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UK Newswire Archive

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Protest at Ken Clarke's AGM

24-03-2012 16:55

Public Sector workers protest at Ken Clarke's constituency AGM

Ken Clarke MP hosted his AGM at the Ruddington Grange Golf Club on the evening of Friday 22 March.  A group of local public sector workers, all members of the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) staged a protest demonstration at the Golf Club and presented Mr Clarke with an open letter complaining about the current government's cuts agenda.  Mr Clarke seemed reluctant to accept the letter until the PCS activist trying to hand him the letter pointed out that they were one of his constants and asked him again to take it.

PCS members in the Civil Service are severely affected by the actions of the current Government having suffered a two year pay freeze and now have their pay capped at an average 1% for the next two years.  All are also being expected to pay up to three times as much for their occupational pension, work at least 7 years longer before thay can take their retirement without their pension being significantly cut and actually recieving a smaller pension anyway, despite the increased contributions. 

On top of this Hundreds of thousands of Civil and Public Servants stand to loose their jobs altogether under the Coalition's plans.

The recent announcement of plans to introduce regional pay are also a major concern for PCS union members, not just due to the affect on their personal incomes but also because of the detrimental effect that this will have on local commLegal Aid system are extremely worrying not only for public sector workers but also those in the private sector.unities if this is introduced.

Also changes to individual employment rights and changes to the rules on access to the law through the Employment Tribunal Service and

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BNP man handing out leaflets in the city centre

24-03-2012 16:55

I was doing my shopping in the city centre when one of my mates called me saying there was a man giving out BNP leaflets outside the Royal Centre. Because I wasn't far away I went down to have a look. I couldn't believe it - a guy, on his own, handing out leaflets for a fascist party in the middle of Nottingham and no one batting an eyelid!

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Solidarity picket with Elba Squatters.

24-03-2012 14:55

22th March, polish embassy, London.

On 22 March, after 15 at the Polish Embassy in London was a solidarity picket with Squatters from Elba. Over a dozen people gathered together. Participants brought banners in solidarity with the Elba, black-and-red flags .. There was also handed a letter of protest, addressed to the ambassador. The demonstration drew the attention of pedestrians and police.

Many thanks to all who supported the picket with their presence that day.


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To prisoners, wounded, escapees, warriors (Chile)

24-03-2012 14:18

text by Chilean anarchist collective Algunxs Antisociales Salvajes
translated from contra-info

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Thursday's NHS demonstration

24-03-2012 10:55

Demonstrators gathered outside the Bristol Royal Infirmary to protest the government’s controversial health and social care bill which was passed on Tuesday. The protest was the second in two days outside the hospital and had more than doubled in size. More protests are planned for the coming days and are expected to draw larger crowds again.

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Saturday, 1pm, March against Privatisation of the NHS

24-03-2012 10:55

At 1pm today, protests will continue against the privatisation of the NHS.

This time we will meet in the Centre by the Fountains and march from there.

Yesterday saw a group of about 30 people meet at midday and march up to the Tory Bristol HQ in Clifton, with music and banners saying "The Future of the NHS is in Our Hands" and "Come join us. Save the NHS". Traffic backed up behind but I had chance to talk with drivers and so many are really angry. Angry at the government for what they are doing to working class people.

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Heading for Inevitable Disaster

24-03-2012 10:32

In 1959, Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz liberated Cuba from imperial America, police state rule, and mafia bosses who turned the nation into a casino and brothel. Cubans may want change, but won't tolerate recolonization under puppets serving Washington's interests. On August 13, Fidel turns 86. After leading Cuba for decades, surviving hundreds of US attempts to kill him, a punishing embargo, and numerous other hostile acts, illness forced him to step down in December 2008. It didn't slow his determination to speak and write vital truths, especially on issues of war and peace. Like others, including this writer, he justifiably fears inevitable disastrous war. His latest article explains headlined, "The roads leading to disaster."

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Occupy Birmingham Budget Response

24-03-2012 03:24

Occupy Birmingham General Assembly
During the 19 week encampment in the heart of Birmingham city centre, Occupy Birmingham spoke with an estimated six thousand members of the general public. Anticipating more crippling 'austerity' measures ahead, cuts to the most vulnerable in society and further tax breaks for those richest at the top. We asked, 'what alternatives might people like to see in the upcoming budget?'. The following article has been informed by our many conversations with the 99%. Through our group discussions and general assemblies this is our budget response.

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Human Rights Watch Film Festival- Black Block G8 2

23-03-2012 22:55

Through gripping testimony of those who experienced the raid on the Diaz school at the 2001 Genoa G8 Summit, Black Block provides a case study of police violence and arbitrary detention that could happen anywhere.

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Fortnum and Mason trial C – Not Guilty

23-03-2012 21:29

What a wonderful final scene of the first act of this farce.

When the CPS chose to prosecute only 30 of the 145 people arrested in Fortnum and Mason’s on the 26th of June, we laughed at the arbitrary criteria on which we were chosen. The judge then recognised that we couldn’t all fit into a court together, and broke us into three groups – trial A, trial B, and Trial C – each with a different judge

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Courtroom statement of anarchist group Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (Greece)

23-03-2012 21:18

Communique of the prisoners of C.C.F., which was read in the courtroom during the hearing of 21st March 2012 in the second trial for so-called “Halandri case”

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Anti-Workfare Protest at Grayling’s Conference - Monday!

23-03-2012 18:15

Monday 26th March, Meet 9am at Centrepoint, Tottenham Court Road, London. Or come along at 10.30am to pay a visit to local workfare providers!

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Portsmouth EDL: Islamaphobia, Anti-Semitism and Murder of Muslim Babies

23-03-2012 16:41

Portsmouth Nazi Watch exposes four more members of the far-right English Defence League [EDL] who promote racial and religious bigotry and even the murder of all Muslim babies...

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MoD procurement privatisation - crucial article that didn't appear online

23-03-2012 13:55

This article appeared in the print edition of the Bristol Evening Post but someone somewhere decided it should not appear in the online edition - wonder why? It names and shames the massive companies that are circling round the MoD procurement centre at Abbey Wood, North Bristol like vultures. Just imagine if the private arms firms were in charge of overseeing government arms contracts. Bye-bye future - it's 1984 in spades! The last line - as ever - is the most important considering BAe Systems are 'at the heart of corruption' in the global arms trade.according to Andrew Feinstein (see below)

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Anti-Fascism in the Punk Scene

23-03-2012 13:32

A spectre is hanging over the punk and Oi! scenes; the spectre of fascism. Back in the 80s, neo-Nazi bands such as those involved with Blood & Honour and Rock Against Communism enjoyed a brief spell of easy living, before they were rightly kicked out of the scene and forced further underground...

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Attacks in Berlin and Hamburg (Germany)

23-03-2012 12:19

claim of responsibility for the sabotage of 18 ticket machines across Berlin, March 21 2012, as well as the arson of a metro company vehicle
claim by 'International Cell of Firestarters' for 19 March 2012 arson of an ATM in solidarity with Chilean anarchist combatant Luciano 'Tortuga' captured by the state

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Crisis of Civilization Podcast: #2 – Population, Climate Skeptics, Kony 2012

23-03-2012 10:55

Dean Puckett and Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed discuss population and why it isn’t a main focus in the film, have an in-depth chat about Climate Skepticism and dissect KONY 2012 – Enjoy !

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Bong: Welsh Copper tries to use law from New South Wales (Australia)

23-03-2012 10:50

An over eager Police officer has tried to use a law from Australia to prosecute a shopkeeper in Bargoed, South Wales. Rather than check his own Police manual, the dozy copper Googled the law on selling bongs and didn't notice that he had stumbled into the laws from New South Wales, Australia.
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