ZAD, (Zone A Defendre, meaning ‘Zone to Defend’), near Nantes in France, who have been opposing a massive airport project for over 40 years recently sent a message of solidarity:

"We want to send a message of solidarity to those standing up to airport expansion in Manchester and let you know that there are many communities worldwide involved in the same struggle. Together, we can learn from each others experiences and be part of a movement  fighting not just against useless and destructive projects but for a world where we're not ruled by profit and where communties are able to take control of their lives".

Click here to sign the petition against the World Logistics Hub.

The planning application documents can be downloaded from the Manchester City Council planning website (Search under A538).  Letters of objection can be emailed to

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We belive what we belive

21-09-2012 18:55

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Tomorrow's Stop G8 planning meeting - details

21-09-2012 18:27

Stop G* is a network set up to oppose the G8 summit which is taking place in the UK in 2013

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Badger campaign & other Nottm AR Events

21-09-2012 16:55

This month our minds are focussed on the forthcoming killing of badgers, whilst dairy cows and their calves continue to suffer unnatural and abusive practices....

Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd September : Veggies catering at Elvaston Woodland Festival. Help welcome for vegan catering and animal rights stall. Leaving 08:30 from Sumac on Saturday and 09:00 from Sumac on Sunday. As ever Nottm Hunt Saboteurs will be protecting wildlife in the fields on Saturday: People's Kitchen at Sumac this Saturday is Dhal with vegetable rice and big colourful salads. --- Thursday 27th September : Anti Badger Slaughter information stall by the Lions in city centre. Meet 12:00. Then on to... Thursday 27th September Demo to Stop Tesco, the Badger Killers, outside Tesco opposite Angel Row Library in city centre from 4pm with Press expected at 5pm. Numbers needed for this very important demo. See This page also has a link for the petition 'Stop the badger cull'. This is the highest trending petition in the UK, with around 500 signing each hour, for a current total approaching 78,000. When it reached 100,000 the government are obliged to respond. On the topic of badger actions, if anyone is interested in surveying potential cull zones, please contact our hunt sab division ( --- Friday 28th September : Possible Greyhounds demo, need a couple more people to go ahead however.. If we get them then it would be usual time of 18:30. --- Sunday 30th September : Animal Blessing event at Southwell Minster to mark St Francis' day. An uplifting day and another outreach opportunity? Report from last year at --- Monday 1st October : Labour Animal Welfare Society Conference in Manchester. Networking opportunity and free vegan buffet... From 18:30 --- Thursday 4th October : World Animal Day. There will be a "Support Adoption" stall 11:00 at lions in Market square. --- Saturday 6th October : National Badger Day.. What shall we do? Also March for Farmed Animals in Brighton. No organised transport, but possible car sharing? --- Sunday 7th October : Anti Badger Cull demo outside the Conservative Party Conference. Starts 12 noon, outside the 'International Convention Centre' in Birmingham. ------------------------------------ ________________________________________________ - - - - - - Nottingham Animal Rights - - - - - - c/o Sumac Centre, 245 Gladstone Street, Nottingham NG7 6HX Ph: 0845 458 9595 / mobile:0787 086 1837 Email: Website : Event details on Veggies/Sumac Diary: Nottingham Animal Rights newslist:

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John Bowden - Time To Get Him OUT!

21-09-2012 15:52

John Bowden has been in jail more than 30 years. Anarchists need to fight to get him out.
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