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UK Newswire Archive

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The Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear

19-10-2004 15:01

With Love
Wednesday evening at 9:00. BBC2 is to broadcast the first episode of a three-part documentary series called
The Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear. This television channel is off limits to most of the world. But i have also heard that this really should be a program that should be payed attention to.
(this coming from someone who do not own a tv) My "request" is, if anyone have the equipment to record this program and make it available for download online, i would very greatful. I am a part of a larger network that "distributes", profitfree ofcause, information and documentaries that attempts to change the minds of the passive television consumers. Most of the network exists outside of the UK, which means we dont have a chance to "get" this tv program. Please exuse my english. it is not my "main" language.. I hope someone can help me... if you can. please write me at:

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Zapatista and Inter Milan

19-10-2004 14:19

I know this is just a reposting from the Guardian but an interesting piece nonetheless. football and politics mixing - fantastic.

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Urgent Action - Please support Luke Winston-Jones

19-10-2004 12:38

Only days after the High Court ruled that it is OK for doctors to refuse to offer life support to Charlotte Whyatt, the family of another disabled baby are facing the same Right to Life battle.

Luke Winston-Jones's mother Ruth will be at the High Court in London this coming Thursday and Friday to fight for her son's life.

As Ruth says "Luke is a beautiful child who has real quality of life and is full of personality. Luke’s biggest health problem at the moment is the hole he has in his heart which Alder Hey and other hospitals in the UK have refused to correct due to the fact that Luke has Edwards syndrome. Luke is being refused the treatment he so vitally needs, even though children with Edwards can live many years."

Luke's family have asked disabled people and their allies to show their solidarity by coming to the courts on either 21st or 22nd October and or to sign the following petition.

If you want to get involved simply cut and paste the following and add your name and address on sending.


We do not think that judges and medical staff should be able to decide on who should or should not receive life saving treatment on the basis of disability / impairment. We support Luke Winston-Jones Equal Rights to Life. We call upon Parliament to amend the Disability Discrimination Act so that disabled children like Luke have equal right to life and access to life saving treatment.

Send emails of support to:

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Cockup or Conspiracy: The Home Office versus Indymedia

19-10-2004 12:31

Sheffield MP Richard Allan ( has tabled a question to the Home Office about its role in the seizure of Indymedia's servers in London ten days ago - he is still waiting for an answer.

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Alley Cat (bike) race - 7th nov

19-10-2004 12:11

race leaflet
A Checkpoint race through central manchester...

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Iraq terror attacks- aiming at Bush, says Putin

19-10-2004 12:03

Russian President Vladimir PUTIN said on Monday (18 October) that "terrorist attacks" in Iraq were directed against US President George W. Bush , and aimed at damaging his re-election prospects . He said any such victory by "terrorists" would also damage the international coalition against terror .

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Photos from the anti-war march at the end of the ESF.

19-10-2004 11:11

Crowd gathering in Russell Square
Here are five photos from the anti-war rally at the end of the ESF and one of long time campaigner in Parliament square, Brian Haw. The photo of Brian and his display was taken on Saturday 16th October which was day 1,229 of his 24/7 vigil in the square.

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indy paris an indy brasil newswires are out

19-10-2004 11:02

it's impossible to publish on the paris indymedia site as on the cmi brasil, the newswire column on the right doesn't work

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DemocracyNOW on server seizure

19-10-2004 11:01

Democracy NOW is an American independent radio programme that you can listen and watch on the internet. this is their investigation of the IMC server seizure.

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The forth coming G8 in the UK

19-10-2004 10:54

We need to be on our guard.

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European car industry day of Action started

19-10-2004 10:52

day 1 in Bochum
unoffial strike action against General Motors in Germany continues. Horizontal and official ESF fail to support European day of industrial action.

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TUC leader calls for closer links between unions and social movements

19-10-2004 10:19

The concern raised by some pundits that the scale of trade union involvement in this year's European Social Forum represents a mainstream takeover will raise a wry smile from those who remember that it was only 20 years ago that Margaret Thatcher dubbed unions the "enemy within".

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Tariq Ramadan calls for confident engagement by Muslims in Europe

19-10-2004 10:12

Muslims must reach out and connect with other Britons as equal citizens, and resist the impulse to withdraw into isolated communities, one of the foremost thinkers on Islam in Europe will tell his audience this evening at the European Social Forum in London.

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Public Meeting, Oxford Town Hall. 4th Nov

19-10-2004 10:03

New Oxford Animal LAB. Public meeting. all welcome

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ESF Actions Video

19-10-2004 09:25

This video shows some of the street theatre that was being performed on Oxford Street in London during the ESF.

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All arrested in connection with ESF free again

19-10-2004 08:20

According to Indymedia Germany, posted by International Legal Support Team, all arrested in connection with the European Social Forum should be free again now.

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"Unwelcome anarchy at the ESF"

19-10-2004 07:39

A letter appears in the Guardian today, written by Ken's race man Lee Jasper, Ashok Viswanathan of Operation Black Vote and Pav Akhtar "NUS black students officer ".
It accuses an "exclusively white group of anarchists" of storming a "platform of black and Jewish speakers" and punching a black man and stealing his mobile phone.......

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wild cat strike in Germany - appeal to solidarity

19-10-2004 07:17

Vauxhall delegation at Bochum car plant
An international day of action has been called for all GM factories in Europe for Tuesday, October 19. GM have a policy of “divide and rule” and want to play off the workforce of different factories against each another. Let nobody outside Germany believe that if they allow the German Opel workforce to be slaughtered they could save their heads. The brothers and sisters in Bochum need your active solidarity. A standstill of production is the only language that the GM bosses will understand.

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Donations campaign to save the cave dwellers of south Hebron, Palestine

19-10-2004 06:34

The cave dwellers suffer from settlers, army and civil administration harassment.
The aim is clear - expell them, destroy their humble livelihood so that the area
is annexed to Israel.

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Here are Kerry's views on Israel.........oh dear oh dear......

19-10-2004 04:38

A link to an Israeli report of a speech Kerry just gave to Floridas Jews.
They seem to think it relevant that the family name was originally a variant of Cohen. Though they don't mention his children go to synagogue.
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