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UK Newswire Archive

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Cyclists force City of London 20mph zone u-turn in High Court

06-09-2004 16:17

Campaigners outside the High Court handing out leaflets
Cycling in central London could become a whole lot safer thanks to a groundbreaking court victory to revive plans for a 20mph zone. A 20mph speed limit could mean far more and lead to the centre of the capital being a vibrant space for people not a congested corridor for cars.

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Infected rubbish council bins

06-09-2004 14:37


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Pavilion v Atlantic

06-09-2004 13:58

Pavilion Housing Association are trying to take over Atlantic Housing Group. Or is it the other way around?

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Sowing Seeds of Dissent

06-09-2004 13:54

Seeds are the very beginning of the food chain, we are losing genetic diversity in our domesticated seeds and handing control to global corporations. He who controls the seeds controls life itself.

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Occupiers Lose Control

06-09-2004 13:26

According to media reports, the US occupation forces are increasingly losing control over iraqi cities. For the time being, all oil exports of the country are halted. Resistance groups have successfully cut off important pipelines in southern Iraq.

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Spy Case Renews Debate Over Pro-Israel Lobby's Ties to Pentagon

06-09-2004 12:44

WASHINGTON, Sept. 5 - It began like most national security investigations, with a squad of Federal Bureau of Investigation agents surreptitiously tailing two men, noting where they went and whom they met. What was different about this case was that the surveillance subjects were lobbyists for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, and one of their contacts turned out to be a policy analyst at the Pentagon.

These people seem to be busy keeping the war against terrorism on track.

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biotech review exeter

06-09-2004 12:02

tonight, exeter, disclosure of gm info: farm scale trials

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Making Indigenous Voices Heard

06-09-2004 11:54
Supporting indigenous journalists is one obvious way to strengthen indigenous cultures. Understandably, many indigenous journalists see a strong link between journalism and activism because so many of their people live in small and isolated communities. Dissemination of information and effective use of the media is thus critical to their survival as peoples.

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Humanitarian terrorism

06-09-2004 11:54

Is it legally possible, and is it wrong, to hijack an aircraft to bring starving people to Europe for medical treatment? The Stansted hijack verdict implies that saving lives is a defence to a hijacking charge. Humanitarian hijackings are an example of humanitarian terrorism, generally ignored by the media.

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4th September Street Party @ Grand Banks

06-09-2004 09:23

2 arrests, guess why the murderers still on duty , and bizzare behaviour from Sergeant "call me EK20 coz I'm 'ard and I've got a shiny new trunction and it's not coz I was picked on at school, right!"

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Art of War : 9/11

06-09-2004 07:56

Urban Moving Company

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FEMA misled the public about the WTC collapse!

06-09-2004 07:06

If WTC was built correctly, it should have burned out and not collapsed, causing smaller material damage and much fewer victims among almost 1000, who died under the zones of impact in and around the both towers. Exposing design flaws causing the WTC collapse would have weakened the argument for the retribution war in Iraq, because the retribution should be proportional to the injury. So, not exposing design flaws, and putting more blame for the injury on the attackers, implied more retribution, i.e. a stronger argument for the war.

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rampART events and news

05-09-2004 21:53



Wow! We really supersized the audience on Friday when we put on a McDonald’s themed film night with over 120 people attending. We had to use every seat, cushion, bench, and table in the building and as fast as we could bring seats in, more people were turning up. After the eviction of the ex-Grand Banks Social Centre, which had been holding regular Friday night anti-copyright cinema for over six months, we decided to put on a Friday evening Anti-copyright Cinema in defiance against the closure of these spaces and in solidarity with those who had lost their social centre. We chose to premiere ‘Supersize Me’ (which gets it's official release in UK cinemas on the 10th). We also showed a 19 minute preview of ‘The Corporation’ and ‘McLibel – Two Worlds Collide’, which is particularly relevant at the moment because the case is finally reaching appeal in the European Court of Humans Rights on Monday 7th September.

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Fast in solidarity with Palestinian Political Prisoners

05-09-2004 21:45


Solidarity Fast on Paddington Green, London – Monday 06/09 – Sunday 12/09/04

Activists with experience of human rights work in occupied Palestine begin a
week-long water-only fast and vigil in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners
who have temporarily suspended an open-ended hunger strike to engage in
negotiations with Israeli prison authorities regarding basic humanitarian

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Iraq war continues to deteriorate

05-09-2004 21:06


Far from cooling down as our leaders and corporate media mouthpieces would have us believe, the war in Iraq continues to “deteriorate.” Now “officially” 985 GI’s have been killed in that devastated land. I believe the true figure is much higher (see attached discussion). Good estimates of the number of Iraqis killed and wounded are hard to come up with, but they are massive and heartbreaking, and like our own, those casualties are rising. This does not include the effects of depleted uranium contamination which will become known soon enough.

This is the madness (see madness of emperor George) of a ruling class being forced to contemplate a world where they will not “be 1st in line.” Unthinkable. I’m afraid that we are seeing that no crime will be considered to terrible if it could allow our masters just a little more time at the heights of their rule. They are drunk on power. But their hangover is well on its way. Please read and spread the enclosed notes widely. jamie

P.S. Views held by some posters in the enclosed dialogue are not necessarily shared by this editor.

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Greenpeace Kent Network Website

05-09-2004 20:07

24 Hour Esso Protest
The Kent Greenpeace Active Supporters Network has events happening all the time. You can help change things for the better.

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Palestinians weigh the non-violent option

05-09-2004 20:03

If Palestinians had adopted a non-violent struggle against Israeli occupation, their conflict would have been over by now, says Mahatma Gandhi's 70-year-old grandson Arun Gandhi.

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Essex Greenpeace Network - Web Site

05-09-2004 20:00

Stop Esso Boycott Image
The Essex Greenpeace Active Supporters Network has events happening all the time. You can help change things for the better.

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Venezuela after the referendum: Public meeting in Parliament - Tuesday (7th) 7pm

05-09-2004 19:03

meeting for all those interested in power to the people, with two of the most honest MPs in the house. so come on, swallow your anarchist pride and check it out!

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STILL MONDAY-PROTESTS IN GERMANY: rallies in 223 cities a. towns

05-09-2004 18:09

For several weeks, thousands of protesters have taken to the streets every Monday against drastic social cuts. On Monday, September 6, protests are planned in about 223 cities in Germany, as well as solidarity rallies in Paris and Vienna. On Monday, August 23, 120.000 to 200.000 people participated, the largest rallies being in Leipzig, Berlin, and Magdeburg.
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