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UK Newswire Archive

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UNISON heading for pensions strike action

27-01-2005 00:52

Massive strike action is on the cards because of government plans to downgrade public sector pensions schemes.

An overwhelming majority of UNISON members voted in favour of strike action during consultation in January 2005, and members across the country are planning activities for the TUC day of action on pensions on February 18. The Yes vote was 82%.

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Hammer & Tongue 4 Nations Slam

27-01-2005 00:48

The UK competes with the USA, Canada & Ireland
Click here to listen to 6 minutes of last month's
Hammer & Tongue event...

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Captive Audience For Advertisers

26-01-2005 23:49

Forget the view ourside
C2C are currently in the process of installing TV systems onboard every carriage on all of their trains. This is being sold as an in-journey news/sports/travel information service. Above every seat there will be a speaker that adjusts it’s own volume according to the background noise, so you will always be able to hear it. There will be no control over the volume or program content by individual passengers. Per carriage there will be 5 – 6 TV screens.

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WSF: Housing occupation by No Vox and Brasilian homeless movement

26-01-2005 22:58

During the first days of the World Social Forum, there was a housing occupation by No Vox and Brasilian homeless movement for over 30 Brasilian families.

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Hilary Benn in Oxford – 27/01/05

26-01-2005 21:58

Hilary Benn is in Oxford on Thursday 27th January 2005.

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CASPIAN Announces worldwide Tesco Boycott on BBC Television

26-01-2005 19:54

CASPIAN (Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering)
has launched a worldwide boycott of Tesco in response to the retailer's
escalating use of RFID on consumer products. CASPIAN Founder and
Director Katherine Albrecht made the announcement to millions of viewers
watching BBC Newsnight, the popular UK news program, on Tuesday.

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Beyond Kyoto

26-01-2005 19:21

The predicted consequences of global warming are manifest.. In 2050 England will be half under water.. Production shifts to low-wage countries. Instead of preventing this shift, politics still urges all people to adjust to the little group of egoists.

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Venezuelan March for Sovereignty: Caracas January 23 2005

26-01-2005 19:12

March in Caracas -1-23-05
Tour of the Revolution II: Photo Essay
Venezuelan March for Sovereignty: Caracas January 23 2005
"En Defensa de la Soberanía"

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Creative Forum at St George's Theatre 12th February

26-01-2005 18:31

The Creative Forum's 'Visions of Another World'
Saturday 12th February, 1pm till very late. St George's Theatre, 49 Tufnell Park road

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G8 experts seek opinions

26-01-2005 17:30

Loveable funsters Morgan Stanley have launched a website to teach youngsters about the G8. As part of the learning process they're asking for any questions about Global Citizenship.

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Kenny Richey's Death Sentence Overturned

26-01-2005 16:53

Kenny Richey
After 18 years on death row in Ohio, Edinburgh born Kenny Richey has finally had his conviction ruled overturned by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeal. Richey was convicted in 1986 of an arson attack that killed 2 year old Cynthia Collins, but always maintained his innocence.

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Dover-Kent-Rave bashes muslims-gay marraige etc.

26-01-2005 16:14

Greeting from darkest Toryland- Kent, where a Rev, at a service in Dover used the occasion
to bash women priests, gay marraige and muslims etc.

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Precarity Network meeting Jan29

26-01-2005 14:50

>>Next Precarity Assembly Saturday Jan 29th, 2005

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Demos against EDO/MBM this week including verdict of rooftop 5 trial

26-01-2005 13:31

2 Demos against EDO/MBM - Brigton's very own arm's manufacturers

this campaign is really snowballing - its time to get involved

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(Mossad) The Pot is calling the Kettle (IRAN) Black

26-01-2005 13:18

In the run up to the war Iran it appears that Cheney is working on getting Israel open the proceedings and launch some kind of "strike" against Iran, this will no doubt give the yankkkees a chance to go in and "Liberate" the poor oppresed Iranians. Today Mossad has chipped in claiming that Iran could have a nuke bomb in three years.
Of the course the fact that israel is already well tooled up in that dept' contrary to all the current international treaties, is errr how shall we say totally over looked, unbelievable !!!

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Liverpool Activist’s Car Petrol Bombed

26-01-2005 12:54

Activist campaigning against possible regeneration corruption in Merseyside and against the £62m Liverpool Kensington New Deal for Communities initiative is stopped by people claiming to be policemen and latter has his car petrol bombed.

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Middle Paraná Social Forum

26-01-2005 12:46

The Middle Paraná Social Forum has now a date "Another world is possible" In the end of the year encounter, called by the Mobilizing Committee of the Middle Paraná Social Forum (FSPM by its initials in Spanish), the citizens and social organizations present constituted themselves into an Assembly resolving the date for the realization of the second edition of the Forum.

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linslade urgent newsflash

26-01-2005 12:27


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Direct action in Sakhalin

26-01-2005 11:28

The indigenous peoples of Sakhalin Island, Russia are taking direct

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Ordeal of a Gay Asylum Seeker

26-01-2005 11:22

Algerian gay asylum seeker Ramzi Isalam
Ramzi Isalam tells how he escaped murder by Islamic fundamentalists in Algeria, and is battling against the Home Office to win asylum in Britain
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