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UK Newswire Archive

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Thessaloniki Prisoner Solidarity - Evidence

30-11-2003 23:52

There is convincing evidence which clearly demonstrates police brutality and the planting of evidence on Simon Chapman. This includes photos and TV footage from the Greek national news channel ET3. On 25 Nov 03, a photo by Reuters photographer Yannis Behrakis was publicised.

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Thessaloniki Prisoner Solidarity - Support

30-11-2003 23:50

There is a constant need for money for Simon and the other prisoners inside. They also need to save money for bail (if they are offered it) and there are the legal fees to be paid. Cheques should be made payable to "ABC" and sent to:

BM Automatic,
London WC1N 3XX

Alternatively, get involved in the Thessaloniki Prisoner Support Group: contact ThessalonikiPrisoners [AT] to join the email group.

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Pro-agreement unionists and republicans still out number anti-agreement paisleyi

30-11-2003 23:49

Despite Papa-doc paisley's DUP Ulster election sucess against the UUP, the fact remains that the numbers of Pro-Good Friday agreement unionists, republicans and other parties still outnumber the anti-Good Friday agreement unionists by over 3 to 1. 75% of MLA's elected are Pro-agreement, with only 25% of anti-agreement MLA's elected.

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Support Katharine Gun's Courage

30-11-2003 23:47

Katharine Gun is the brave GCHQ officer who took a stand on principle in January/February and blew the whistle on the US/UK plans to spy on the non-permanent members of the Security Council. She is now being prosecuted under the Official Secrets Act.

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Thessaloniki Prisoner Solidarity - Solidarity Actions

30-11-2003 23:46

Solidarity actions for the incarcerated Thessaloniki Prisoners happened around the world. This is a fairly complete listing, as previously contained on the Solidarity page.

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Thessaloniki Prisoner Solidarity

30-11-2003 23:46

Solidarity actions for the incarcerated Thessaloniki Prisoners happened around the world. This is a fairly complete listing, as previously contained on the Solidarity page.

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Thessaloniki Prisoner Solidarity - Corporate Media

30-11-2003 23:42

Listing of corporate/mainstream media reports from around the world (predominantly English language).

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Thessaloniki Prisoner Solidarity - Reports

30-11-2003 23:39

  • 26 Nov 03: Press Release TPSG - 2 Hungerstrikers moved to hospital in critical condition
  • 25 Nov 03 New photo by Reuters photographer Yannis Behrakis clearly proves that Simon has been framed by the greek police!
  • 25 Nov 03 Amnesty International Press Release calls for independent investigation into ill-treatment of demonstrators

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Movements of Resistence: SAN SALVADOR

30-11-2003 23:36

Resisting Neoliberalism and excluding globalization

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Thessaloniki Prisoner Solidarity - Hungerstrikers Latest News

30-11-2003 23:35

Simon after 44 days without food November 26:The Thessaloniki 7 are to be released today. The hungerstrike has ended. Their determined protest against their imprisonment on remand on false charges was successful. The news spread from imc thessaloniki to indymedia uk within 1 hour: [14:30 | 14:43 | 14:51 | 14:56 | 14:58 | 15:06 | 15:06 | 15:07 | 15:08 | 15:14 | 15:21 | 15:23 | 15:24 | 15:26 | 15:33 | 15:39 ]
Solidarity groups all over the world are wishing them a good recovery.

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Thessaloniki Prisoner Solidarity - Introduction

30-11-2003 23:30

Thessalonik Solidarity logo More than five months after the EU summit in Thessaloniki, 7 people incarcerated within the Greek prison system - Simon Chapman (English), Fernando Perez Gorraiz (Spanish), Carlos Martin Martinez (Spanish), Souleiman "Kastro" Dakduk (Syrian), Spyros Tsitsas (Greek) and two Greek juveniles - have finally been released pending trial. Despite overwhelming evidence that they have been framed and despite solidarity protests around the world, this only occurred after approximately 2 months of hunger strikes by 5 of the prisoners.

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Court Appearance

30-11-2003 22:07

Details of court appearance of those arrested under anti-terror laws in Britain

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poverty in uk cities: read this and weep

30-11-2003 21:15

terrifying investigation into the levels of poverty on our council housing esttes including those in Leeds and Sheffeld, and a plea for the activist community to realise what is happening and to try to oppose such horrors.

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US topples another regime for oil - did we even notice?

30-11-2003 20:28

Channel 4 tonight showed a surpirising insightful report on the US interests which are alleged to have bankrolled the 'velvet revolution' in Georgia.

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Santa Parade, Buy Nothing Day, Birmingham

30-11-2003 19:47

Happy Christmas Birmingham
Santa Parade to celebrate Buy Nothing Day, in Birmingham. We had a great response!

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Bandits launch Merseyside anti-racism drive

30-11-2003 18:48

Highly acclaimed Merseyside indie group the Bandits kick started a Merseyside anti-racism drive last Thursday (27th Nov).

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Zahid Mubarek - Home Office Picket

30-11-2003 18:42

The vigil has been organised to remind the Home Secretary of both his statutory responsibility and to make it clear that the family’s quest for justice, now supported by the highest legal authority in the country, will not fade away but get stronger despite his stance.

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Bayer Cropscience HQ Invaded

30-11-2003 18:16

Bayer Cropscience HQ Invaded Thursday 20th November

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strike spotting in the uk

30-11-2003 17:34

summary of strikes in the uk of the last weeks... starting point for an autonomous circulation of class struggles reports...

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30-11-2003 17:29

Following there is a call we are sending all over Italy about the demonstration of 29th November.
Given that everything starts from London, because there are the seats of Meeting Point (in Italy it’s called Easy London) belonging to Roberto Fiore, head of Forza Nuova (New strength, an Italian neo-fascist party), we thought it was a good think to inform you about this.
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