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UK Newswire Archive

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UK-Savar Solidarity: a summary of protests against Primark

04-05-2013 23:46

Brighton protest outside primark
Various groups around the UK have staged protests against Primark and other clothing brands implicated in the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory in Savar, Bangladesh, in which more than 500 people are known to have died.

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Sharing information about Bradley Manning at Chester May Day Fair

04-05-2013 21:14


I went along to the May Day fair in Chester today where local campaign groups such as CND, Palestine Solidarity, Cuba Solidarity, Shrewsbury 24 Pickets, various benefits campaigns and others had a presence, along with the unions and a few political parties. Having put up a Free Bradley Manning banner, I handed out 100+ flyers about 1 June International Day of Solidarity Action and made a point of speaking to at least one person on every stall to ask them to circulate information about Bradley Manning via their networks.

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Istanbul's Shameful May Day

04-05-2013 20:31

"These people did not deserve tear gas, they are the workers of this country. No other country threw tear gas at workers; they celebrated May Day in peace. I condemn this attack, this state terror against the workers.”

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Your rights and section 50 Police Reform Act

04-05-2013 11:49

If you are stop and searched or to held in a kettle, you DO NOT have to give police your name and address. The police will often ask for your details in these situations, but you DO NOT have to provide them.

However, under section 50 of the Police Reform Act the police DO have powers to take your name and address (but not date of birth) IF they reasonably believe you have engaged in anti-social behaviour. Anti-social behaviour is defined as doing something likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to others.

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Victory as Wax Museum halts foxhunt promotion!

04-05-2013 10:31

Aftermath of foxhunt "dig-out": Both fox and dog suffer in the "sport"...
The National Wax Museum in Ireland has withdrawn its controversial “discount for foxhunt fans offer” following appeal from Joan Collins TD (member of Ireland’s parliament) and a successful online petition

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uk mayday - a few pics and short report

03-05-2013 22:38

trafalgar square rally
this year's london mayday events were very low key despite public anger at "austerity" cuts and the looming privatisation of NHS and mail services

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Framework uses Workfare

03-05-2013 20:55

Going to see Framework about workfare

Going to see Framework about workfare. Delivering a letter complaining about the practice.

The charity uses unemployed people of 'forced labour' scheme. Workfare!

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A Mayday of the fluffier variety goes down a storm in Sussex county town!

03-05-2013 12:33

Local Lewes squatters open a social centre/donation based vegetable shop and tea room as part of the Stop G8 national network and call for anti-capitalist actions on May 1st 2013!

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The Robot Revolution

03-05-2013 11:05

John Kay inventor of the Fly Shuttle, by Ford Madox Brown.
Just as we are seeing climate chaos change to climate catastrophe, we may also see job chaos change to job catastrophe. We are entering an era of technological change which has the potential to create havoc in an already seriously undermined world of employment. It has become a well-worn cliché to declare that the robots are coming but it is necessary to consider seriously how the creeping technologisation of production and services is going to affect many areas of employment considered today to be relatively safe from the machines.

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Griffin hammered yet again!

03-05-2013 09:02

Cataclysmic BNP embarrassment

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Sumac Garden with Spring's Progress

03-05-2013 06:55

Thursday 2 May 2013

Folks have been beavering away in the Sumac Yard Garden.

The yard has been improved. Wooden 'trough boxes' built. [although I now notice a couple broken up :-( 

Many, pots and seeds planted, but this year, the poly greenhouse looks a bit sad and vandalised. 

So, as spring has officially arrived [well, sort of] the yard is now looking a bit more green and generally verdant. 

Volunteers have put in some hours here. The objective, not just to grow food for the Sumac itself ..... but also to provide a positive example on what can be achieved in quite modest urban surroundings. 

It is hoped folks would look at what has been achieved here, and think they could adapt ideas to their own circumstances. 

How about getting involved?


Earlier posts about the Sumac Garden Progress

Nottingham Spring into Action :: Seeds, Stencils, and Social @ Sumac 


The Sumac Centre Reopens After Radical Revamp


'Fresh' Project at Ecoworks, St Ann's Allotments


Day of Action on Food and Climate Change: food giveaway & anti-Tesco demo


much more 'Tash on Food' at:






"Food for the Future" skillshare session at the Sumac centre


Sumac Garden Project, looking verdant [Food for the Future]


Sumac Garden Project, looking verdant 2 [Food for the Future]


Sumac Garden Project, looking verdant




Photographer - Media: One Eye on the Road. Nottingham.  UK



Member of the National Union of Journalists [NUJ]


"It is not enough to curse the darkness.

                                   It is also necessary to light a lamp!!"




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Oil: to level or to cancel!

02-05-2013 21:36

Right price for brazilian oil!
Twitter @LeilaoNao

There are now 30 billion barrels of oil, estimated at brutal 6 trillion R$ (three trillion US$), the equivalent to 3 or 4 Brazilian Union budgets that are under the risk of being delivered by derisory percentage of this amount, following the infamous "tradition" of the NPA.

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1 June: US Embassy Demo for Bradley Manning. Download flyers.

02-05-2013 16:24


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New Anti- Fascist film trailer - 'No Pasaran'.

02-05-2013 15:24

A upcoming animation film is nearly complete and is titled 'No Pasaran'. It's a film about the rise of modern fascism in Magdeburg, Germany.

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New Riseup! Radio show

02-05-2013 14:55

Latest issue of Riseup! Radio available now!

We're having a go at going shorter but more regular - expect shows clocking in at under an hour every couple of weeks.

This show we talk to someone from Chiapas about what's going on in the Zapatista communities over there. We hear about the on going court case against a group of squatters in Germany. Doom brings us up to speed on the case of a Nottingham man who has been unjustly been put on remand for alleged "threatening behaviour" during a DWP interview. We also catch up with Eva at Nottingham Uni. to talk about the crossovers between activism and academia with a focus on animal rights and Veganism.

We also get a couple of poems from a local group called Persona Non Gratis

All this and a fresh tune from Gallery 47 and Metaphi's remix of the Animist tune Tin Head

Check for more shows


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02-05-2013 14:55

On a walk into our city centre and back today, on a beautiful sunny day, I witnessed a couple of things I felt like I could not ignore. Neither could I act at the time. Why?


The first thing was that the Council Graffiti Teams were out in force battling "enviro-crime" (i) as street art has been branded. I witnessed them cleaning off a discreet stencil I have admired many times as I walked past it of a 'street angel' that was on the abandoned auction house on Mansfield Road.

This attitude of street art being criminalised regardless, without question, seems to be prevalent. In a recent conversation with a local spray artist it was revealed that many of the 'legal allocated' spots that street artists have previously been 'allowed' to use have been taken away. A little research revealed that this has been the case for a few years (ii). This spray artist told me about an occassion when he was innocently spraying an art piece on the side wall of the Sycamore Centre in St. Anns when John Collins suddenly emerged from some hobknobbing he had been doing inside and promptly told the young artist to "stop vandalising HIS property." Now there are a number of problems with this exchange. Firstly, community centres do not belong to John Collins, they belong to the city and therefore the people of Nottingham. Secondly this was one of the spaces that had previously been 'legal' to paint and now is not. How can they take away an artist's imperative to create like that?

The second thing I witnessed was an even more insidious atrocity. It may sound typical however it shook me deeply to witness it. The scene was a street beggar being harrassed by two CPOs (Community Support Officers.) Council cops. Plastic pigs. They had this poor women at the side of the very busy Clumber Street. They were photographing the piece of cardboard she had written a message on to communicate to passers by the need she was in. Is this our council's front line response to rising poverty? To police it?

At what point do we stand up and say enough is enough!? At what point do we stop 'taking orders'? How are we going to look after ourselves, our families, our friends, our communities against the rising poverty created by the onslaught of "austerity measures"?

I don't have these answers. None of us do right now. Thats why we need to start working together to build our communities to be strong enough and resilient enough to start working out some solutions.




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Blacklisting talk online to watch

02-05-2013 10:55

Full article

Thatcher memorial unveiled in Birmingham for International Workers Day

02-05-2013 10:07

A touching tribute to the late prime minister has been unveiled in Birmingham to coincide with International Workers Day. It can be found on Lombard Street, Digbeth, Bimingham.
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