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UK Newswire Archive

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Iranian Woman Sentenced to Death by Stoning

24-08-2006 22:30

Ashraf Kolhari, a 37-year-old mother of four, has been sentenced to death by stoning for committing adultery in Iran. Kolhari was arrested five years ago and has been awaiting her sentence in prison. Recently, she received the decision that she would be executed by the end of July.

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The Problem With...Tourism

24-08-2006 22:11

The human race is a race of travellers; we have imagined, discovered, explored, charted and opened up almost all of the Earth's land surface, and are rarely content to stop moving. Given the time and (usually) money, we have an instinctive urge to travel; whether this be to feed our imaginations, stimulate our senses or satisfy some less clear urge that we do not fully understand, we travel. Six and a half billion humans with itchy feet is not something we should take lightly.

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Beating the Drums of War: Army & Marines authorize "Involuntary Conscription"

24-08-2006 21:22

The compulsory recall of ‘inactive servicemen’ in the United States might even go unnoticed in North America and most the world until analysts, historians and later generations look back at the present events unfolding in these contemporary times, years from now and place them into focus within a larger matrix of events.

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UK nuclear lobby and Shell in Ireland

24-08-2006 21:21

Dieter Helm, advisor to Blair and the force behind the push for new nuclear power stations in the UK is set to visit Westport in Mayo, Ireland 4-5th Sept.

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Teaching Compassion in Coventry - Cruelty Free Fair & Talks

24-08-2006 21:16

This will be a fantastic day with many attractions including cruelty-free merchandise stalls from a variety of animal protection organisations, speakers, films, vegan cafe, cookery demonstration, FREE veggie food samples and recipes and lots more. This will be an exciting and unique event in Coventry, raising awareness of how everyone can live compassionate, healthy, ethical lifestyles and help to create a more caring society. FREE entry.

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24-08-2006 20:22


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An American dream

24-08-2006 19:26

Amerikan dream
Expansionism and a good life for all?

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(decentralised) Organic Horticulture Teachers - an idea?

24-08-2006 19:25

An idea on getting more people into growing their own food as a means of minimising carbon emissions, etc. Please comment - but tactfully, please. Some people who post on here.... well, anyway - I hope the idea is of worth & interest.

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Free in our Time…

24-08-2006 19:22

While we in this country are subjected to endless coverage of fake bomb plots and a ten year old dead white girl case, the 33 Day War has dramatically altered the Middle East and the World. The slaves of Lebanon took the full wrath of their master and did not blink. This is a powerful turning point in the balance of power and marks the beginning of the end of subjugation.

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Ilengela Must Stay

24-08-2006 18:58

Ilengela Ileo
Ilengela Ileo is a 30 year old woman facing deportation to the DRC. She has lived in the UK for 3 years with her Mum and baby Sister who have leave to remain. She knows nobody in the DRC, her 4 brothers and 1 sister are missing presumed dead. We want the Home Office to allow her stay with her family on compassionate grounds. Please give us your support.

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Israeli police have questioned President Moshe Katsav over allegations of sexual

24-08-2006 18:44

What do people expect from criminal Extremists?

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Mexico Approaches the Combustion Point

24-08-2006 18:43

Mexico - and indeed, most of S. America - shows the world how to deal with absolute political corruption. Our domesticated activists should be taking detailed notes right now, in those countries being led by illegitimate Regimes who openly commit War Crimes, like Britain, the US, etc.

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Are FOX News Employees really “Noncombatants”?

24-08-2006 18:40

We still have absolutey no idea who has captured the two reporters, or - in fact - if the kidnappers were of Palestinian origin.
Israel would absolutely love for the media to leave Gaza and never come back, so that there is no light shown on the plight of Palestinians in Gaza to the rest of the world.

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Threat from Sussex Police to Smash EDO

24-08-2006 18:34

e mail received re 16th december march over edo's complicity in war crimes in lebanon, palestine, iraq and afghanistan

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The enviromental cost of Israel's lunacy. August 24th. Photo report

24-08-2006 18:13

This beach would usually be packed at this time of year. Every lifeguard station would be operational and the sand would be obscured by tens of thousands of sunbathers and local families. This was the hub of Beirut’s growing tourist industry. Now the bars along the sea front are as deserted as the beach itself. It is closed to the public for reasons of safety. Only press and volunteer clear-up teams are allowed in. Last night CNN ran a highly biased documentary about the effect of the war on Israel’s tourist industry. What about Lebanon? Tourism was the fastest growing part of this little country’s economy. Unlike Israel there is no American money to plug the gap left in people’s livelihoods. The damage to the income of the coastal towns and cities is high; the environmental damage is nothing short of a catastrophe

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Kelly - from race equality to 'race relations'

24-08-2006 18:11

Ruth Kelly’s speech is worrying. She is actually arguing for a change in policies regarding race that means toning down the race equality model to go back to old-fashioned race relations model.

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What is Christian Dispensationalism?

24-08-2006 17:47

In order to understand the undying support for Israel from the Bush/Blair clan, one must understand Christian fundamentalism.

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Fire Scab Scandal

24-08-2006 16:20

Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority - whose 3 million pounds worth of cuts to services provoked the forthcoming strike - have found enough money to offer time and a half for strikebreakers! Firefighters must resist this attempt to divide and conquer!

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Asylum Seeker - between Life and Death

24-08-2006 15:41

An asylum seeker's story...

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Callout to Set up the Climate Camp

24-08-2006 15:18

The site is relatively secure, and over a hundred activists have been putting together some of the infrastructure for the camp. And sleeping, a bit. More are needed to get everything ready for the opening on Saturday.
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