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UK Newswire Archive

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Harmondsworth Solidarity

01-12-2006 20:59

Harmondsworth solidarity demo
Report of demonstration today outside London HQ of Kalyx, the private company running Harmondsworth detention centre

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EDO gets another night time visit

01-12-2006 17:00

EDO are a factory on Home Farm Road, Brighton making money out of selling weapons for use in Iraq and Palestine

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OutRage!- gay refugees abused at UK detention centre.

01-12-2006 16:42

OutRage! reveals the abuse of lgbt people held in Harmondsworth. (and demands all such places should be closed.)

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Indymedia it is dead - long live indymedia

01-12-2006 16:21

Indymedia Italy Closes to Start Over Again.

"Through it all, Indymedia has always maintained its nature of a local/global network that now returns to the streets and to the piazzas to close the circle." -

The following is an english translation of a statement from the IMC Italy collective...

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Families on Hungerstrike in Yarl's Wood Detention Centre

01-12-2006 15:40

Many of the adults detained in Yarl's Wood have refused food this morning (1 Dec 2006) in protest at conditions in the centre. There has been an outbreak of diarrhea amongst the children under 5 and many of the children are not eating as they find the food unpalatable. 70 adults and 40 children are currently detained in the family unit of Yarl's Wood IRC.

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West Papua Independence Day Demo, London

01-12-2006 15:23

About 20 people gathered in the rain outside the Indonesian Embassy in central London to celebrate West Papua independence day. December 1 marks the 45th anniversary of the date on which the newly formed West New Guinea Council voted to rename their territory West Papua and affirmed their own flag (Morning Star) and national anthem.

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01-12-2006 14:29

10.00 to 17.00
Venue: London Metropolitan University, Libeskind Building (Graduate School), 166-220 Holloway Road N7, (tube Holloway Road).

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Feminist Health Gathering January 2007 Leeds

01-12-2006 14:18

Jan 19th - 21st

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Public to be sold shares in new prisons.

01-12-2006 13:37

Below is a flyer I'd been working on - before abandoning the concept as being too far fetched to be funny.

Above however is today's Guardian headline.

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Sabotaged promised as government test public resolve on GM

01-12-2006 12:57

Protesters have pledged to take direct action to sabotage genetically modified crop trials that the government has today given the go ahead for. These trials will be the first GM trials to take place in this country for several years after a sucessful campaign of resistance. The new trial is widely regarded as a test of public resolve before further attempts to introduce genetically modified organisms on a commercial scale to a unwilling public...

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National Front march

01-12-2006 12:44

Fash Scum Parade

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State Scum Protect Hunt Scum (again)

01-12-2006 12:31

Yesterday four hunt saboteurs were arrested under section 5 of the Public Order Act, as they followed a beagle pack near Chipping Sodbury, just outside Bristol.

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Asylum Seekers get an early xmas present

01-12-2006 09:33

Here is a little snippet of what life is like for a destitute refugee. (see below for definition *)

3 Destitute men have been seeking shelter in some empty council flats. The council are seeking to sell the land on which the flats are built to

Arches Housing.
122 Burngreave Road
South Yorkshire
S3 9DE

Phone: 0114 228 8100
Fax: 0114 228 8150



The council began legal proceedings to regain possession of the flats (court date set for 7th of December). Arches Housing have employed Red Wall construction (Building Contractor) to demolish the flats when they are emptied. On the 28th November 2006 (according to reports via Arches Housing) Red wall construction workers found all the front doors of the occupied flats open and apparently abandoned.

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People fighting back in Tonga - IMC activists reports and photos

01-12-2006 03:08

Riots broke out in Tonga's capital Nuku'alofa after a pro-democracy demonstration on Thursday, 16th November, in the Kingdom. About 3000 people marched onto parliament with banners calling for immediate reform, others attacked public figures, while another labeled the current structure a "deadly virus". In the afternoon, after parliament was cancelled, protesters started smashing government buildings and set fire to businesses owned by the Prime Minister and the King in the city centre and turned cars over. Windows were smashed in the Prime Minister's Office, Parliament House, the Magistrates Court,the Public Service Commission Office, the Ministry of Finance and three vehicles overturned and government cars smashed in government parking lots. One company targeted was power company Shoreline, owned by the King. The aristocratic class control the economic and political aspects of life against which the people have been resisting for years. The protests and riots are part of the struggle against the feudal system which is oppressing the Tongan people for years.

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Castle Bidco, HBOS, Sir Tom Hunter, “Please Support Us!” Ask Evicted Family

01-12-2006 02:36

Andrew Hornby HBOS Chief Executive Asked to Support Family Campaign for Justice
Crest Nicholson Plc has recently rejected *a £660 million takeover bid from Castle Bidco, the consortium vehicle of HBOS Plc and Sir Tom Hunter, the Scottish entrepreneur. Supported by Bank of Scotland Corporate and Sir Tom’s West Coast Capital, further talks with Crest seem likely. Meanwhile, an evicted Family of seven from Wales asks for support in their Family Campaign for Social Justice!

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The Coup d’Etat in Mexico

01-12-2006 00:57

As a New Regime Prepares to Seize Control December 1, Promising a New Wave of Repression, the Antidote Is Being Born from Below

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EVERYTHING4EVERYONE Oaxaca solidarity assembly (hackney)

01-12-2006 00:37

Pre-opening day assembly at Everything4everyone "new" occupied building

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Trident White Paper? Get yer lock-ons out!

30-11-2006 23:43

GP/BtB weapons inspection thingy (27/11/06)
The government will publish its white paper on the future of Britain's nuclear weapons on Monday 4 December 2006. Block the Builders are calling a mass blockade of AWE Aldermaston on 11 December.

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Ultra vires: briefing for student activists

30-11-2006 23:01

Education Not for Sale has produced a briefing for student activists about the "ultra vires" provisions of charities law.
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