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UK Newswire Archive

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So why is it that the BNP seems to be seen as an acceptable vote?

01-06-2009 07:56

So why is it that the BNP seems to be seen as an acceptable vote, either as a protest against the main parties, or because they ‘offer something the other parties don’t to the man in the street’ and ‘are prepared to talk about immigration’?

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North Korea: Bargaining power (by Latuff)

01-06-2009 07:30

North Korea
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Fourth attempt to remove Sandrine Mbuyi Ntambwe

01-06-2009 06:39

Sandrine Mbuyi Ntambwe a national of DR Congo and resident of Birmingham, currently detained in Yarl's Wood IRC; is due to be forcibly removed from UK on Wednesday 3rd June 2009 at 20.00 hrs on Kenyan Airways Flights KQ101 to Nairobi then KQ550 to Kinshasa.

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Smash EDO!!! (by Latuff)

01-06-2009 01:46

Smash EDO
Artwork I made for the renowned Brighton activist group Smash EDO. EDO MBM, subsidiary of EDO Corp (a US-based arms multinational), supplied equipments to the Israeli military, used in the bombing of Gaza.

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Weekend of "carnage" at Manchester's "Stadium of Death"

01-06-2009 01:15

A recent demo outside Belle Vue Stadium
Three more greyhounds killed at Belle Vue track

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No 2010 Olympics on Stolen Land - Talk Thurs 4th in Brighton

31-05-2009 22:36

A presentation and discussion on Thursday, 4th May, 6pm at the Cowley Club, Brighton, with a comrade from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, to exchange ideas and experiences of anarchist thought and action, with a focus on resistance to the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

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may critical mass - report and pics

31-05-2009 21:29

to the mall
several hundred joined london's critical mass bike ride on a warm summer's friday evening. it was one of the longer rides too, petering out at billingsgate market at around 10pm with still a hundred or more riders present.

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Shell compound breached in Glengad during Rossport Solidarity Camp gathering

31-05-2009 19:03

This afternoon at 5pm, over 200 people from the local community and the Rossport Solidarity Camp Summer Gathering attempted to dismantle Shell's illegal compound at Glengad

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Anarchist beware of those how talk too much

31-05-2009 17:21

Do not pay your council tax, tell them your not, and see how long it takes for the courts to go into overload.

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Peace conference, Shannon, Ireland, September

31-05-2009 16:59

Peace Conference on War NATO and the Lisbon Treaty
Park Inn, Shannon
Saturday 5th of September 2009
for more information contact Roger Cole Tel: 00 44 87-2611597

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Any news on G8 Italy?

31-05-2009 13:27

I was wondering if some one could provide some details about the July G8 Summit and subsequent protests in Aquila, Italy? Since it has been moved to mainland Italy there is now a renewed opportunity to organize in large numbers but up until this point, at least here in the UK, I havent been able to locate any good information about the protests.All I know at this point is that it will take place from around the 8-11 July and that the Schengen rules governing free travel have already been suspended. Any news around the Summit/Protests would be much appreciated.


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LCAP picket Duncan Lewis Solicitors in London

31-05-2009 12:09

The London Coalition Against Poverty (LCAP) held another picket yesterday against Duncan Lewis Solicitors. Duncan Lewis & Co. make millions from taking legal aid cases from people on low income and with precarious immigration status, but they often let people down by not being responsible and treating their clients with negligence and disrespect.

The protest saw ex clients giving testimonies of their horrible treatment at the hands of the discredited solicitors and protesters passing 'guilty' verdicts after each story. Below are some pictures of the protest.

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Justice for the Palestinians - the Moral Issue of our Time

31-05-2009 11:21

National Conference in Birmingham on Saturday 11 July 2009

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A vote for the BNP is not a protest vote … it’s a vote for fascism

31-05-2009 11:17

The BNP is the most successful fascist/nationalistic organisation in the United kingdom’s history. How should we confront this threat?

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Israel’s “Existential Threats”

31-05-2009 08:22

The last few days have witnessed an inflection point in the history of Israel. It has effectively shed its democratic veneer and blatantly embraced its racist, fascist and colonialist ideology.

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So who are the terrorists here?

31-05-2009 00:21

The FBI has labeled the freedom fighters of the ALF, who are engaged in extensional self-defense of nonhuman animals—sentient beings whom are being holocausted at the rate of billions per year— the “number one domestic terrorist threat.” So who are the terrorists here? Animal-defending members of the ALF or ruthless animal-slaughtering corporations and their government protectors?

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UN report on US executions

31-05-2009 00:20

A report this week for the UN on US domestic and overseas executions calls for a national “commission of inquiry” to investigate cases. It estimates the total number of uninvestigated Private Contractor murders in Iraq "to be in the hundreds, perhaps thousands", while obliquely criticising Obamas deceptive aim of “moving forward”. It also points out no one senior in rank to Major has been prosecuted.

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Subvertising UKIP in Worthing

30-05-2009 22:27

a billboard somewhere in the mean streets of East Worthing

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July Delegation to Venezuela: Human Rights, Food Sovereignty & Social Change

30-05-2009 22:15

July Delegation to Venezuela: Human Rights, Food Sovereignty & Social Change

The Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle of NY invites you to join us in July for a 10-day trip to Venezuela examining advances in food sovereignty and other initiatives for social change.

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McLibel McVictory Protest: Cambridge: BE THERE!

30-05-2009 22:01

Put this in your diary and be there if you are against McDonalds for any reason! Health! Globalisation! Human Rights! The Environment! Animals! Freedom to Protest!

United against McDonalds! One Struggle, One Fight!
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