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UK Newswire Archive

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Security Council calls for "immediate release" of Schalit.

22-07-2010 10:15

Aid convoys like the May 31 Gaza flotilla “are not helpful to resolving the basic economic problems in Gaza and needlessly carry the potential for escalation,” according to a briefing the UN under-secretary-general for political affairs presented to the Security Council on Wednesday.

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Important notice for Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender (LGBT) who have been refus

22-07-2010 09:19

You can now ask UKBA for your case to be reviewed in light of the judgement of the Supreme Court in HJ (Iran) & HJ (Cameroon).

[ HJ (Iran) & HJ (Cameroon) may also be beneficial to religious minorities who have been refused asylum on the grounds that they could relocate. You will need to check with a reliable solicitor/case worker. ]

Asylum Seekers [ HJ (Iran) & HJ (Cameroon) ]

House of Lords / 21 July 2010 : Column WA216

Lord Avebury to ask Her Majesty's Government whether they will issue an asylum policy instruction following the judgment of the Supreme Court in HJ (Iran) (FC) v Secretary of State for the Home Department and HJ (Cameroon) (FC) v Secretary of State for the Home Department; and whether they will review decisions by the UK Border Agency which may be incompatible with that judgment.[HL1207]

Baroness Neville-Jones: Asylum decision-makers were instructed to apply the new test contained in the judgment immediately after the judgment was published. They have also been asked to review, in the light of the new test, cases in which a decision has already been made but in which appeal rights have not yet been exhausted.

There will not be an automatic review of cases where appeal rights have been exhausted but individuals are able to ask for their case to be reviewed in light of the new judgment.

An asylum policy instruction will be published within the next few months. This will reflect the judgment and we will develop better training to promote understanding of sexual orientation and identity issues in order to help decision-makers to decide on the basis of the best available information and knowledge.

Summery of the Judgement can be accessed below:

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Who's aiding Judaisation?

22-07-2010 07:00

US has poured more money into Israel than it did into the Marshall Plan for the reconstruction of Europe after World War II.

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Nottingham Asian Mela

22-07-2010 03:24

Sunday 18th July 2010. Arboretum

A celebration of Asian music, dance, art and culture.

A celebration of Asian music, dance, art and culture.

This years Nottingham Asian Mela moved again from its previous locations on the Forest ground, Market Square to the Arboretum Park.

I have contributed pictures to the book "Coming of Age", published earlier this year. Describing the first 21 years of Mela in the UK.

It is accompanied by an exhibition at the New Art Exchange, Gregory Boulevard, Nottingham.

Press Release:

Nottingham Asian Arts Council

Photographer - Media: One Eye on the Road. Nottingham.  UK
Member of the National Union of Journalists [NUJ]
"It is not enough to curse the darkness.
                                   It is also necessary to light a lamp!!"

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Yarl's Wood family unit to close

22-07-2010 02:34

Family unit in Yarl's Wood detention centre for those deemed unlawful immigrants to close

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Rotten picket in Bristol

22-07-2010 00:22

PRESS REPORT for Tuesday 20th July 2010
Twenty to thirty Palestine supporters maintained a vigorous picket throughout the evening outside the O2 Academy, in Bristol on Tuesday 20th July.
Chanting “Johnny Rotten, Johnny Rotten, Gaza must not be forgotten” they waved flags and placards.
They spoke to fans attending the gig and handed out fliers and cards.

Accompanying the picket were two eight-foot high stilt-walkers.
These were dressed as Johnny Rotten in his punk-rock era garb of union-jack jacket and spiked hair, plus a machine-gun armed Israeli Soldier.
About a eight hundred to thousand fans attended the gig from all across the South West.
A few weren’t interested in talking to the protesters, and some obviously misunderstood the issues.
One fan said “Johnny Rotten is an anarchist - so he’s not interested in politics!”
But many others were very interested to engage and were keen to explain they were Palestine sympathisers.
Comments like “I really support what you’re doing, Johnny Lydon needs to reconsider his Tel Aviv gig”
Or “I really agree with you, I’m totally on the side of the Palestinians”
One fan asked advice from protesters about ways to visit Palestine to help with the olive harvest!
Another fan donated a spare ticket so one of the protesters could go in and shout slogans during the performance.

The event was organised by the Bristol Palestine Solidarity Campaign
A spokesperson said “We are delighted by the turnout this evening. Bristol has very special links with Palestine and local people are very aware of what’s happening there. We’re glad that Johnny Rotten played his first gig here so we could organise a really vigorous picket. We hope we’ve shown that everywhere he plays on his tour there will be a protest until he listens properly to the issues”

Campaigners are encouraging fans to contact Johnny Lydon to express their views on the following email addresses:-
Johnny’s website:
His agent:
His company:

They can also join the Facebook page “Johnny Rotten you ain’t no human being if u play the Israeli fascist regime” which is already attracting hundreds of members see

There is now a growing national campaign seeking to dissuade artists from supporting Israel.
Artists who have already cancelled gigs in Israel include:- Carlos Santana, Elvis Costello, The Pixies, The Klaxons, The Gorillas, and Gil Scott-Heron.
Dustin Hoffman & Meg Ryan are boycotting the Israeli film festival.
Last week Pink Floyd reunited for a Palestine awareness benefit concert in Oxfordshire to raise money for young Palestinians.

An open letter from students and academics in Gaza released on Monday appealed to John Lydon to “Rise against Racism”
It points out that John Lydon and his band PIL recorded a song in the 1980’s in support of the anti-apartheid campaign against the regime in South Africa
Palestine campaigners say “We would like to think that John Lydon hasn’t forgotten his principles of that era. Does he know that South Africans say that the Palestinians are now suffering a worse form of apartheid than even they did in the eighties? Hasn’t John heard of the Wall, the brutal carve-up of the West Bank, the war crimes against Lebanon and Gaza, or the Mavi Marmara? ”

A spokesperson for Bristol-Palestine Solidarity Campaign said
“Come on Johnny, don’t be rotten, don’t play Israel!
Why are you supporting an apartheid state?
Don’t you know about more than forty years of illegal occupation, the Wall, or the war-crimes in Gaza?
We’re calling on you’re fans to tell you loud and clear – don’t support Israel.
Cancel your Tel Aviv gig and heed the Palestinian call for boycott.

Actions are being planned across the country. See tour details at:

Leeds Palestine Solidarity Campaign are planning to picket Rotten’s gig. They have also set up a Facebook page which is already attracting hundreds of posts from fans see

Protests are planned in Liverpool, and Scotland and throughout the country

See also excellent article by David Cronin in the Guardian on Wednesday 21st July
“John Lydon’s rotten poltics”


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Stop the English Defence League Luton tomorrow! Meet Luton Town Center 12 noon

21-07-2010 21:14

The English Defence League are a racist and Islamophobic organisation of football hooligans with connections to UKIP. Thier protests attract racists from BNP, Combat 18, Blood and Honour, Natiional Front and brother groups the Welsh Defence League [pictured], the Scottish Defence League, EDL Jewish Division. They have violently attacked Muslims acroos the country. Stop the EDL!

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Charges Dropped on Circus Protester

21-07-2010 18:23

Charges against an Animal Rights Activist for protesting against an animal circus have been dropped after pleading not guilty.

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McKaskill, Obama and the Black Black Oil

21-07-2010 17:23

Question: When an alcoholic leaves a bar, gets behind the wheel and drunkenly drives into his third or fourth wreck, do you blame the bartender who served the drinks or the alcoholic who drank them? Now answer this: When a society addicted to greater and greater fossil fuel use experiences what may amount to the largest oil spill in world history – after a growing number of other fossil fuel catastrophes – do you blame the oil company that drilled for the oil or the society that uses it? – No Impact Man

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ALIU confirm closure of B&K Universal

21-07-2010 17:02

The Animal Liberation Investigation Unit have been keeping a close eye on East Yorkshire laboratory animal breeder B&K Universal Group (also known as Bantin and Kingman) since they were taken over by US-based Marshall BioResources Inc in October 2009.

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Machinery sabotaged at a coal mine near Manchester

21-07-2010 16:23

Original post.

Activists entered the Cutacre coal mine in the early hours of a June morning, & sabotaged 7 monster-trucks, used to transport coal around the site.

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*Freeskilling* - Life Drawing

21-07-2010 16:22

27 July Life Drawing
An informal life drawing session with a clothed model. Please bring paper or sketch books, something to lean on and a selection of pens, pencils or charcoal. With Clodagh Scott

27 July Life Drawing
An informal life drawing session with a clothed model. Please bring paper or sketch books, something to lean on and a selection of pens, pencils or charcoal. With Clodagh Scott

7pm Better Food Company Sevier Street

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Palestine Today 07 21 2010

21-07-2010 16:06

Welcome to Palestine Today a service of the International Middle East Media Centre, for Wednesday, July 21, 2010.

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Refugee graffiti

21-07-2010 14:37

I seen this walking up victoria road on the glasgow southside, whoever done this didnt know how to spell well, anyways, its got the point across about the refugees florence and precious who the uk borders agency want to deport.

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Climate Camp Cymru 2010 [1]

21-07-2010 14:22

Open cast is trashing the south Wales landscape
It’s time to take action
Climate Camp Cymru
13 – 17 August
featured image
Climate Camp Cymru writes: Open cast is trashing the south Wales landscape. It’s time to take action

Climate Camp Cymru 13 – 17 August

Momentum is building. Last year we camped next to Ffos y Fran - one of the largest opencast mines in Europe - for a week of workshops and sustainable living. This summer we’re going back to basics with a light action-based camp, targeting coal somewhere in south Wales.

Our current economic system is based on an addiction to fossil fuels and on maximising profit at the expense of people and the environment. Fossil fuel corporations cannot be allowed to progress unchecked. We need green jobs for Wales, not dirty destruction.

On the 13th we’ll meet in Cardiff and make our way from there to the site.

Burning coal is destroying our climate, while opencast mining damages the earth and the health of local people. We must leave it in the ground.

Join a growing number of ordinary people taking direct action, and exploring alternatives, to stop the madness that is destroying the earth. This August 13th -17th come to Climate Camp Cymru.

Full Story | Climate Camp Cymru | Camp for Climate Action Website | Ffos-y-Fran Coal Train Blockade

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Scroll down for English

Mae cloddio glo brig yn dinistrio De Cymru
Mae’n amser weithredu.
Climate Camp Cymru
13-17 August

Mae momentwm yn adeiladu. Llynedd buon ni’n wersylla ger Ffos-y-Fran, un o’r safleoedd glo brig fwyaf yn Ewrop- am wythnos o weithdai ar bywoliaethau cynaladwy. Yr haf yma rydyn ni’n ail-cydio’r fflam wreiddiol oedd ar wraidd y mudiad yma gyda camp ysgafn sy’n canolbwyntio ar weithrediad uniongyrchol, yn targedu glo rhywle yn Ne Cymru.

Mae ein system economig presennol yn or-ddibynnol ar danwyddau ffosil, ac yn rhoi bwyslais ar cynhyrchu elw i’r lleiafrif er ddifrod pobol a’r amgylchedd. Na fedr y cwmniau tanwydd ffosil gael ei adael i gario ymlaen. Mae angen swyddi wyrdd i Gymru, nid dinistriaeth budr.

Ar Awst y 13fed byddwn yn cwrdd yng Ngaerdydd a gwneud ein ffordd i’r safle.

Dewch a’r offer canlynol-

-Sach cysgu
-Dillad twym a dillad glaw
-Plat, bowlen, cwpan, cyllell a fforc
-Bydd beic yn ddefnyddiol hefyd!

Mae llosgi glo yn difrodi ein hinsawdd, ac mae cloddio glo brig yn dinistrio’r amgylchedd a iechyd pobol lleol. Mae’n rhaid inni gadael glo dan y ddaear.

Ymunwch a nifer cynyddol o bobl arferol sy’n chwilio llwybr arall, ac yn cymryd gweithrediad uniongyrchol i atal y gwallgofrwydd sy’n dinistrio y planed. Ar Awst y 13fed-16fed dewch i Climate Camp Cymru.
07040 909 147

Open cast is trashing the south Wales landscape
It’s time to take action
Climate Camp Cymru
13 – 17 August

Things to bring:

> Tent
> Sleeping bag
> Warm clothes and waterproofs
> Plate, bowl, mug and cutlery
> and a bike could be useful too

Burning coal is destroying our climate, while opencast mining damages the earth and the health of local people. We must leave it in the ground.

Join a growing number of ordinary people taking direct action, and exploring alternatives, to stop the madness that is destroying the earth. This August 13th -17th come to Climate Camp Cymru.
07040 909 147

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West Midlands IWW Benefit Gig This Friday 23rd July

21-07-2010 14:03

This gig will be on the new stage in the yard.

Food available

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RBS teach-in and affinity group training this saturday, SOAS

21-07-2010 13:46

Climate Camp london are putting on a teach-in and training ahead of the summer camp in August.

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West Papuan to Speak at Coconut Revolution Screening TONIGHT

21-07-2010 13:22

A West Papuan will be joining us at The Factory tonight for the screening of Coconut Revolution
A West Papuan will be arriving in Bristol today to talk about the situation in Bougainville. This will be part of the Alternatives To Capitalism Reading Group's film night at The Factory which will be screening The Coconut Revolution which is all about the Bougainville Revolutinary Army's struggles to gain autonomy.

Discussions will follow the film and we will also be serving vegan coconut cake!
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