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UK Newswire Archive

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letter to kent police legal services

14-08-2008 17:36

hands up who is havin difficulty gettin stuff back from the kent police?

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USA: Rep + Dem Convention Mass Protests planned

14-08-2008 17:17

Mass protests are promised from all sorts of protestors at the Republican National Convention: St. Paul, Minnesota in September 1 - 4, 2008 and the Democratic National Convention: Denver, Colorado from August 24 - 28, 2008

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Bodge House (Shipley) coal tunnellers evicted after week underground

14-08-2008 16:55

Two people have been evicted from the tunnels at Shipley opencast coal site. Press release text.

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Bradford Council Demo - 29th August '08

14-08-2008 16:29

29th AUGUST 2008
MEET 11am @ Bradford Council, Jacob's Well, Bradford, BD1 5RW
(Please note that the demo is not at the Bradford Town Hall, but at the council offices opposite)

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When is a bloodsport not a bloodsport? When it's a grouse shoot!

14-08-2008 16:00

The Bingley Moor Partnership and the Moorlands Association have been busy in the lead-up to the ‘Glorious 12th’, the official start of the grouse shooting season, trying to make it in the headlines and turn the tables on the general public opposition to bloodsports.

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Palestine Today 081408

14-08-2008 13:48

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Thursday August 14th, 2008.

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the ed-files - no to ilkley shoot

14-08-2008 12:30

Is it time to stop the ilkley shoot?

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NW // Mersyside cops posing as lifts for Saturday Anti-BNP Demo...

14-08-2008 12:27

We had a phone call offer last night from someone calling themselves Steve saying they could pick us up for the demo in Derby this weekend.

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Angel Group Demonstration Friday 15th August 11.30am-1.30pm

14-08-2008 11:06

Come and join the protest against the exploitation of asylum seekers by Angel Group. Outside Angel Group Offices, 149 Harehills Road, opposite Dock Green Pub near St. James Hospital.

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REMEMBER EACH ELEVENTH . . . . progress, despite desperate "minderbinder" ploys!

14-08-2008 10:25

The "remember each eleventh" campaign is based around the idea that the eleventh of the eleventh "poppy day" isnt enough, these days, as we seem not to "remember" so much that our repetitions of past tragedies is almost past farcical . . . . hence, 12 times a year, a week of action around the eleventh around the widest possible formal/informal coalition, on the lines of the passionate reasoning that put the circular "wreath" on a lasting memorial in whitehall ( a "traffic hazard", "sticking up like a sore thumb" as the blocking efforts of the bureacrats of the time had it ) - to represent those of all spiritual traditions, politics, etc - but also those without.

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Sweaty Bolox - request for pics of new piece on M40 :)

14-08-2008 10:23

A small group of pixies traveled along the M40 yesterday for a bit of painting and decorating. A fence was lovingly adorned with the words 'SWEATY BOLOX', with warped and dripping Olympic rings in the middle, ooozing yuk and dripping blood.

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ISS hits migrant tube strikers; protestors hit ISS

14-08-2008 10:10

Yesterday lunchtime around 30 protestors turned up at the Greenwich offices of multinational cleaning company ISS to protest against the letter sent out by the company to dozens of tube cleaners requesting they come in for a 'document check' that day.

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A conspiracy revealed and more sackings and purges to come after the BNP's EGM

14-08-2008 09:27

Here we are again, on the run-up to another Red, White and Blue disaster, with the BNP in disarray and Nick Griffin's leadership looking at its rockiest since the heady days of December 2007, when Sadie Graham and co were booted unceremoniously out of the party amid allegations of email-tampering and back-stabbing that led (eventually) to Manchester Civil Court, though not to any kind of resolution.

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Press Release - Conspiracy Prosecution Comes Unstuck

14-08-2008 08:04

Smash EDO Press Release

Thursday 14th August

For more info call Andrew Beckett or Chloe Marsh on 07875708873 or email

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Dicing with death for Gaza: Day 12 of Break the Siege

14-08-2008 01:54

The Break the Siege project is about to set sail to Break the Siege of Gaza - progress report

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Trapped – Collective Punishment in Gaza

14-08-2008 00:45

The silence of world 'leaders' in the face of this International Crime, the creation of the world's largest Concentration Camp, truly displays the absolute corruption and madness of our times.

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Cannon fodder for the market

14-08-2008 00:03

The government of Georgia would never have launched its armed forces against the capital of the Autonomous Republic of South Ossetia in the dawn of August 8, engaged in what it called the re-establishing of constitutional order, without previous coordination with Bush...

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Fitwatchers Remanded at Climate Camp

13-08-2008 23:49

Two fitwatchers were kept in custody for five days after taking photographs of the police at the front gate of the camp.

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Bush and the Georgia-Russia conflict (by Latuff)

13-08-2008 23:25

Russia-Georgia conflict
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Asked to be a Police Informant.

13-08-2008 22:52

If my memory from the AR gathering serves me correctly, and I think it does this is Tracey below, this lady copper has been on the phone asking me to "help her out". We were going to do something a bit fun, at her expense, of course, but we never did. During the period I was getting calls from this copper I was keeping other activists around the country up to date as well as getting a lot of input on how to deal with her. I would suggest unless you know what you’re doing or have a lot of experience around you, to always tell them to piss off, as the first brown nosing word that seeps out of their mouth.
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