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Final call for anarchist bookfair stalls & workshops

07-08-2010 00:22

Get them in by 9 August please!
This is the final callout for requests for stalls, and proposals for workshops/meetings at the Bristol anarchist bookfair 2010. The bookfair collective meeting on 10 August will be working through and ratifying stall requests, and then assessing proposals for workshops. Once those decisions have been made, details will go into the bookfair programme which will be printed 2 weeks before the bookfair.
Please note!
Stalls - We are now close to capacity with stall requests, so any requests sent in after 9 August may very well find there is no space left. If on 10 August we find we have requests for more tables than we have space, we will consider reducing the number of tables some groups/distros have asked for, in order to ensure the maximum number of groups/distros can have a space. If you submit your stall request after this date, you may well be relying on others dropping out, and you'll be too late to be included in the programme.

Workshops - we have space for 12 x 1 hour workshops/meetings. If you have a proposal, get it in now! At the meeting the bookfair collective will assess all proposals received, and select what we think are the 12 most interesting/relevant/challenging proposals. Proposals identical to last year, or just publicising a specific campaign, or not in any way related to anarchism, are unlikely to garner much support. We hope to have proposals that challenge the way we think and act, and generate debate and discussion.

In addition to the above, we are also due to shortly receive the details of whats going to happen in the Film Room (organised by Bristol Indymedia), and the radical History Zone (facilitated by Bristol Radical History group). Once received these will be published on the website, and in the programme.

With the coming years looking increasingly shite for the majority of people, everyone except the rich & powerful in fact, now more than ever is the time for anarchists and other progressive radicals to sharpen their ideas and practices in the public arena. Let's get on with it, there's a world out there to save, and win.

If you wish to request a stall and/or propose a workshop, you need to download and submit a booking form from here

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Anarchist bookfair organising meet

06-08-2010 23:22

decision time for workshops!
Regular organising meet for the Bristol anarchist bookfair 2010. Takes place from 7pm prompt, at Kebele social centre, 14 Robertson Rd, Easton BS5 6JY.
This is a key meet of the bookfair collective, as we will be working our way through stall requests for ratification, and then we'll be sifting through workshop proposals - if there are too many proposals we'll be selecting the top 12, and may well ask similar proposals to merge/work together. Some proposers may be diappointed!

Also on the agenda - venue issues, finance & fundraising, publicity distro, and more.

The bookfair collective welcomes enthusiastic anarchists with a desire to help put on this major south west radical political event. Believe us there is plenty to do!

If you'd just like to pop in to collects some posters/flyers to distro in your neighbourhood, then please do.

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Rough Music #24 Out Now!!

06-08-2010 22:43

This summer's scorcher...

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War on Iraq: 5 US presidents, 5 UK prime ministers, 30 years of duplicity, and c

06-08-2010 21:37

Iraq's current and planned potential ballistic missiles
This August, an estimated three million dead later, in Iraq, as the bell now tolls ever louder for Iran, with the near identical sleights of hand and word being played out, as were against Iraq. Farcical, were it not so sinisterly demented, Iran is (says the US and UK) hell bent on making "weapons of mass destruction", remember them? The one's the crazies are still searching for in Iraq? The ones Iraq accounted for not having in 11,800 pages, delivered to the UN in December 2002 and stolen by the US mission to the UN?

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Sakine at imminent risk of execution - what activists can do

06-08-2010 21:37

Sakine is still very much at risk of execution. She represents the face of the Iranian people struggling under the present oppresive Islamic Regime of Iran. Thousands are suffering terrible torture in prisons and hundreds being executed without proper trial. This campaign is here to highlight the cruelty of stoning and to focus the world's mind on the terrible suffering suffered by thousands of Iranians day to day.

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17 prisoners on hunger strike_under barbaric islamic law

06-08-2010 21:05

hanger strike in prison
It has been a week since 17 political prisoners currently detained in Evin Prison in Tehran, have gone on hunger strike.

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S.Wales---->Gaza - BREAK THE SIEGE

06-08-2010 20:39

A delegation from S.Wales hopes to join the next humanitarian aid convoy to Gaza upholding a tradition of international solidarity that runs from Aid for Spain in the 1930s through to the Anti-Apartheid Movement and beyond.

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more barclays bikes spotted (pics)

06-08-2010 20:22

travelling round the west end today, i spotted more of the barclay hire bikes stickered. this seems to be a widespread campaign and undermines barclays' advertising with the truth about where they make much of their profits.

there's more info about barclays with references at the campaign blogspot.

it might be good if the organisers publicised where to get stickers (if that's possible in a safe way)

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Workers' Fightback: Greek Trucks and US Starbucks

06-08-2010 19:29

The combined weight of the Greek army, riot police force, media and trade union leadership was mobilised last week, to stop a strike by truckers. The action took place as 'centre-left' Prime Minister Giorgos Papandreou continues to implement European Union and International Monetary Fund diktats. With Greece being seen as a testing-ground for repressing the entire working class of Europe, this episode comes as a stark warning to the rest of us.

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Hiroshima Day Demo, Market Square. Nottingham

06-08-2010 19:24

Friday 6th August 2010

12.30pm Folks gathered for an Hiroshima Day Demo in the Market Square. Nottingham

Folks gathered for an Hiroshima Day Demo in the Market Square. Nottingham

This year was the 65th annerversary of the dropping of the Hiroshima atomic weapons [6th August 1945]

Each year a demo highlights the effects of Nuclear Weapons and the devastation caused when the atomic bombs were dropped.  Placards and banners were displayed and many passers-by, signed a petition calling for the government to scrap Trident Nuclear Weapons.

Earlier in the day, as a way of highlighting the devastation caused by the dropping of the atomic bombs, members of Nottingham CND cycled about to different places around Nottingham and giving out Hiroshima Day leaflets.


2005 Nottingham Hiroshima & Nagasaki 60th anniversary commemoration event

Photographer - Media: One Eye on the Road. Nottingham.  UK
Member of the National Union of Journalists [NUJ]
"It is not enough to curse the darkness.
                                   It is also necessary to light a lamp!!"

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This Week in Palestine- Week 30 2010

06-08-2010 17:42


Welcome to this Week in Palestine, aservice of the International Middle East \Media Center,, for July 31, through August 6, 2010.

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Call out for 'domestic extremists' to take action against ACPO

06-08-2010 16:31

The murky, unaccountable private body known as ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) runs NPOIU (the National Public Order Intelligence Unit) and this organisation holds a huge, secret, national database of 'domestic extremists'. Are you on it? Would you like to join a campaign to challenge ACPO, stop them collecting such information and make them remove what's already there? Read on...

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Grass (1925) - Film Night

06-08-2010 16:22

Grass is a pioneering silent documentary about the Bakhtiari tribe and their gruelling annual migration. The success of this early classic enabled its directors to go on to make one of the most famous films of all time, King Kong!
The Bakhtiari people of western Iran are herdsmen who to this day move their flocks and herds hundreds of miles for grazing each year. When American film makers Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack tracked them down in 1925, this annual migration was entirely on foot and horseback – and through the most dramatic landscape. The film that resulted is a white-knuckle portrait of one of the toughest journeys imaginable. The bare-foot ascent of the snow-covered Zagros Mountains is unforgettable – and the crossing of the Karun River by 50,000 people, with their tents, their worldly possessions plus half a million cattle, sheep and goats is one of the most extraordinary sequences ever filmed. “A fascinating, visually splendid film” (Time Out).

Grass highlights the hardships faced by nomadic peoples, and the ingenuity needed to surmount them and survive. Our screening marks the 3rd anniversary of the UN’s Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples - and is introduced by Christien van den Anker (Reader in Politics, UWE). There will be stalls from Survival International and other campaigning groups.

Tickets cost £5 (concessions available) and should be booked on 0117 924 4512 or The screening is at the Pierian Centre, 27 Portland Square, St Pauls, Bristol BS2 8SA.

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Shell drilling stopped for an hour and a half

06-08-2010 15:30

Rossport Solidarity Campers go out before 7am and successfully prevent workers from accessing the drilling platforms.

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Successful Hiroshima & Nagasaki Remembered event addressed by Lord Mayor

06-08-2010 15:19

Gerry Poole Merseyside CND, Youth representative, Cllr Hazel Williams Lord Mayor
Today Merseyside CND held its annual Hiroshima & Nagasaki Remembered event, attended by Liverpool's Lord Mayor Cllr Hazel Williams, the attendance was close to 60 people counted on the day.

Additionally Green Blade sung inspiring songs for peace and against war.

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Belgrade 6 acquitted - an audio interview...

06-08-2010 14:22

Listen to a follow-up interview with the Belgrade 6 on their acquittal and the continued repression of social movements and protest in Serbia and the Balkans...

On Saturday, Sept. 4 2009, five* political activists were arrested  in Belgrade on trumped up charges. The arrests are allegedly related to a direct action which took place at the Greek Embassy on Aug. 25 where negligible property damage was done. They Belgrade 6 were held for three months without charge and finally Charged with “international terrorism” - the first instance this had ever been used in  Serbia - and the comrades faced a possible 3-15 year prison sentence.

The Belgrade 6 spent the next five and a half months in terrible imprisonment, isolation and torture in the Central Prison in Belgrade. People reacted locally and globally with local groups working in the Balkans, as well as impressive amounts of soldarity call-outs around the world - the Belgrade 6 were released on bail in February 2010. It's worth pointing out the repression of soldarity work in connection with the Belgrade 6, including the arrest of ASI supporters putting up posters demanding "freedom for arrested anarchists".

Dissident Island featured an interview with Ratibor Tribuvanac on our 19 March 2010 broadcast - with a full-length interview on London Indymedia.

A second hearing happened on 23 March 2010. The "international terrorism" charges were dropped to one of "endangering public safety" - also a serious charge with a minimum prison sentence of 6 months to 13 years.

Listen to the audio interview uploaded below where the Belgrade 6 discuss their acquittal and the complex state-repression mechanisms at play in Serbia - with police, authorities, liberal elite and media squashing various forms of anti-state dissent, and on the state-sponsored fascist threats faced by radical activists on the streets - an ellucidating interview to clue you in to movement happenings in the Balkans and beyond...

Many thanks to reported 'Double Trouble' for getting this exclusive interview.

An edited version of the full-length interview featured on episode 63 of Dissident Island Radio.

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Derelict site no Advert for new Opencast Site

06-08-2010 13:24

Our 68th Press Release highlights our latest Briefing Note 'The Lounge Issue and the Minorca Application'. It explains the contents of the Briefing Note and explains why it is set to be part of the Investigation into Opencast mining to be broadcast on the BBC Counrtyfile Programme on August 15th.

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PRESS RELEASE            PR 68) 5/8/10                     PRESS RELEASE



A site which has been labelled as ‘derelict’ and an ‘eyesore’ by a Government Planning Inspector is being cited by objectors to UK Coal’s Minorca Surface Mine application as an example of what might lie in store for local people living adjacent to the proposed Minorca site if UK Coal are granted temporary planning permission to opencast for coal and fireclay.


The Minorca Opencast Protest Group, in their latest Briefing Note published today, “The Lounge Issue and the Minorca Application” say

This Briefing Note outlines the ‘Lounge Issue’ saga, and explains why the current state of the site, labelled ‘derelict’ and an ‘eyesore’ by a Planning Inspector, should be considered as a Material Consideration when determining UK Coal’s Surface Mine Application for Minorca.”  

(The Briefing Note can be downloaded from )

After giving some background information on issues to do with Mineral Planning the note recounts the recent history of the site, near Ashby, owned by UK Coal plc and the attempts made, after some difficulty by Leicestershire County Council earlier this year, to get UK Coal to cooperate on working towards being ready to start site restoration for the site, SIX YEARS AFTER WORK WAS MEANT TO HAVE BEEN COMPLETED.


Those living near the Minorca Site fear that they might suffer from years of blight if UK Coal wins the battle to get planning permission to work the site at Minorca, between Swepstone and Measham in Leicestershire. The Note will soon be available to download from

Steve Leary, speaking for MOPG, said

“We see this risk of suffering from an indefinite period of planning blight as a real future threat. Here, four miles away, just off the A511 outside Ashby where people go scrambling on bikes is the site in question. Isn’t this evidence enough that UK Coal plc’s word about what they intend to do with the Minorca Site after the coal is extracted is not to be trusted? Their record at the Lounge Site is deplorable, when, after all the expense of a Public Inquiry and the issuing of an Enforcement Order they still fail to willingly  co-operate with Leicestershire County Council and do all they can to resist honouring their planning obligations. This example goes to show how difficult it is to control the actions of a company once it gains temporary planning permission.

The BBC Countryfile Programme are set to show pictures of the state of the Lounge Site when they broadcast the findings of their Investigation into Opencast Mining on August 15th.


From the perspective of UK Coal the Minorca Site ticks all the right boxes for having real potential as a development site once the coal is out as it is so close to the M 42. Developing sites after their initial use is one of the selling points for investing in UK Coal as the Company keeps reminding it’s investors in its Annual Reports. However the effects of such actions are felt by local people, when the conditions surrounding the initial granting of planning permission that do benefit local people get whittled away as has been the case at Tetron Point in Swadlincote and looks like happening at the Cutacre site in Bolton as the Company seeks to alter the restoration conditions afterwards.


The best thing for local people is not to live with this risk of prolonged planning blight. It they do not want this risk then they should join with us in opposing this application and end this uncertainty about the future use of the site here and now.”

END                      END                      END                END                             END



 tel 05601 767981,                                                                            email




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"Resisters to the coming cuts are 'Terrorists' says Rotherham Council CEO"

06-08-2010 12:58

Anyone who might think the coming cuts are a tad unfair and is considering opposing the cuts is a TERRORIST according to Martin Kimber CEO of Rotherham Council.

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Happy Birthday! Dissident Island Radio turns 3...

06-08-2010 11:22

Raise a toast with IMC London to celebrate three years of radical radio from Dissident Island!

Dissident Island (D*I) Radio celebrates its 3rd birthday tonight on 6 August 2010 with their 63rd episode.

The regular D*I shows stream live every first and third Friday of the month, featuring interviews and discussion on grass roots organising, radical struggles, politics and so much more. Shows also includes music, banter, vegan recipes, prisoner support info, DIY guides and end with DJs spinning live IDM, electronic music, punk and more. (Check out some short 15 minute samples of various live DJ sets that have featured over the past three years...)

The islanders also do one-off special edition shows - such as the two G20 radio shows [part 1 | part 2] during the London G20 anti-summit protests, a special discussion on Direct Action inspired by David Graeber's ethnography, and a lively, diverse panel on 'Activist Realism' - which discusses the relationship between critical theory and street-level activism.

Taking the show on the road is a big part of the fun too. D*I has left familiar surroundings to venture out to grassy fields to produce radio shows from the Kingsnorth and the Blackheath Camps for Climate Action in the UK [Kingsnorth shows | Blackheath shows]. At the end of 2009, part of the D*I group went to Denmark to produce English language radio shows for COP15 Indymedia Radio - and even produced a (rather hilarious) 8 hour live stream during the 'Reclaim Power' day of action on 16 December 2009, giving live updates from the street of Copenhagen [edited version].

The London-based DIY radio crew enjoys hitting the streets too! You might have seen them around the city at the monthly London Critical Mass rides and other demonstrations [Rave Against the Machine| Burn Your Ballots demo] with a big, black mobile sound system in tow, blaring tunes and political propaganda. The sound system was constructed from the profits of one of their benefit gigs - constructed as a resource for the radical left protest movement in London, in an effort to put the 'party' back into 'protest'...and 'the Beast', as the sound system is affectionately referred to by the D*I crew, has made it to protests in Brighton with SmashEDO, to Heathrow for an anti-aviation demo, and other adventures around London with Rising Tide.

Did I just mention benefit gigs? Well, the D*I crew likes to throw a good party now and then - and has put together parties benefitting some quality groups in need of cold hard cash such as the Drax 29, the (much missed) Library House, and recently collaborated with London Indymedia for the fantastic '10 years of Indymedia in the UK' party. D*I and the WAG are continously collaborating to bring you the Red & Black club, an informal monthly drinking club at the London Action Resource Centre which is quickly becoming a hot bed of radical socialising.

D*I Radio is collaborating with other radio shows, old and new*, in hopes of creating a UK-wide radical radio network. It's about time that the radicals have something to listen other than BBC Radio 4, eh?

So check out D*I radio if you haven't already - their archive is pretty impressive after 3 busy years. You're bound to find something that tickles your fancy...if you like to RSS feeds and (low-volume) mailing lists, D*I Radio has those too, to help you keep up to date with their latest shows.

D*I is always on the look out for interesting political material and non-corporate, independent music for shows (and just out of interest too). They also like to organise skill-shares and workshops for folks interested in starting up their own internet radio show. So if you'd like to contact the group with ideas, or want to get involved with radio, try emailing them here. Remember that all of D*I Radio content is copy left for nonprofit purposes.

IMC London holds a toast to the Dissidents on their 3rd birthday and looks forward to seeing the project evolve and grow...

*check out the newest additions to the radical radio network: Radio Interference and Sheffield Indymedia Radio

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