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UK Newswire Archive

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Operation Stop The Monkey Business: Day 1

14-07-2008 13:14

Day 1 of the action alerts during the week of action against Nepal's monkey exports. Nepal is currently supplying monkeys to the vivisection industry and they msut be stopped!

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Australian Climate Change protestors block trains and ports

14-07-2008 12:15

In the last few days Australia' Climate Camp was established at Newcastle,
Australia. Yesterday, people from the camp chained themselves to a
coal train, blocking access to Carrington coal terminal for most of the
day and costing the company an estimated 1.2 million US dollars.
Today, more climate camp activists are blocking work at the world’s
largest coal port at Kooragang.

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Tony Blair: A Sudden Turn Of Conscience? No.

14-07-2008 11:50

My inbox has been overflowing with love and best wishes to the planet from all sorts of people recently — one of them is no less than Tony Blair, that great peacekeeper (1), climate saviour (2) and lover of human rights (3) is pushing his big plan (yes, another one) to return the planet to its former health. It’s called “Breaking The Climate Deadlock” and you can read the latest report here [] (4).

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IWW blood service techno benefit gig saturday 19th

14-07-2008 11:36

Just Defy the Vampires

DnB // Dubstep // Techno // Mashup @ The Redstar, 319 Camberwell Rd.

Benefit gig for campaign against cuts in the National Blood Service hosted by the Industrial Workers of the World, the UK's one and only radical autonomous grassroots union.

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Manchester Free Software Meeting - Ian Forrester - BBC Backstage

14-07-2008 11:31

Manchester Free Software is a group based in the Manchester area that focuses on free software and GNU/Linux primarily and issues which infringe on the freedoms of computer users.
They hold monthly meetings of a non-technical nature on a range of intersting issues.
This month Ian Forrester from the BBC is to talk about "BBC Backstage".

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Can you photograph a bouncer who is being aggressive?

14-07-2008 11:27

A number of people had complained about the aggressive and threatening behaver of the security guards at EOCC employed during the Cowley Road Carnival this year.

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End this injustice - stop the removal of Anselme Noumbiwa!

14-07-2008 07:34

Anselme Noumbiwa, a Cameroon national, is currently detained in Colnbrook Immigration Removal Centre and due to be forcibly removed from the UK on Monday 14th July 2008 at 20:00hrs on Kenya Airways Flight KQ101 to Nairobi and onward to Douala, Cameroon.

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Wembley Tent City Occupation: Urgent Call To Action

13-07-2008 23:20

We need more people, numbers, for the day, a morning or afternoon or come and stay, squat the land. Smash school privatisation. Oppose education for profit.

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Wembley Tent City Occupation: Press release - 12/07/2008

13-07-2008 22:17

11-07-08: Tent City Occupation: Smash School Privatisation
The latest press release (12/07/2008) from the Wembely Anti-Academy Tent City Occupation - Smash School Privatisation/

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Action and Support: Wembley and Pimlico Anti-Academisation Need You

13-07-2008 21:27

11-07-08: Supporters Gather At Wembley Tent City
On Tuesday 15 July there will be two anti-academy school actions. From 7.30am teachers and residents will form picket lines at Pimlico School in a strike against the privatisation of Pimlico School by Tory funder John Nash. Then at 10.30am the Wembley teachers, local businesses and residents will protest outside Willesden County Court to oppose Brent Council's eviction order application of the Wembley Tent City which has squatted the land designated for the privatised Wembley Academy school of "child charity" Ark and its multimillioniare funder and Tony Blair cohort Arki Busson.

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July 11th 2008 - International Day of Truth Action - Photos

13-07-2008 20:34

London BBC Television Centre
Photos from the London protest at the BBC in White City and from protests around the world from the autonomous grassroots campaign for International Days of Truth Action on the Eleventh Day of Every Month until Justice.

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BAN Big Up Climate Camp And Other Routes Of Change

13-07-2008 19:00

Recycled Purse Tutorial Brings Happiness
Yesterday, Saturday 12th July, Bath Activist Network set up camp in the Green Park Market, Bath, along with Transition Town Bath, Viva! and London Road Food Co op, for ‘Roots of Change,’ a day organized to spread the word about this year’s Climate Camp and the diversity of initiatives available to the exploring ‘green’ citizen.

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SHAC national - where were you?

13-07-2008 15:45

Why did only 250 people turn up?

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Drop the charges against Ayodeji Omotade!

13-07-2008 14:16

If opposing violence is a crime - we are all on trial

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124th Durham Miners' Gala

13-07-2008 14:12

The Durham Miners' Gala is an annual event celebrating the coal mining heritage and the tradition of trade unionism associated with it.

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Cannabis Seed Ban Bill Angers Campaigners

13-07-2008 12:52

A Bill introduced in UK Parliament calls for a ban on cannabis seeds.

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Letter from Austrian Prisoner: Kevin

13-07-2008 12:33

Tierbefreier e.V..
From Antirep2008, July 12th 2008
Open letter from Kevin, July 4th 2008
Tierbefreier e.V. co-chairman & Basisgruppe Tierrechte (BaT) activists

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Italian Courts allow Rastafarians to use Cannabis - but is this legal

13-07-2008 10:56

The Courts in Italy have singled out Rastafarians and allowed them to use cannabis without prosecution - but is this legal under Human Rights law and ought it not be universally applicable, argues the Legalise Cannabis Alliance
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