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UK Newswire Archive

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France: La ZAD prepares for another week of eviction NON A LA AEROPORT

28-10-2012 18:21

In La ZAD, a zone occupied to stop the construction of a new airport for Nantes, the eviction looks set to continue from tomorrow. La Saulce is now evictable and it is possible the police will also target some of the places that require special forces to evict treehouses and such. Callout for solidarity actions against VINCI, the company who will be constructing. Callout for people here to help. All means to increase awareness.

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Extreme gas project planned for Keynsham

28-10-2012 10:55


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Refugee Hunger Strike Berlin

28-10-2012 10:52

A description of the last weeks events in Berlin and Germany from refugee and asylum seekers against the racist system of immigration policy in Europe.
They are fighting against deportation, for freedom of movement, for the closure of refugee camps, for the dignity and better living conditions of refugees in Germany.

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EDL "National" demo in Westminster / Walthamstow

27-10-2012 17:56

80 far-right cannon-fodder bother to show-up in London

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Mass phone blockade of UKBA

27-10-2012 15:33

Here is the phone number of the UK border agency 0913 128 3436 give them hell. Here is also their website: Hackers give them hell too.

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The Benghazi Brigade - Manipulating an Election

27-10-2012 13:54

Joseph Nasrallah Abdelmasih is the guy legally responsible for Media for Christ, the outfit that produced the trailer without a film known as Innocence of Muslims. He is very close to one Morris Sadek (lives near Langley) who is the guy that plugged the incendiary trailer all over the place in the days preceding September 11, 2012. Abdelmasih has done a lot of Islamophobic "activism" like saying, at a Ground Zero Mosque rally, that it would go up over his dead body. So, we have one guy making the film and generating anti-Muslim sentiment here at home and his buddy out there, dutifully, fanning the flames of anti-American and anti-Christian and (scapegoating an Israeli for the film-not-film) anti-Jewish sentiment abroad. Why, then, has the media ignored these two figures? It's just the tip of the iceberg or, if you prefer, rabbit hole.

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Binbag Battles in Breadline Britain

27-10-2012 11:56

"When you consider that each year, while food prices rise and households struggle to put food on the table, an estimated 3m tonnes of food, much of it fit for human consumption, is dumped in landfills to rot - it’s nothing short of a scandal."

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Acme Acre - Stratford - New squatted space

27-10-2012 02:23

a new 1.5 acre commercial estate of warehouses plus a block of art studios has been opened in stratford. amazing space would have to be seen to be believed ;) all are welcome to come visit and help paint up the space and give ideas about what theyd like to see come from the project. the address is The sugar house, 9 sugar house lane, stratford, e15 2qs, just after the bow roundabout. if you visit please press buzzer h on the red gate. spread the word to like minded people and artists who would like to get involved.

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Protesting drones at RAF Waddington, Lincs. Some photos

26-10-2012 22:15

Twelve people demonstrated outside the main entrance to RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire today in response to the RAF's announcement that Britain is doubling its fleet of armed Reaper Drones from five to ten. While the demonstration was going on outside, the RAF was holding a ceremony to 'stand-up' its new drone squadron inside the base.

After the demonstration, we went round the other side of the base to meet Helen John who has been maintaining a one-woman anti-drone peace camp at Waddington for months.

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'Free John Bowden' T-shirts

26-10-2012 16:34

Hot off the press and selling like hot cakes!

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We Are The Poor - Cardiff Event

26-10-2012 13:03

7 pm, Thursday 1 November, Wallace Lecture Theatre, Main Building, Cardiff University, Park Place (opp. Student Union)

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Tuesday 30 Oct 2pm: London Bradley Manning Solidarity Vigil @U.S. embassy

26-10-2012 11:58

Tuesday 30 October 2pm: London Manning Vigil @U.S. embassy with Collateral Murder audio track

Bradley Manning will be back in court at Fort Meade from the 30 October - 2 November. Supporters of Manning will be holding a vigil outside the US embassy on Tuesday Oct 30th. at 2pm, playing the whole Collateral Murder audio track.

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Schedule/Update for Calais Migrant Solidarity (CMS) training

26-10-2012 10:04

Schedule for Calais Migrant Solidarity (CMS) training weekend,
10th & 11th November, London Action Resource Centre.

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The Bell begins to Toll

25-10-2012 23:50

It is time we the public wake up en mass and realise that there are many individuals and groups who are hailed as pillars of the establishment (with titles and in positions of power) in both the UK and the USA who are nothing but depraved beings, knee deep in the cesspit of sexual abomination. This is how the world is run. It has of course been assisted by the indoctrination and fraudulent science of Alfred Kinsey, used by the establishment, promoted by UNESCO.


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EDL in London on Oct 27 - Latest

25-10-2012 23:21

The Met Police have successfully applied for a Home Office ban on the planned EDL march through Walthamstow, this Saturday, Oct 27. The ban applies to all marches in Walthamstow and north east London, and lasts for 30 days, but does not prohibit static protests. The EDL action is however still definitely going ahead.

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Demonization of Dissent in the United States

25-10-2012 22:52

On Oct. 3rd, 2012 Wired.Com’s (or Wired Magazine’s) Danger Room came out with Spencer Ackerman’s story of a leaked although unclassified U.S. Army “chart” that lists indicators and behaviors for identifying people who are supposedly becoming radicalized to terrorist potential. But what is so startling about this Army’s presumptively rational analysis (more like propagandic analysis) is its broad categorization of symptoms for identifying those thought alienated enough to become potential terrorist material.

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How much do police fear being photographed on demos?

25-10-2012 21:14

Spain’s government is drafting a law that bans photographing and filming the police (interestingly, the ban even extends to a prohibition against recording SOUNDS of the police) -

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Brighton Stop The Cull Demo Sunday

25-10-2012 19:39

Brighton Stop The Cull are having a demo in Brighton this Sunday 28th October. Meet at the Cowley Club on London Road at 11am.

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radioKEBELE October show is now out!!!

25-10-2012 18:55

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